The dog ate…

We’ve all heard and even laughed rolled our eyes at that age-old excuse…”the dog ate my homework.” No doubt all the teachers out there have heard that once more than once with all manner of variation to go along with it. Well, I’ve got a new one to add to the list of creative things the dog ate. But “the dog ate my reading glasses” seems rather implausible to me.


eyewearApparently ‘little miss’ is starting to feel pretty darn ‘comfortable’ around the Ranch. Leather pieces I can understand; she’s turned her choppers toward a couple of pairs of shoes, slippers and shoestrings in the past week or so. She even tried to sample swallow a freshly washed dog bandana yesterday a couple of hours after munching on the glasses! Are you freakin’ kidding me????? Argh!

Sheesh, it’s beginning to feel like there’s a new toddler lurking running around and I need to baby proof the entire house. Problem is I must have forgotten how to do that. I mean, even when my kids were little, they never ate my glasses. And besides, who the heck prepares for that?!

I’m beginning to suspect that maybe Sam might be coaching her into some of this naughtiness behavior. I mean, we all know about his leather proclivities. So now he’s mentoring the little sister? Is that why I thought I heard some snickering? Oy.

Is there a ‘chewer’ in your house?

Live, love, bark! <3

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66 thoughts on “The dog ate…

  1. Ottie trampled on my husband’s reading glasses as he came into the bedroom to wish him good morning. And Portia, upset at my mom’s leaving, managed to chew on an entire chaise longue’s mat…..

  2. None of my dogs have ever been chewers. I feel deprived at having missed out on a lot of interesting moments. I mean they chew the toys and take them apart, but it’s not the same thing – is it??

  3. Is there a chewer in my house? Ba ha ha of friggin’ course there is!

    Is little Miss eating these things when you aren’t home? If so, you may want to consider crating or confining her until she figures out what no to do. 🙂

    I think a childhood dog at one of my retainers. But I can’t remember with certainty. What ate my memory? 🙂

    1. LOL, I can always count on you putting things into proper perspective. For the record, all chewing hasn’t taken place while I’ve been home. Little miss is quite the Ninja dog! Who could possibly be the chewer at your house? Bwahaha

  4. When my son was in middle school, the cat ate his science project. I went to the school with him because I knew his teacher would never believe him on this slight twist of the dog ate my homework theme.
    When Riley lived with us (now lives with said son) he put at least one hole in every blanket and sheet I own, many of which are still in service.
    Lexi went through 4 pairs of flip flops the summer leading up to her first birthday.
    A previous, dearly loved dog, Sammy, used to lay on the back of the couch and chew the front window sill. I kept refinishing and painting it, until I finally just started painting over it and called it “distressed.”
    It is obvious we all love our dogs and cats more than our things. <3

  5. One of my cats eats things he shouldn’t. We had to buy a lidded wastebasket for the bathroom because he ate dental floss out of the garbage. How do we know? It came out the other end!!!

  6. I got to bed pretty early, and wear a night guard. Shortly after Skyler came to live with me, the phone rang after we had retired, and without thinking, I took it off & laid it by my side on the bed. Yes, I heard crunching, and saw that he had snagged it and it was in pieces. I said to my friend, “I have t PO get off the phone because the #%#%#%#% dog just ate my night guard!” These night guards aren’t cheap, and at the time that one was made for me, making the mould for it was an extremely unpleasant experience. One piece was barely large enough to use until a new one could be made. Grrrrrrrr

  7. We have two chewers but Dakota was MUCH worse as a young dog. He used to chew EVERYTHING…he once chewed through my cell phone (a brand new cell phone at that, uninsured to boot, rest assured my phones after were ALL insured), all the way to the battery. I caught him right before he decided to “fine dine” on the battery. Our cat, Cody, is a TERRIBLE chewer when he is angry that he is not being fed fast enough. He will chew books, papers, plastic, anything and everything because he seems to think I will grant his wishes faster if he does. It’s maddening!!!!

  8. This is just too funny. What would we do without our animals? Can’t help but love them even with all their antics 😉 Hopefully you are able to get a new pair of glasses soon! Hehe

  9. Lulu loved to chew live electrical cords – to match that electric personality of hers perhaps? I do miss that crazy little devil child.

  10. Oh boy…I also smiled when I saw this on FB…Luckily, expcept for Bilbo’s leather fetish, we have been pretty lucky in our pack…Like Sam, Bilbo loves fine leather..Wallets, shoes, belts…he isn’t picky 😉

  11. Tippy no longer chews up things, but, when she was a puppy, she did chew up my glasses I need to see. Had to go to the eye doctor and get new ones. That was an expensive mistake on my part – leaving them where she could get them.

  12. Once, Mom’s old dog ate her bank card. It looked like Swiss cheese when she was finished with it! When Mom went to the bank, she had to say it, “The dog ate my MAC card.”

    Love and licks,

  13. Oh no!! Actually in elementary school I had a dog named Scooby Doo and he was a wild man, he actually ate my homework & to prove it to my teacher I put it in a zip lock bag and she was able to see the teeth marks all over it! haha (I got excused from that assignment.) This was also the same dog that broke into my hamsters cage as a kid and sent him to Hamster Heaven.

    Present time we no longer have a chewer in the house. When Alcide was a puppy he did chew up my fiances Oakley Sunglasses.

  14. We have learned with Eugene, even at 3, that if it’s a beloved item and smells most like you, it’s ripe for a chew.

    My heart swells at this little love in your home, but baby proof now, and know that because she is forever in your debt, all things that smell and taste most like you, might be too much of a temptation.

    Ask hubby, he’s gone through five channel changers (goes to show how much he loves them, freak.)


  15. Snorts with piggy laughter! We thought we would *never* get through Houdini’s teething stage. OMP – He even nibbled on our mahogany fireplace. Mom just calls it baby love marks now. We all feel you. Mom got one of those chewing rings at the local pet store. When Houdini was little, she would put it in the freezer for a bit and then give it to the little guy. It kept him busy for hours. Maybe this will work for Elsa? And we agree – voting is important. It doesn’t matter who you are for – that’s your business – but please register. XOXO – Bacon

      1. Snorts with piggy laughter. Something new and it flashed her eyes. Hilarious. The sweet thing is growing up and exploring for sure. I once got a hold of dad’s expensive shaver. Trust me. I didn’t survive. XOXO – Bacon

  16. Bless..dogs learn what stuff is by putting in their smells like you..but it isn’t..must be a wonderous but scary way to learn..the boys here never really did the chewing thing..well Forrest’s baby teethimg marks are on my dining room chair and apart from that well you know the denture drama..but that was it..Elsa is in a new world and very different from limited sensory experiences…i say the glasses died for a good cause :).😚

    1. Precisely! I’m thinking of keeping all the bits to commemorate her learning about life in the Ranch lane. 😉 I’m still chuckling about the denture drama story. What’ll they think of next? 😉

      1. Please do keep them..i have none of Forrest’s baby teeth he swallowed them all 🙂 but i have Docs..and even when the dining room chairs are no longer needed we will take that rung out and keep it..i have whiskers that fell out taped to my drivers licence too…i am an odd bod…but memories are wonderful..Doc is 14 on the 17th..might go peek at his baby teeth 🙂

  17. Choppy has never been much of a chewer (her own toys and a brief moment in pupppyhood excepted). I have a friend whose dog ate everything, though he had a real love for highlighters. Apparently, he had some colorful poop!

  18. …….. and when she appears, she’s probably totally focused on you? That’s what Ray does! He appears from somewhere and is standing staring at me! We have some interesting conversations! 🙂

  19. She lived in a cage so she’s making up for lost time. Welcome to her 4 year old puppy years.
    Cole was excellent about not chewing up our stuff… til he turned 12. Then all bets were off. Rolls of toilet paper, dance shoes, my watercolor paintings, my quilt squares. Never my husband’s stuff.
    Better keep an eye on her especially when she’s quiet.
    We think it was anxiety eating for Cole, and since she had a seizure and lots of changes it could be for her too. And really it’s like someone traveling from the future suddenly seeing mc donalds and tv, it’s all new and fun.

  20. It is really interesting that Ray, with all the issues he has had over the past 3-1/2 years, has never chewed anything that he shouldn’t. He hardly chews his food! I am rather pleased about that given the size of his mouth! 🙂

  21. Luckily our dogs are not chewers. They did go through that phase in puppyhood, slippers were a favorite, but quickly grew out of it for which I’m grateful. -Ellie

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