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I don’t know what it is about small little dogs but they really, really despise my dogs. For instance, take last night. We were able to take a nice evening constitution in daylight since the temperature had cooled off enough to make it comfortable for everyone. Ok, so far so good. We were on the last stretch of our 2+ mile walk when we encountered a guy with a couple little Chihuahuas. I spied them about half a block away. I could also see the much larger 3 dogs at the opposite corner we were approaching so I decided to take the high road, otherwise known as walking in the street between the two opposing dog camps. The smallest of the two Chihuahuas started snarling and carrying on like a possessed beast, screeching like a banshee being pulled through a knothole. How  is it that 5 pounds of fur turns into 100 pounds of noise and fury? Rather than a couple quick leash correction tugs, what does the brave guy walking this pint-sized hellion do? He picks up the noisy offender and holds him out chest high as if it’s some sort of radio-active soiled diaper or something.

Can anyone tell me why little dogs much like this one below, who looks remarkably like the one we encountered, loathe my dogs? Anyone, Buehler? I mean sure, both of them have their moments in the ‘today I’m going to be a jerk’ category, but sheesh, we were just out for an evening walk for crying out loud, minding our own business.


Sam looked at me. Even Elsa looked at me. Then they both looked at the snarling handful. They both seemed to echo a “what the…heck look?” I rolled my eyes and we walked on through but I swear both dogs shook their heads in disbelief. I dunno…maybe it was the eery sunset from all the smoke drifting in from the West Coast fires that made the little monster pup go off.

Apologies for the crappy image from the phone-it really was much more reddish-orange in real life. Note the smokey sky? I miss our blue skies which we haven’t seen for days. Then again, I shouldn’t complain since Colorado isn’t on fire like the West Coast has been this summer. Knock on wood.

Do tiny demons dogs react that way around your pups? You think it’s the Napoleon complex? I don’t think either of my knuckleheads are threatening, but then I’m not a tiny little dog. If anything they’d beat someone to death with tail wags.

Tomorrow I leave town to attend my…gulp…50th high school class reunion so there won’t be a post this Friday. How in the world does a 50th anniversary sneak up on you? Rest assured our good friend Friday will be showing up with wine (or beer for you malted suds lovers) so please enjoy one, especially after a short week that seemed extra long. Right now I have to go lose 15 lbs. quick between I drop in on my fellow geezers classmates this weekend. This. ought. to. be. interesting.

Live love, bark! ❤︎


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  1. Our dog has a problem with two little dogs down the street. They’re the only two dogs in the world he has a problem with, and it’s such a problem he tore BOTH his hind leg ACLs tearing through our back yard to give them the “what for” bark from behind our privacy fence. Our poor guy came limping back and now we’re $1200 in on the first leg surgery and 2 weeks in on an estimated 6-8 week recovery before he’ll have the next operation done. Vet says it’s fairly common for dogs to blow out ACL chasing off after other dogs, rabbits, squirrels, etc. Guess now we know what his guilty big brown eyes are so guilty about all the time, b/c, honestly, he’s a total sweetheart to literally every other person and dog on the planet except those two yappy dogs down the street! 😉

    1. Elsa (the puppy mill survivor) is a total sweetie too. But she gives the two nasty Akita hounds next door the what for at the privacy fence. She looses her mind with those two nasty dogs but has no idea what’s on the other side of the wood fence. She might not be so ‘all up in their grill’ if she did. Their demeanor terrifies me!

      1. Yeah, so much bolster from behind the privacy fence! BTW, saw those two little dogs yesterday and have some insight on our situation with them: Owner (and a good neighbor, I should add, lest it sound like I’m too critical of her) uses one of those retractable leashes. Her dogs are nearly at our doorstep when they go by on their walk, while our dog loves to look at the front door and watch world go by. No wonder he loses his mind when he sees those two!

        1. A retractible leash?! Ugh…wish their owners would get hog-tied by them. Worst, most unsafe, invention ever. Let me guess, she’s also reading her social media feed while the ‘purse-pups’ are weaving all over the place spreading canine mayhem along the walk? Grrr

  2. Great post, it’s exactly what you said, the larger dogs shake their heads in disbelief and irritation and move on. Chihuahuas are a special kind…they…never…EVER…let go. Lol. Enjoyed your post!

  3. I think it stems from the owners treating the little dogs like toys and not DOGS. They get snatched up whenever anything bigger approaches and don’t know how to behave which translates into fear aggression. That’s just my theory anyway.

  4. Sam, they also bark at me and my Granny. We have neighbours with those little Chihuahuas and on the other side lives one with 5 little kind of bulldogs, they are the worst btw *rolls eyes* They bark at everything and everyone..almost the whole day. Granny says they didn’t have had upbringing…and maybe the doggies think we look up to them, when they have a big mouth…but it doesn’t impurress me at all 😀 Hope your mom had a lovely reunion 🙂
    Pawkisses for a Safe Week ahead 🙂 <3

  5. I hope the reunion was a good time!

    As for small dogs, we do have a pair of them nearby who seem to hate Choppy. She ignores their constant barking when she is around, which is funny because typically Choppy is the dog who isn’t happy to see other dogs.

  6. I think it’s a human problem, those little dogs are allowed to get away with that kind of behavior. We have a few in our neighborhood that walk right past everyone without a peep and you can tell their human is the pack leader and won’t permit it.

  7. OK, you had us when you were talking about those mean little dogs but then you said 50th reunion. What???? Are you serious?? This is impossible!! 50 + 18 = No way!!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. Sounds like fear aggression. Rita is not a small dog but can also be like that, which is very embarrassing. Some dogs she walks past fine, but some she goes ape on. If they are reacting too it’s understandable, but there’s one older calm dog that – for some reason – she freaks out over too. I’m sure that woman rolls her eyes at us as well. It’s constant work and not something that is easy to fix, but she’s a lot better than she was.

    1. Rescues are always a wild card. And some dogs just give off an energy that lights the neighbors up. We just try to avoid them by walking on the other side of the street but this time the other side was occupied with 3 dogs that had body language that suggested a worse reaction plus their peeps were not paying attention to the visual cues and I didn’t want to see either (wo)man or beasts hurt-namely me. 😆

  9. Little dogs are like that with everyone. When I dog sat, I’d frequently take the dogs for walks … and inevitably, there’d be at least one obnoxious small dog (dachshund, chihuahua, etc) barking like a crazed monkey. One house in particular … they had 6 or 7 dogs – of all sizes. I walked past with the Lhasa Apso and the big dogs would ignore us and the two dachshunds would run the fence and bark like mad. If you go to youtube and search “cats stealing dog beds” – you’ll see the big dogs whine and stare and look to the human to fix the situation. The small dogs? Yap their heads off and try to shake the cat off the bed. I have no clue why – unless they’re trying to make themselves look bigger and more intimidating. Confuses the heck out of the bigger dogs though.

    1. Some breeds are more prone to barking than other (large or small). Daschies fall in that category for sure. And some are just disagreeable little toads. Sorry to all those WaWa owners, I think tend to fall in this category. 😇

  10. mee-you Lady Monika it iss toetallee a Napole-eean Sindrome with small doggiess when thee freek out at big doggiess!
    Take fur inn stancess mee doggie furend Missy thee Shih Tzu: sweet; gentull; cute; 12 poundss like mee; well behaved…….an then a BIG doggie comess bye an shee iss a toetall BARKIN machine an ready to go to war! Seereusslee!!!! Lady Marilyn getss so embarrassed an apawlogizess to thee big doggie owenrss….a lot…
    An LadyMum told mee Chihuahuass an Dauschundss fink they are Doberman doggiess!!!! 😉
    Good luck with walkin Sam an Elsa an avoidin thee littul doggiess…
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

  11. I’ve never been much of a fan of “ankle biters.” We had many, many dogs when I was growing up, but the nastiest, most threatening, “lock that thing up before it eats the neighbors” dog we ever had was the miniature dachshund that pretty much prevented us from ever having house guests for its entire 16 year life. I’m not sure what is in small dog DNA that makes them so mean, but they’re scarier to me than any pit bull or doberman!

  12. I have been helping with a beginning obedience class with mostly medium/large dogs and one little yorkie that thinks she can take them all on. Crazy
    Hazel & Mabel

  13. It’s a WaWa!!! Colour it black and white and it THE WaWa. and my poor Benji had to put up with that – in his own house – for 15 months. 50th!! Must be a misprint. Here, out in the never, never, we really don’t go in so much for school reunions. I think some people tried to organize one a few years ago and gave it up because no one was interested. I think reunions are a city thing..

    1. I feel even worse for sweet Benji. Funny you mention the WaWa. I thought of her when we encountered the little demon!

      Not sure about this whole reunion thing. I’ve only been to 1 (35) and was flabbergasted back then at all the oxygen bottles and wheelchairs. Not sure how I got snookered into this one and only plan to attend just one aspect since most of the activities center around golf and I don’t play golf.

  14. 50th!!! no freaking way.
    oh i get it. you were a child genius that skipped many grades. now it makes sense.
    we have a very nice lady in our neighborhood with a small aggressive dog that thinks he’s a fifty pound mutt. although we always cross the street, she tells her dog no..stop it in a firm voice. she also picks him up and holds him close to her chest.
    we always exchange cherry hellos as we pass while my lily simply ignores it all.

  15. I’ve known some chihuahuas like that, and I think it is the Napoleon complex! Our 22 lb beagle can have a big attitude at times too – just ask her brother Luke! LOL

  16. 90% of the dogs at our new apartment complex bark at me when I’m walking along minding my own business. Mom says they have bad manners. Once in a while, I growl back at them, but mostly I look at Mom with the same doggie headshake as Sam and Elsa. Then I get a treat.

    Love and licks,

  17. Sometimes we encounter small dogs that will start charging and yapping at me but it scares me and I hide behind my humom. I don’t even know why they would bark at me, I’m not even looking in their direction! Have fun at your high school reunion! 50th reunion that’s awesome!

  18. We make a point of staying far away from small dogs because many do feel uncomfortable around big dogs. But when we meet a small dog that likes Honey, their person usually explains that the small dog grew up around big dogs or has a big dog friend.

    In truth, I suspect the issue with that Chihuahua was that their person never bothered to trail and socialize him. And it’s an easy thing for people with little dogs to neglect because they know they can just pick them up in case of trouble.

    Hope you have a great reunion!

    1. Thanks. Should be interesting. This dog exhibited more than uncomfortableness and was coddled by its handler reinforcing that behavior. I suspect little dogs get away with all sorts of bad behavior for the reason they can be picked up. Grrr.

  19. Woah, woah, woah! This post is full of size-ist slurs and stereotypes. SDLM – Small Dog Lives Matter! Can we not stop the hate? Can’t we all just get along? Check your Large Dog Privilege. Being a giant clumsy slobberhound is no way to go through life.

    Small dogs! Small dogs! Small dogs!

  20. Pretty sure it’s the napoleon thing. We get it a lot when we are in town in stores – the smalls always bark at my girls which gets them going. I really think if the smalls were not on a leash they wouldn’t bark, or at least not a much for fear of getting eaten for lunch. Just a theory but I think they instinctively know they’re owners will not allow them to get in harms way so they get aggressive without fear. It’s challenging to get the little guys to chill out – I know because of Smokey my daughters 11 pound Morky that lived with us for a couple of years. He’s an awesome little dog but does have the napoleons syndrome. I know a lot of small men who also have the same problem. 🙃

  21. Great post! There’s a lady who walks a very barky little Chihuahua in my neighborhood and as she describes it, he likes women and other little dogs but hates men and big dogs. Seems like little pups must be more intimidated by/scared of the big guys. Wow 50th high school reunion! Have a great time!

  22. My terrier is similar, my other small dogs are totally confused, keep looking around for the monster. My trainer says it is 2 things with Nomad. Meeting face-to-face is not normal for dogs, and is aggressive to them, they circle around and sniff each other. The strong reaction is fear aggression–the best defense is a good offense. Nomad is normally laid back and cool, great in a dog park, doesn’t have a problem with any dog there or any of my fosters that walk in the door. When we are walking if I can’t get out of the way I pick him up and don’t let him look at the dog. Once we are past, out of sight, out of mind–he calms down and doesn’t look back.
    It’s almost always the small dogs who act that way, and I know why. It’s the big dogs that act that way that worry me, because they are far more likely to be truly aggressive

    1. It is also worth keeping in mind the “fight or flight” options that animals have. A dog on a leash effectively does not have the flight option (and knows it)… which leaves…………..!

      1. I wasn’t saying big dogs are more aggressive, but if they are snarling or lunging as they approach me it sure isn’t because they are afraid of my 14 lb dog, and there’s a good chance it’s not afraid of me either. I was walking 2 of my dogs on my block when a 75 lb German shepher came out of it’s yard at full speed after all 3 of us. Somehow it got tangled in my 2 dog’s leashes and had to ignore us while it tried to get free. Her owner, who never walks either of his shepherds, left her off leash in the front yard ‘for some exercise’. When I was screaming bloody murder, and my favorite nasty words, at the dog he came out an called her in. Then he had to listen to me read the riot act about loose dogs. He started paying attention when I told him about my civil suit for damage, pain and suffering for me and my dogs, and triple damages for the vet bills. Funny how people only pay attention when you start talking $$$. I haven’t seen his dogs out front ever since

  23. I think there are probably several things going on. One is more than likely being afraid and trying to scare the big old dogs away before they get hurt. But, I have also noticed that a lot of owners of little dogs (Not all, so forgive me if your aren’t one.) think it’s cute and therefore encourage the behavior rather than trying to stop it. Same thing for jumping on people. Little dogs get by with a lot, simply because they are little. The only dog that ever bit me was a Dachshund! Go figure.

    1. You’re right, little dogs seem to get away with a lot of behavior we’d find totally unacceptable in a dog with some size. Weird, too. The only thing worse than a snarling badger at the end of a leash is one that’s jumping all over you! 😇

  24. While I realize there are nice chihuahuas, I have the same experience with them. First dog to try to bite me was that breed. Lexi thought they were rats and wanted to kill them. (I apologize to all owners of nice chihuahuas out there- she never actually hurt one.)

    1. Both dogs were confused at the ruckus, as was I. The pick him up and hold him away from his chest response by the owner was priceless. But not in a good way. He easily could have squirmed right out of his hands and been dropped on his barking little head. 😇

  25. We have the same problem and Dakota is nowhere near as large as your dogs (Dakota is only about 25 lbs)………..but…then again…………..dogs of MOST sizes don’t like Dakota lol……………

  26. My little part Chihuahua loves all dogs of all sizes and just wants to introduce herself to them.

    Please share your class reunion diet.

    1. I will if it works! LOL I have a met a couple of the little guys that were genuinely friendly (we have a really sweet one in our pet therapy program who’s a total love. Mostly though they display far too aggressive behavior that would never be tolerated in a dog with any size.

  27. We have had the same experience with little dogs and Ray, and would assume it is an intuitive reaction to total intimidation. i.e. “I’d better go on the attack and hopefully drive him away… otherwise I’m dead anyway!”

        1. They certainly upset me, especially when they are unprovoked. With Elsa’s puppy mill phobias, it’s always a crap shoot as to how she reacts. Personally I’m not keen on the idea of becoming a human kite with her flipping out and dragging me along. She seems to have ample way with Sam. We’re a sight and I now know what deep sea fishing is like, without having to be on an ocean. 😅

              1. We do that to. Ray was originally afraid of dogs and having got him this far, I get rather annoyed at those aggressive little dogs. I also get annoyed with most of the owners “Oh he always does that!” When I suggest that they get some help to find out why… and perhaps would end up with a much happier dog, their response is often a blank look.

  28. it is the napoleon thing I think… we have a yorkshire terrier who screams like a banshee every time we pass their garden… in such a case I would pick the direction with the 3 bigger pups ;o)
    50 years… unbelievable isn’t it? I talked with one of my classmates last week via fb… he said we should have a reunion this year… I said it is maybe better to wait some years for the 30th anniversary, so maybe more people will come… he told me that the 30th was last year… ooops….

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