Monday Moanings

Is it just me, or was that a super quick weekend? Seemed like it was here and gone in a blink! We hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a whole new week. Did you do anything exciting?

Live, love, bark!  ❤︎

61 thoughts on “Monday Moanings

  1. tippysmom2

    We had our local Relay For Life event on Friday night. I am on the planning team for that, so that meant show up early and stay late. I got home at 2:15am Saturday morning. I’m getting too old to stay out that late. LOL We had a great event, with lots of fun entertainment and activities celebrating and remembering those who have or are battling cancer. So, Saturday, I spent relaxing and trying to catch up on my sleep.

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  2. LP

    We had a great weekend with lots of walks in the forest, gardening and hanging out with friends! But it was over in a blink of an eye!

    the critters in the cottage xo

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  3. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs

    I fought off the epi monster Sunday morning which wasn’t pleasant but the rest of the weekend was wooftastic!
    We hung out outside during the daytime & had the fire pit going at night.
    I’m ready for the week but can’t speak for my huMom 😉

    Nose nudges,
    CEO Olivia

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  4. Helen Devries

    Wonderful weekend…removing bot fly larvae from dogs and sheep to the displeasure of all…except the dog called Napoleon who ate them all as they emerged….
    He might want more…the rest of us don`t.

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  5. FiveSibesMom

    Too fast! But a fun weekend. Spent it with my family and new grandson! He’s six months now and is in that everything-is-exciting stage! He’s best buds with my one Husky, Wolf, although he loves them all and they adore him. Wolf was busy talking (wooing) to him, and he’d baby talk back to Wolf. So cute! Then I introduced him to the pool, letting him dip his little piggies in the water for the first time! Hope you had a great weekend!

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  6. Pit

    Thanks for that picture. That’s what I need as there will be quite a few things going on here this week, from “Bach at Luckenbach” [a Bach concert in the Willie-Nelson/Waylon-Jennings-famous Luckenbach/Texas] to an Indian Powwow here in Fredericksburg on the Marktplatz.
    Our weekend was quick, too. On Saturday I took my new camera and went to our “Antique Tractor & Machinery Show” and yesterday we were invited for dinner with friends. What I time we had – on both occasions!
    Enjoy your week,

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      1. Pit

        Well, maybe it’ll really be lots of pics, considering that there will be more than just the Powwow [5 different “Indian” events] and considering that on Saturday on that one event only I already took 183 fotos. Oh my, thinking of that, with how many will I end up by next Sunday! 😉

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