When Your Vet is a Star 🌟

Dr. Jeff Young, ‘Star’ Vet

We all think our vets are ‘stars,’ right? Well, we should. When you are entrusting your beloved fur-kid, you definitely want them to be a star. I mean, who wants to drop a house payment on a vet you have no confidence in when your pet needs critical care? But in my case (house payment aside), my vet really is a star. A TV star that is, as in Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet currently airing on the Animal Planet network. These days our vet stars are Dr. Amy (who treats Elsa for her seizures) and Dr. Baier (who tends to Sam’s health) who work at his clinic, Planned Pethood Plus. And I’m very happy with all of them. By the way, if you haven’t seen the show, I strongly recommend it so you can see how this pillar of the community has made a difference in the lives of so many people and their pets. Here’s a link to a recent episode. Dr. Jeff also shares my passion regarding puppy mills and is a firm believer that you shouldn’t have to declare bankruptcy in order to take care of your pet. We all know treatment for pets can be limited by an ability to pay for it so he does everything he can to make treatment affordable.

My association with Planned Pethood did not begin when discovered the show which now has around a million and a half viewers each week. Established back in 1990, the clinic was located not far from where I currently live although I had been going to his mobile low-cost vaccination clinics for over 20 years.  With a seasoned staff of some 30 professionals, some who have been with him since they were hired out of high school where he has also been a cross-country track coach for the school, he is one of the busiest vets in the country with 100,000 clients. Dr. Jeff is driven by two simple underlying missions “significantly reducing companion animal overpopulation throughout the world” and “thinking globally: acting locally.” His passion for curbing pet overpopulation is paramount to his practice, with all rescues treated being spayed or neutered. In fact he has probably performed over 160,000 spay and neuter procedures in the Denver area, as well as providing all manner of veterinary care with his mobile unit throughout the Rocky Mountain region and internationally through Planned Pethood International clinics located in Bratislava, Slovakia and Merida, Mexico. 

Having a vet who just happens to be a TV as well as our personal vet star isn’t always rainbows and unicorns though. Because of the sheer number of clients, there are times when it can be frustrating waiting for a return call and it can be challenging keeping one’s expectations for instantaneous care in check. Like most people, I’m impatient when it comes to the care of my fur-babies. Yet I know the work performed is always in the best interests of their clients when they need treatment (did I mention he has 100,000 clients?) and know they always provide quality, affordable care. In 2016 just prior to the season finale, Dr. Jeff made the shocking announcement revealing a diagnosis of B-cell Lymphoma and that the landmark clinic would be moving from the Highlands neighborhood to a new location a few miles west in the suburb of Wheat Ridge. He cut his signature shoulder-length hair in an episode that was hard on the staff and all who know and love Dr. Jeff. While you can never be certain of a long-term prognosis with cancer, he seems to be doing well and continues his work with the same passion as always. We certainly wish him all the best.

When I began drafting this post, I realized Dr. Jeff isn’t the only vet star I’d been fortunate to have taken care of my fur-kids. Back in the 90’s when I lived out east in the suburb of Aurora, my first dog had epilepsy, too. Our neighborhood vet did not have 24 hour care when Crosby’s Grand Mal seizures began and recommended he be transported over to Alameda East, a couple of miles away where he was successfully treated and where all my other pets were treated as well. Back then, the TV series ER was hugely popular and Animal Planet contacted Dr. Robert Taylor, the founder of Alameda East Veterinary Hospital about producing a reality show showing the treatment of animals and thus the show Emergency Vets began airing in 1998. The show ended in 2002 just before I moved to the west side of town once I realized Dr. Jeff’s mobile clinic had a permanent location close to the house.

Dr. Fitz with a couple of patients

While we were clients at Alameda East, our vet ‘star’ was Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald, who was a reptile specialist and who coincidently happened to be a well-known local stand-up comedian in his spare time as well as a TV star.

Doesn’t it seems kind of ironic that both of my vets have been TV stars? Not that I’m complaining, mind you. But you have to admit it is interesting they both have silver hair and mustaches and are ‘stars’ in multiple ways.

Maybe there is something special about the thin air of the Mile High City that produces such terrific stars both on TV as well as for providing great care to my fur-kids.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

75 thoughts on “When Your Vet is a Star 🌟

  1. Mee-you Mistur Jeff REELLY iss a *star*!!
    LadyMum reeded yur bloggie post an shee started to cry….shee missesss Docktur dave so-o much….hee was her *star* with Aunty’ss NYLABLUE; Sage-Smudge an Mingflower thee Merciless.
    When hee threw us out of thee practice sumfing inside LadyMum’ss heart died shee told mee. Shee tried other Vetss’ an they were all so not nice to mee an called her ‘non-complyant client’.
    Shee toe-tallee lost faith inn Vetss’.
    Now mee has a Vet uppy North an mee likess him a lot. LadyMum likess him butt makes sure Mumma Mary-Ellen iss with us efurry visit so nothin goess wrong.
    Grate bloggie Lady Monika…..
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~ an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum

    1. I’m more cautious with choosing a vet than I am with my own doctor. Dr. Jeff and his staff are really special. Glad you found a new vet you like. It’s rough not to have faith in the person taking care of your fur-baby.

      1. Hi Monika Sherri-Ellen here. I just wanted to add Dr. Dave was my Vet for 19+ years. I knew him for 23 yrs as I used to come up here on vacation & go with friends when they took their rabbits/dog/cats to him. He was so awesome! He kept Mingflower alive for 2 years with Kidney Disease & she was stable right until she went into Renal Failure. He also kept NYLABLUE alive for 1 1/2 yrs with that IBD & he even made house calls. I worshipped the ground he walked on.
        How he turned on me when I brought Siddhartha Henry in I’ve no idea. And I still do not understand what I did or didn’t do to get removed from the practice????
        As for non=compliant; I feed only Prescription kibble & wet food; use Probiotic & Lysine daily; do Ointment treatments daily on P SH’s eyes. I have Bach’s Remedy for him; Anti-Diarrhea liquid; flea treatment med & use Feliway Diffuser… EVERY idea any of the Vet’s gave me I have implemented…..yet I still have to go out of town to get P SH medical help….it is ridiculous!

  2. That’s pretty darn cool. We think our vet staff are ‘stars’ but none of them have their own shows. 🙁 Sadly, we just found out that two of them are leaving the practice. That bit makes us sad.

  3. The value of a good vet cannot be measured, even if they’re not on TV. Our clinic has four amazing vets and all of them are so wonderful even if Piper is not singlehandedly (singlepawdly?) putting all of their kids through university.

  4. Wow so cool!! My vet isn’t a TV star but we are very happy with her. It took a while for my humom to find a vet she can finally trust! She’s had incidents where vets have guilted her into certain treatments or procedures that weren’t necessary and ended up spending hundreds and thousands of dollars! Not cool!

  5. Wow, that’s pretty cool – except when waiting for a call back. 🙂 Boy, your post made me realize I haven’t watched Animal Planet in a loooooong time. That used to be our go-to channel, but then it seemed to change a bit and some of the shows were too much for me. (I could never watch Emergency Vet. Watched it once w/ my sis cuz she loved it – but I cried twice while watching it, so never again!) 🙂 (But I must say… Emergency Vet inspired my first novel, What the Dog Ate so I do owe it a bit of gratitude!)

  6. How wonderful to have such a great vet, and what fun to see them on TV! We like to watch Animal Planet’s “NorthWoods Law NH”, since we will sometimes see some of the game wardens we know on there. I’ll have to check out Dr. Jeff’s show too!

  7. That is so interesting! You seem to know how to pick the most popular vets! Most importantly, they sound like they give your crew excellent care. I will have to check out that show. We like Animal Planet and watch a lot of North Woods Law, because there’s a NH version, and once in a while we’ll see some game wardens that we know on there. It’s fun to see people you know on TV!

  8. I think it is great that Dr. Jeff is your vet. I love watching that show and a couple of others too. I’m glad he is doing well after his cancer diagnosis.

  9. Oh my! That is PAWSOME!!!! Although I have never seen his show, I sure have heard of it ~ he does some amazin’ work! HIGH PAW to him and his vetties!!! Good vetties are hard to find, and once you find one, you don’t lets them go!!!
    Ruby ♥

  10. Wait a minute . . . we’re thinking that when you go to a vet THEN the vet becomes a star! You are making those careers! BTW, we do not have cable TV but saw a Dr. Jeff commercial when we were at Bryce!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Dr. Fitz is a kind (and funny) guy. I loved having him take care of my pets but driving across town after moving didn’t appeal to me especially after I realized Dr. Jeff had a clinic just a few blocks from my house [traffic in the Mile High is the pits!]

  11. Well of course they have celebrity vets. I mean, we expect nothing else of our favorite Spoos! Celebrity vets are fine as long as they are not graduates of the Harvey Weinstein school of veterinary medicine. What? Too soon? 🙂

  12. My Vet is a Vet. He’s not a star of radio or television,not even all that popular in recent years since the other Vet (in another practice) is very cute. Well, I visited her when my vet was ill, what was I supposed to do? Anyway, Mustafa is a good Vet and he looks after the health of my furchildren when I need him. I like him and my dogs have always liked him and I have been with him for about 20 years now and that, in itself, says a lot. We now have three Vet Practices here now, but I wouldn’t change.

    1. Good vets are worth their weight in gold in my books. The first vet I had, I offered to bring with me when I moved out of town. Or maybe it was something that sounded a bit like a kidnapping threat. Don’t quite remember the exact language. 😎

  13. TV star, huh? Impressive! I hope his lymphoma treatments go well and he has a complete recovery. Yes I know the likelihood, but we can hope for the best.

    Our vets – Dr. Steve and Dr. Simpson – are both stars in my eyes though not on tv. The hospital is AAHA-ceritified and probably a little more expensive than others in the area, but I don’t care that much about the “more expensive” part. I’ve been taking my dogs to Dr. Steve for about 20 years so I’m obviously happy with the quality of his care.

    1. When it comes to good quality healthcare, I think most of us will go with the good vet, despite the cost. Most people I know say they’ve been going to their vets for years. Seems like the right kind of endorsement to me! I think the TV show helps subsidize his low cost work so he can help the homeless who own pets, shelters and rescues who always need financial help and the poor which I salute.

  14. Wow, your vet is a superstar. Our vet is a superstar in our book too. Sometimes the waiting time in the waiting room can be long but we know that’s because he is compassionate and takes time for his patients. The ZAB team.

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