Floral Friday May 25, 2018

While we’re waiting for the weekend, let’s take a stroll around the garden for this week’s edition of Flower Friday, shall we?

Our version of “Blue Bonnets” (aka Lupines) are in bloom now and a real favorite. These guys have ‘naturalized’ over the past several years coming up everywhere after planting just two single plants. I think they’re happy…what do you think?

It’s a jungle out there.

Hoping you have a wagnificent weekend and are able to enjoy some of spring’s beautiful displays of color and texture.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

66 thoughts on “Floral Friday May 25, 2018

  1. You’re giving me hope – I had one lupine plant in my garden last year, now I’m hoping there will be more this year! I like your variety of colors too. Hope you’re having a happy holiday weekend there!

  2. They definetely looking happy, Monika, and we would be too if we had such beautiful flowers. We love to see how they spread 🙂 Pawkisses for a wonderful Sunday 🙂 <3

  3. Wow! Those are incredible! I have to s. ♥tart a garden in our new yard. I am missing my daylilies

  4. OMD, guys, those are BEAUTIFULS!!!! Ma would loves to have those in our yardie! And I would loves to ‘hunt’ in there…I bets there are all kinds of critters and buggies hiding! Oh…Ma says I can’t eats those Lupines….sigh. killjoy.
    Ruby ♥

  5. Those beautiful lupines sure do make a wonderful backdrop for those two handsome pups!

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Those flowers are lovely, and the dogs adorable. I planted a quarter-pound of blue lupine seeds last year when we moved to here, and I think the chipmunks ate every single one and burped and said thank you, as they did with everything we planted except the red clover and morning glories pretty much. I have seen nothing flowering that looks like lupine last year or this year yet, but I am hoping the chippies also went to the bathroom on our land and planted them that way.

      1. The ones near us seem to have their hands full eating all the seeds i put out for them and for the birds. They certainly bury nuts and seeds, so my clever plot lately has been to give them sunflowers seeds on the off chance that a few may grow out of each 40-pound bag of seeds. Thay clearly have me trained!

        1. LOL I guess so. I hate the little buggers. They’ve chewed through the kitchen window screen twice now and ate brownies off the counter! Little brats. Nothing redeeming in my mind about ‘em!

  7. Very pretty! I love all the different pinks and purples!! And the pups look majestic sitting so pretty in the photo as well! They need crowns on their heads! 😉

    1. Thank you! It took everything I had to get the pups into that jungle! Those lovelies have obliterated the flagstone pathway and seem much taller this year. But I love ’em nonetheless.

  8. I’ll have to plant them too! So striking! Tall and colorful. I talked to a woman last night about her garden which was so pretty. She told me what not to plant, and that she just added things each year. It’s a new world of flowers here!

    1. I’d happily provide a few seedlings for the new home. I’ll have plenty to spare since they everywhere in the garden! Yes, gardening at a Mile High in not particularly great soil is a new adventure. If you need books on gardening on the Front Range, I have a large lending library. 😆

  9. I have never been successful with lupines! I love them. They are just beautiful. Guess they don’t like my garden. They look even better flanked by delightful pups.

    1. Thank you Kate. I had never had luck with them either and never expected them to come back. They must be fairly hardy to be able to survive in my horribly clay-filled soil and in wild along roadsides, I’d think they could survive anywhere.

      1. My yard is sun dappled and the soil is amended so not very clay. Maybe they don’t like good soil. I was very disappointed. Didn’t have luck with delphinium either. Love tall poky flowers.

        1. I have more shade than most plants like too but they seem to have found a happy hope. Supposedly they like well drained soil which makes their prolificacy even more amazing. If it makes you feel better, I haven’t been successful with delphiniums either.

    1. The only kind to have! Those and the Snapdragons reseed themselves everywhere and always make for beautiful color and smiles when they show up (in some of the most interesting places!).

  10. Lupines are beautiful, and grow wild in fields over on our E.Coast. One, it is my plan to go out there during the flowering season, as I have never seen fields full of lupins!

    1. I was in Texas last month and there are fields of them along side roads. It’s an incredible sight and if you can see them on the East Coast, I urge you to make that trip. So beautiful.

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