Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl?

Greetings, sports fans. Sam here. Yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday in the U.S. and many fans cheered for their teams, the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots. The final score was 34 -28 with a shocking overtime win by New England  despite Atlanta being well ahead at one point.

pb12-about-page-1000x400Our team wasn’t playing, so we really didn’t have a dog in that fight so to speak but we did howl with laughter with teams Ruff and Fluff in Puppy Bowl XIII. You can relieve some of the best-of-inside-the-bowl videos here or you can watch a sneak peek video here. And for behind-the-scenes smiles, check this out. We watched as three ‘pawdidates’ vied for most valuable pup (“MVP”) before the legendary game trophy, the Lombarki was awarded. Can you guess which one of these cuties was chosen  MVP?


Was it Chihuahua-mix and football wonder, Daisy Moses; Wookie look-alike and Poodle-mix, Rory; or precious Nikita, a 3 touchdown scoring machine and Cocker Spaniel Bichon Friese-mix? The answer is revealed below. Hey, I gotta build up the hype suspense, right?

35103_lucky_0237The “Underdog Award” went to 16-week old Lucky, a 3-legged pup.  Initially abandoned with her brother, Ricky, little Lucky got off to a rough start early in life when her front leg was broken after getting it caught in her crate.  While her leg was amputated, it hasn’t dampened her plucky spirit. Way to go, Lucky! Word has it that Lucky was adopted from Operation Education Rescue, Tennessee.

fullsizeoutput_107aHalftime entertainment had no wardrobe malfunctions with a pawsome performance by Kitty GaGa and the Chicago Rock Cats. There was no shocking finish like the Super Bowl as Team Fluff easily won, 93-38 setting a new scoring record. Following the conclusion of the game, Team Fluff accepted the “Lombarki Award” after losing the past two years to Team Ruff. Let’s hear it for the winning team, though I suspect every dog in the Puppy Bowl was a winner. We’re hoping all the participating pups were able to find fur-ever homes.

Did you watch Puppy Bowl XIII? Were you happy with the Super Bowl outcome?

Live, love, bark! <3

35103_rory_2248P. S. MVP award went to [drum roll, please]…Rory! We wish you a ‘wagnificent’ life with your new family, little girl!

51 thoughts on “Super Bowl or Puppy Bowl?

  1. I’m not a football fan, though much of my family is so I usually check in on the game from time to time to see if they’re happy or not. I usually try to tune into the puppy bowl, but this year I had gone to visit a friend out of state, so was on the road at that time!

  2. I watched the puppy bowl for the first time this year. It was very cute. I missed half-time though…had to get up and do something. I did watch the Super Bowl and was disappointed in the outcome. Not sure what happened to Atlanta while they were in the locker room.

  3. We didn’t watch either. We would watch the puppy bowl except that we don’t get the channel. I think it’s so cool that the puppies are all ones who need homes. That’s wonderful – I bet that they all get adopted!

  4. Mom and I are clueless about sports. But we did watch the PuppyBowl. That kind of sport we understand. The SuperBowl was on our TV, but we didn’t pay much attention, except to see if Mom won any money. She didn’t…

    Love and licks,

  5. I have to say that I didn’t watch the Super Bowl and I had never heard of the Puppy Bowl and since I don’t understand American Football, I would have watched the Puppy Bowl. But I have watched a Rugby Team be far ahead as they go into half time, then come out and slowly have the lead whittled away – perhaps too busy thinking of what they are going to say on the Winners Podium, after all, the game’s in the bag. The Puppy Bowl would have been fun, I think.

    1. The Puppy Bowl was hilarious and most if not all the puppies and kittens ‘won’ new fur-ever homes and that’s the point of showcasing it. It’s a fun watch, they are pretty adorable racing around chasing each other and chewing toys.

  6. We totally missed the Puppy Bowl!!! Silly Mama and Daddy had the silly Super Bowl on!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  7. We did watch a bit of the Puppy Bowl. Adorable. Didn’t realize they would have other types of animals/pets as well. Lots of fun and for such a great cause and effort. Watched the Super Bowl and still am having trouble believing what I saw there. I was pleased it was a competitive game…but then again so was the Puppy Bowl!

    1. The Puppy Bowl makes you smile, inside and out and the one place where everyone is a winner. Unlike with the Super Bowl where there’s no prize for 2nd place and life’s emphasis on all on “winning” these days automatically makes for winners and (heaven forbid, losers).

  8. I’m still barking mad at the Falcons. They just totally messed-up in the 4th quarter. They had the win in their back pocket and just rolled over and played dead. 😤

    I should have watched Puppy Bowl XIII instead! Oh well.

  9. We watched the Kitty Bowl (awesome!) and caught a little of the Puppy Bowl (so fun). I am always glad that most if not all of the performers get adopted. My husband had the people bowl on but I went to read in the 3rd quarter and missed all the excitement.

  10. I didn’t watch the {Puppy Bowl nor the Kitty Bowl}. For some reason I can’t play the videos – at least not directly. But I seem to be able to watch them on YouTube, and I’ll do that soon. They’re so funny!
    Have a wonderful day,

        1. You can definitely say that again! I need to watch massive amounts of puppies to get through each day anymore. I just now realized you may not have been able to view those videos because Animal Planet tailors the views through your cable provider. Sorry about that. 🙂 Happy Monday.

    1. Nope I saw it and totally agree with you. I know better than to get on FB and yet, I stupidly do. Repeatedly. The level and breath of people’s nastiness is quite shocking. Just when I think it can’t get worse, something else comes along that says, “oh yeah, well then read this if you truly want to be sickened!” *Sigh* At least the Puppy Bowl made me laugh a lot yesterday!

  11. I watched the puppy bowl. How hilarious were all the critters, the cheerleader guinea pigs, the tweeting parrot, etc. The commentary was pawfect. I thought Daisy would win, she was great!

  12. well deserved awards!!! we watched the whole game and I still can’t believe that the Falcons flew not home with the bowl….I loved the performance of Gaga, she is still a wonderful entertainer!!!!

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