Word(y) Wednesday

We off to visit with patients for the next few days but will return to share adventures along hospital corridors. Have a groovy Hump Day.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

24 thoughts on “Word(y) Wednesday

  1. While the Dog-daddy sleeps off an exhausting month of doctor visits, HuMom is catching up – as much as possible – on her blog-post reading. Sorry we missed you on Wednesday morning. Looks like you had a good time though. 😍

  2. I know that means grooming and bath time for Sam. But I’m sure he forgets all about that when he starts doing his special work.

        1. Ah yes, we have that hang down look every time I take the collar off (bath time is the only time it comes off) and he has figured that out. I try to provide some nice high value treats and of course, there are those nice nurses who make it all worth while for Sam. 😇

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