Monday Musings…aka Men with Leashes

Ancient man apparently did not have to contend with poodle sniffing along the dunes in the desert.

Here’s to a fantastic Monday.

Live, love, bark! ❤︎


42 thoughts on “Monday Musings…aka Men with Leashes

  1. Amy

    Really enjoyed the video. And after reading the comments, had to go back and take another look. Yep. All males for sure. Xena the Schnauzer Warrior Princess takes exception to that. Speaking of whom, and of walking, she started her “walk nice” training today with high quality treats: home-made deer jerky

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  2. coloradogeography

    When and how dogs became domesticated is probably the hottest topic in doggy-ology right now, so it is really interesting to see these rock images of dogs with hunter-gatherers. Very cool!
    And I agree that it was interesting to see that they couldn’t train their dogs to walk at heel, either.
    Thanks for sharing.

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