Wordy Wednesday

The leaves are slowly beginning to turn in the Mile High City though I suspect this year’s colors won’t be nearly as spectacular as they were before as shown by Exhibit A below from a couple of years ago, no doubt due in part to a lack of moisture this summer. Still…September, you are such a temptress.



Live, love, bark! ❤

28 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday

  1. tippysmom2

    What a beautiful leaf. I’m sure it will be gorgeous, even if it is not as spectacular as it is some years. The temperatures here are still getting into the 90’s, but the mornings are cooler. I’m afraid we’ll go straight from summer to winter, temperature wise. Then we’ll freeze.

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  2. monicacwebster

    Our leaves are starting to change, too, although where we are in Alberta, they’re not the vivid reds and oranges that graced our trees in Ontario. Yellow we have in abundance. Time for hot cocoa and pumpkin recipes!

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  3. easyweimaraner

    we saw the fabulous colored leaves yesterday… I felt like a child as I saw the pile our community workers made… sadly I’m adult and they wouldn’t understand when I jump in this pile with ruining their work of hours LOL

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  4. edgar62

    Indeed she is and it was a lovely Spring Day here in the Arid Lands. Beautiful sunshine, and I even turned on the A/C in the car. Sadly it want last and the forecast for tomorrow is for heavy rain – such a fickle temptress!!

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