A Pawlympic Champ

So many of you have posted photos and pawsome athletic feats during Blogville’s  recent Pawlympics events, we wanted to share our own entry (just in case you missed it earlier). We especially want to send oodles-of-poodle thanks to our friends over at My GBGV Life who did a fabulous job hosting the Wabbit Tracking event by those savvy sniffers, Emma and Bailie.

Wabbit-Tracking-MedalSam isn’t the brightest bulb in the chandelier when it comes to tracking (or much of anything else, truth be told) despite having a huge schnoz. He loses focus at the drop of a hat (ahhhh…look…a butterfly! ….awwww…STROLLER! …ooh, look there’s fill-in-any-name). Everyday we walk past a redeveloped residential group of newer houses in our neighborhood that used to be a well known amusement park in a previous lifetime. When Elitch Gardens was still a fixture “back in the day” (it sold and relocated to downtown Denver in 1994), there were numerous foxes and ‘wabbits’ that lived within the amusement park. While the number of foxes and bunnies has dropped off considerably with the addition of more cars and uprights wandering about over the years, there still a few holdouts wandering around. In fact we just saw a ‘wabbit’ the other day so naturally when we were out walking through the area, Sam’s nose found a totally ‘wily wabbit’ scent.


We had just missed the bunny, but Sam with his long nose completely buried in the mulch still had to sniff all the smell right out of the garden bed for a couple of minutes. I saw the little guy later (happily and safely) hopping off toward the common area near this particular house. Whew…thank goodness. I, for one, don’t want to be an imitation of a human kite, having my shoulder ripped out of its socket when he catches sight of a furry critter.

Hope effurry-one has as much fun as we did participating in this year’s Pawlympics. While this knucklehead may not be the greatest com-‘pet’-itor of all time, but he’ll always be a champ in my heart.

How’d your com-‘pet’-itor do in the events? Did you have a pawsome time rooting for  your own favorite champ?

Live, love, bark! <3

15 thoughts on “A Pawlympic Champ

  1. With all the insanity going on around here this past month or so, The girls and I didn’t have a chance to enter; but it was sure nice of Emma and Bailie to award al of you with Gold Medals! And Emma’s right, Sam – you ARE a Gold Medalist when it comes to wabbit tracking! We don’t have wabbits, but we have lots of tree rats and birdies!

  2. We had a blast at the Wabbit Tracking events and all the rest of the events too!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  3. Awww, Sam did a great job sniffing out the wabbit. Speed isn’t the goal, finding the wabbit is, and he got a Gold Medal for that. Thanks so much for joining in our Wabbit Tracking Event, Sam!

  4. Gold medal work, S. Sniffing a bunny is almost as satisfying as actually seeing one. Mom says I’d be better at catching a CheezeDoodle than a rabbit.

    Love and licks,

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