Flower Friday

A couple of days ago I went back to the zoo with a friend and as we walked around the 87,000 kids on their school field trips before school closes, I began to notice that the zoo has done a remarkable job of improving their flower beds throughout the grounds. While we strolled past the giraffe exhibit where our own new baby, Dobby was growing like a weed, I was startled by a gorgeous Swallow Tail butterfly.

I was completely mesmerized by its flitting among a narrow bed of lovely purple blooms. Then quick as wink, I happened on this bee and snapped before I could change lens. I didn’t think it would show up since the lens was really too long for the shot, but when I downloaded it, I was a bit surprised.

At this point, I consciously started looking at the flowers more closely and then it happened…that-stop-your-heart screech from a peacock who was behind me. But what a lovely sight. Guess he thought so too.

But because it was the zoo (and I did go there to see anipals), who can resist one of the local freeloaders (with apologies to Facebook fur-iends who have already seen a couple of these). Squee! Here’s to a wagnificent weekend. Hope its grand. 

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

48 thoughts on “Flower Friday

  1. Wow these are beautiful photos!! I love purple/lavender/lilac flowers! One of my favorite colors! I love how you were able to capture some “friends” into the photos too!

  2. That peacock in the flowers is so beautiful! I’m glad he was willing to pose for a nice photo after scaring the you-know-what out of you. LOL

  3. It’s great that the zoo is emphasizing the floral grounds also, and good of you to notice. Love the pictures. Peacocks are beautiful, but soooo noisy.

  4. Love all your pictures – the colors are so vivid. The picture of the Peacock’s head, I almost missed his bright blue head among all the flowers. I forget about all the many different sights one can find at the zoo. Our city park is also home to our zoo – somewhere I haven’t been for a few years – need to go. I keep hearing about all the changes at our zoo – I need to go see for myself.
    Mom Kim

    1. That guy is one of the many local peacocks that walk around the grounds. Beautiful but one of the dumbest birds around. When they flash their open tails, it’s simply spectacular. Even the females have the bright blue heads-so pretty. I thought he was trying to hide his ling neck amongst the tall stems. 🙂

  5. Such lovely flowers and such lovely photographs – a lady of many skills and talents. The Peacock blended in nicely. I have not been to a Zoo in ages. Last time Was when I took the boys to Edinburgh Zoo before we left to come to Australia

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I haven’t been for a number of years myself but managed to get in a couple of visits over a few weeks. Been great fun to see different parts of the park and see how different the animals behave on any given day. Have a swell weekend. 😃

  6. We are seeing swallowtails up here too! They seem to really love the purple flowers more than any others!

  7. Oh my … is that a baby goose?!?! This past week, we found eleven goslings in the park across the street and I’m completely in love with them (pictures are in today’s post on our blog). I’m obsessed … Mother Nature is awesome and unbelievably perfect in all its intricacy and variety 🙂

  8. wonderful images, color and composition. I could just watch anipals at the zoo for hours. I would have been a good watcher, the people who make little notes on behavior and sit for long periods.

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