Monday Moanings

We hope you had a pawsome howliday. But because it’s the Monday following a month day of extreme noshing, we suggest you prepare for the reckoning. You’re welcome. Happy Mo(a)nday.


Live, love, bark! <3

44 thoughts on “Monday Moanings

  1. We had an extra string of lights this year and promptly put them over the exercise bike (signifying it wouldn’t be needed until January). Looking back now we may have erred by not putting those lights over the scale instead. A haunting image indeed!

    1. We over-indulged at the Ranch, too (buy hey, that’s nothing new!). *Sigh* But with the extra minute of daylight every day to work off the extra calories, maybe we can get in shape by next Christmas! BTW, thank you for the follow. We πŸ’— visitors!

  2. We had a feast at our house on Christmas Eve and mom ate more desserts than anything else.
    She ate light on Christmas and yesterday but thought the scale was way off this morning – it said she lost 3 lbs. BOL!

  3. I get weighed on the “official” doctor’s scale tomorrow morning. The one that seems to vary 10 pounds each time I’m on it despite my weight certainly not fluctuating that much…

      1. Sort of but still…some clean food is required after yesterday. And many thanks for the sweet card. It made me smile at my good fortune for having to gotten know you and Sue. ღ

  4. Love the “scream” character. We traveled back home yesterday, so I got a 6″ sub and Jeff had his rice cakes with almond butter topping. Yep. Sort of missed that whole Christmas feast thing. Maybe next year.

  5. Stepped on the scales this morning and didn’t gain an ounce. Don’t know how that happened because I ate very well. Perhaps I’ll skip the scale tomorrow just in case it takes a few days to show.

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