Monday Musings

With 21 days till Christmas, we hope to begin our howli-daze baking this week. Coincidently, today is National Cookie Day. Let’s just hope the cookies aren’t too dark and the chips plentiful. Have you started your Santa snacks yet?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

38 thoughts on “Monday Musings

    1. LOL…sounds delish. I know how that goes. The cookies I made for Christmas are slowly disappearing here too. The house elf seems to be dashing back and forth between our homes and stuffing himself. 😆

  1. TeeHeeHee..thanks for the Monday giggle! Our snack making won’t begin until next week, hopefully!

  2. BOL!! That made me crack up! Is that a christmas card? I didn’t know today was national cookie day! I better make sure my humom bakes me some tonight!!!

  3. We’re still in the planning stages for cooking and baking here…just finished getting the decorations and tree up over the weekend. I do think I’m going to try a recipe for some gingerbread cookies for the crew pretty soon!

    1. The little decorating I managed to do didn’t accomplishe much spirit for me either. *Sigh* There are still perennials blooming {holy cow!} which hasn’t helped. I don’t know how people in California do it with warm weather. Hopefully some holiday baking will make a difference.🎄

  4. Cookies? Candy? Cake? The C words are all bad for my waistline! And Jeff can’t eat them either. So no temptations this year, although I would dearly love a Claxton fruitcake.

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