Treachery Tuesday

Greetings sports fans. Well the Stanley Cup has been decided, as has the NBA championship last night. Sam here. Congrats to the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Golden State Warriors for some great sports. But that’s not relevant to my taking over the blog today. I just like sports and want to keep you all current on the latest. But if you’re looking for play-by-play for baseball…homey don’t go there.

It seems that despite all my best poodle efforts with training sessions, the Ninja is at it again. Our toys have been reduced to earless, toeless, and in some cases, armless/legless versions of their previous selves.


If I’ve told that crazy goat-imitating sister of mine once, I’ve told her 87,000 times. Stop eating the toys!! Note the missing arm here? Yeah, that. Mom looked up from doing some online work to find little puffs of stuffing strewn all over. She quickly had to scoop it all up before it ended up being completely swallowed. The arm remains completely missing but expect it to show up at some point…ahem…in the back yard if you know what I mean. Remember all those cute little toys mom made a few months ago? Here is the small one now. She already devoured munched the larger one.

Seems like she ate the arm and gnawed down the other one to a smallish stump. Mom is thinking of making new toys that are either circular in design or with a frowny face.

Oh sure, she looks totally innocent because she hadn’t devoured the blue thing yet though she chews on it regularly because it squeaks loudly. It seems to be the equivalent of an auditory vitamin she wants needs, because she tosses in the air and then pounces on the poor, unsuspecting thing. Between you and me, I think its days are numbered.

But in the good news department, she isn’t chewing on me as often mostly because I usually run and hide behind mom.  It’s easy for mom to laugh at her antics; she doesn’t have the jaws of death locked on the end of an ear, though I heard her squeal say something like “let go of my hair!!” Sunday morning. I think mom is just grateful no more reading glasses have been devoured or any more socks eaten. Guess we take those little victories where we can, right?

Mom has been thinking of creating a new category called ‘toy munching by the resident goat.’ What do you think?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

61 thoughts on “Treachery Tuesday

  1. I got tired of acting as body removal so not it’s all hard toys like antler and West Paw. My little ones get a rope but ONLY when supervised thanks to Leo demolishing them.

    1. She hasn’t been overly enthusiastic with our Kong, especially once the treats are depleted. Poodles are hunters and some just have a greater propensity for the eviscerations. I wonder if she wasn’t a character from Game of Thrones in another life! 🐉

  2. Aw, Sam, let your little sister have her fun. As long as she isn’t chomping down on you, what do you care? Hehe. That’s sage advice from your friend Shadow … she’s very happy to let little sister Ducky have all the toys if it means being left alone to get chest rubs from me.

    1. Mom says it’s heartwarming to watch Elsa take such delight in destroying her crafting project, not so much the shoes, socks, eyewear and other munched items. We have to watch her like a hawk because while she can play, she can’t eat chewed up things. Not good for us poodles. 🐩

  3. Fortunately the WaWa ( Benji’s adopted sister) is not a toy person. Benji has a basket of toys and he used to tear them, but not any more – not since he discovered a better use for them. If the WaWa comes to the door of the room, he grabs a toy and sqeeks at her. Sort of like Linus and his Security Blanket.

  4. Bentley feels your pain but if it helps, Pierre used to kill all of our stuffies and now he is much better. We actually have toys with tails still attached!

  5. I’m guessing your sister and my sister are long-lost cousins. Before Tallulah entered the picture, I had two overflowing baskets filled with stuffed toys. I loved my toys, and I treated them with care. Within weeks of her arrival, Tallulah had decimated the basket. Now we have “The Land of Forbidden Toys”–a cabinet in the utility room where Mommy hides my few favorite toys that she managed to salvage. They come out to platy with me only when Tallulah is far, far away. Being the more “mature” and “responsible” sibling can be a pain.

  6. Elsa does look all innocent. I’m betting that toy started “it” and she was just defending herself. LOL I’m glad that Tippy seems to have gotten past the destructive stage.

    1. Hard to believe this ‘at least’ 4 year old is chewing to the extent she does and is simply mind-boggling. Makes me wonder how long the carnage will continue. I realize poodles were originally bred as hunters, but I think she’s taken the genetics a bit too seriously around the house. 😉

      1. Hahaha Maybe her toys should be more generic looking and not as prey like. Of course, she probably wouldn’t like them at all, if that was the case.

  7. Baaaa, Elsa! Do you speak goat? My second schnauzer loved to chew on metal, like measuring cups and spoons. We often wondered if she had an iron deficiency. Maybe Elsa has a “stuffing” deficiency. 🙂

  8. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. Houdini has miscellaneous toys in the basket of ‘needs to have surgery/repair’ for Doctor Mom. But at least they have fun, right?
    And I’m wondering, has sweet Elsa done an interview for my Spotlight Thursday yet? XOXO – Bacon

  9. Toys don’t need arms, legs, ear; they don’t move or listen. Some of my toys are in the hospital after I performed surgeries on them. Recuperation time seems to take longer and longer. Benji

  10. Good morning, Sam,
    have you ever thought of giving those dolls of yopurs something like a medieval knight’s armour? 😉 Or give the Ninja some steel toys to play with?
    Have a great day,

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