Tidbit Tuesday

Eat & starve

Do you ever get “the” look? You know…the one when you’ve just sat down to eat dinner…and you realize the dog bowl is empty.

Live, love, bark! <3

32 thoughts on “Tidbit Tuesday

  1. I only get “The Look”when I forget to top up the Good-o Bowl. It’s an Australian style chewy biscuit that Benji and the WaWa really like. As well as The Look, Benji will push the metal bowl across a tiled floor – noisy!!

  2. Piggy squeals – YES!! There is a standing rule here at the Hotel Thompson that if you eat in front of the pig (me not daddy-snorts) then you have to share with the pig. Guests don’t believe it until mom tells them for sure with a serious look. I’m really good at giving ‘the look’. XOXO – Bacon

  3. All the time…I have fed them while we ate before thinking okay they will leave us alone well before I even take one bite their food is gone and they are over begging “mom we are still hungry..” Silly dogs..

      1. I guess I shouldn’t say beg..They never whine or whimper..But they sit very close maybe a couple paw lengths away and just stare…..Sometimes drool peaks out of Hayley’s mouth if it’s something really tasty.

  4. OW! I feel the look from here! Poor Sam… starving…
    Yep, I know the look. Followed by a head on the knee, or licking of an ankle. “It’s all I have left, spit, no energy or drive to beg”

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