Monday Musings

Considering this was taken on Mother’s Day morning, my only question is, where did I go wrong? Makes me wonder how our hospital visits will go later this week.

Hope you had a ‘pawsome’ Mother’s Day!

Life, love, bark! ❤︎

42 thoughts on “Monday Musings

  1. I am the only one who can jump on the couch – since Bailey & Hazel just can’ t anymore and mom doesn’t want them to get hurt jumping down. SO – that makes ME the boss of the couch! and everything else!

  2. Oh, yes. I know that look! With Bear, I’ve realized that the majority of the things he does when he misbehaves is to get my attention. He wants to have the stare down … or me to come running to stop him from hurting himself … or chase him around outside. It’s always about proving something … he can do whatever he wants and there’s not much I can do about it. As annoying and frustrating as it is sometimes, I remind myself that he feels safe enough with me to do those things. He knows I’m not going to hurt him. Growing up, I didn’t feel safe to be myself – to show my humanity – to misbehave. I have to admit that I admire his pluck and confidence … though usually not in the same moment as I’m nodding in disbelief at his newest scheme 😉

  3. Ha, ha. I noticed earlier that Lucy had half the couch and Jeff and I together had the other half… She’s not allowed in the bed with us, so we let her on the furniture so we can all cuddle. And oh, my, the hair, the hair!

  4. Have you ever really looked at my house? I gave up and it is covered in blankets/fleeces……If the cats can get on it EVERYONE can get on it 🙂

  5. Don’t have to impose any furniture rule!! The WaWa is too small to jump up and Benji will only go in there if I am in there to protect him from the WaWa – so, he jumps on my lap and she barks at him – although not as much as she used to. She is not defending the furniture she is jealous of him being on my lap. Sheesh……….

      1. We let our pets use the sofa and bed. We don’t really mind as long as they are with the family. Even though my dogs, Tula and Momar, both know the “off” command we prefer not to use it unless we’re trying to lure into another room. Our couch is dog hair central due to that though. Every time we get up from the couch we are wrapped in dog hair. Our dogs shed mostly on the couch…

        1. I started sitting on the floor a bit too much and decided it was better to enforce the rules though I too enjoy them up with me. Luckily they don’t shed but when the weather heats up, the last thing I want draped all over me is a hot dog! 😉

  6. oh no Milo got to him. Milo is one of the smartest but cheekiest pups I’ve ever met. I do not enjoy his tantrums and hope they pass. Sam is so good… I want him to come train Milo

    1. Bwahaha…you are just asking for all kinds of trouble. The trainer said he’d never seen such a stubborn dog. It took massive work, cajoling and a lot of teeth gnashing to get him to pass his training test. Mostly, I think we just got darn lucky! He’s never been that good since. 🙂

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