Good Friday ~ March 30, 2018

Hi everyone, Sam here. Mom was resting and I thought I’d take care of today’s post when I came across this meme. I am shocked that one of my own kind just cancelled Easter.

Wait, what…does this mean my eggs are empty?

All of us at the Ranch extend our best wishes for a joyful and Happy Easter (or Passover)Β ‘howliday’ spent with family and friends and hope you experience peace, love, health and happiness.

Live, love, bark 🐾

57 thoughts on “Good Friday ~ March 30, 2018

  1. We hope you had a wonderful Easter!
    Sam, you look extra cute in your bandana πŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo

  2. Hi Monika & the Pawsome Duo,
    We hope you had a Happy & Blessed Easter and the weather has warmed up a bit. It was hot here and the rain held off until tonight. I am looking forward to the cooler Autumn weather, but not too cold mind you.
    We had a bit of a surprise today. Geoff found three kittens in our back shed. They look abut 2-3 weeks old and mother cat seems to be able to climb over the back fence without disturbing our dogs. So, much for three “working” dogs defending their turf. Wouldn’t have happened on Bilbo’s watch, although to be fair to the dogs, the cat can climb into the shed via the back fence and there’s a gate to keep the dogs out. So, the cat has chosen well.
    Our elderly neighbours are in the business of feeding local wildlife and have fattened up young magpies, ducklings so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re throwing the cat some morsels or at least know where she comes from. That’s tomorrow’s job.
    BTW thought you woujld like this dog post I came across:
    I am deeply in the throws of the A-Z Challenge. My theme for this year is “Letters to Dead Artists”. It’s a huge undertaking but I’m loving it.
    Best wishes,

  3. The Easter Bunny would be toast if he hopped in our yard. We’d give him a chase for his eggs and candy. Have a wonderfur howliday weekend.

  4. A happy Easter to you. Mom & Dad will be busy cooking Easter breakfast for the kids and grandkids -and then the egg hunt!
    Hazel & Mabel

  5. Sam, better paw at the right egg – we think there is a great surprise in one of them.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Sam, those eggs might be empty, but I bet there are some special Easter treats in your near future. At least I hope so. Wishing you, Elsa, and the humans a wonderfully blessed Easter weekend.

  7. It’s okay, Sam, your (and Elsa’s) eggs won’t be empty. Labs are silly sometimes. Ducky is part Lab so I can say that…she’s silly 99% of the time! But her favorite “catch” is tree rat. Thankfully she hasn’t caught one in a long time!

    My stupid “Like” button is being disagreeable (again!) today so I shared on Twitter instead.

  8. OH Sam, your face is too cute. I am sure there will be some surprise waiting for you for Easter, don’t worry about the empty eggs. πŸ™‚ Hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend!

  9. I was reading an article about why dogs hate Easter (including they watch us eat those poisonous chocolates), and this seems to confirm that theory. Maybe your Mom can give you a real egg that magically appears from the fridge, Sam and Elsa?
    Love and Happy Easter from the crew here in Chattanooga, too. <3

  10. Yikes, Sam! We don’t think your eggs are empty though. There’s always another Easter Bunny waiting in the wings for when something like that happens. πŸ™‚
    Happy Easter and weekend to all of you!

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