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Mom hasn’t been part of the pet blogger influencing network before so imagine how thrilling it was when Kevin at NomNomNow contacted us Knuckleheads to see if we’d be willing to try out their fresh food. Sam and Elsa…drooling here. Shortly after we barked a resounding YES, a large and extremely well-insulated box showed up at the Ranch (with the best cooling packs making sure it arrived safely during the heat wave). Our mom knew a little about NomNom and like us, thought this would be a great opportunity for the us to paddle in the pet blogger review pool. Even though I, Sam, HATE water. I do however, love good food.*

Sam: One of the most exciting aspects of NomNom was the fact that the food was all fresh. I could smell the freshness as soon as mom opened the box.

Elsa: Ooh, ooh, yeah, and remember how I came a-running when I smelled that Chicken Chow Wow in those cute packages? It has the high protein percentage dogs like me need for optimum health. And it tastes great!

Sam and Elsa: Yeah…watch what NomNom’s veterinary nutrition expert says. We’re very glad NomNom took the time to formulate nutritionally sound, home-cooked meals for dogs as well as for our kitty fur-iends.

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Sam: These meals are made with real meat, vegetables, healthy oils, vitamins and nutrients with NO additives and NO artificial ingredients.

Elsa: And they taste way better than the wool socks I often enjoy eating.

Sam: Elsa, you tend to eat anything, but in this case, I’m glad you’re actually eating something that’s good for you and in keeping with your special needs as an Epi-Warrior. Dogs like you need a high protein diet and the Chicken Chow Wow more than adequately checks that box.

Elsa: Apart from the GRE-AT taste and nutrition in these yummy packages, they arrived ‘pawfectly’ portioned for our unique caloric needs. One of the side effects of my anti-seizure medication is it makes me extra hungry all the time so mom constantly monitors my waistline.

Sam: Yeah she watches mine too. How come when a mom is on a diet, the whole family is on a diet. What’s up with that??

Elsa: Moms are just like that, I guess. Did you know this stuff is human grade and the vitamins are all-natural? Umm, I hope mom doesn’t think I still won’t beg when she’s eating her meals. And I hope she doesn’t think about eating ours either.

Sam: She won’t, remember she’s a veterinarian. I’m sure she knows nothing will stop you from putting on that sad, “I’m starving” look when she sits down to eat her own meals. You really have that look ‘pawfected,’ don’t you?

Elsa:  You bozo, she’s a vegetarian, not a veterinarian. Why are brothers so dumb? And for the record, I’m not milking it just for milk’s sake; I had a rough life so it’s important to strike while the iron’s hot now that I have a pushover good mom.

Sam: {rolls eyes} You…little Ninja, are quite the shameless tool. Do you know the other reasons why this food is great?

Elsa: Do tell, Knucklehead brother!

Sam: I’m ignoring your snark. These meals are all delivered fresh. If you received more than a week’s worth of food, you can freeze and thaw them out when needed. One bag, one meal. Rip, serve, enjoy. How easy is that? There’s nothing like fresh clean food which results in clean energy. More food is absorbed and used for energy which means more playtime with mom! NomNom vitamins, minerals and nutrients promote health coat and skin and the all natural vitamins will keep our immune systems strong and healthy. Because it has no fillers, we get all the essential nutrients we need and are able to use more of the food. Which means less waste, meaning fewer poop bags. Mom likes that feature. Delivery is free and if you do autoship, it can be paused, updated, edited or cancelled at anytime. More convenience! They also have a great customer service department standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Elsa: Wow, you really did your homework on NomNom. I’m impressed, brother. You know what else I liked? They sent a fabulous package of restaurant quality chicken jerky. Man, that stuff tastes incredible and its only ingredient is CHICKEN. Have I told you I LOVE chicken?

Sam:  I know, I start licking my chops whenever mom gets out the package. Cooked in small batches those single ingredient treats have zero preservatives.

Elsa: I noticed you ‘kinda’ liked them. And I also noticed you’ve been eating all your food when mom serves it. No more sniffing and walking away like you’re playing hard to get. That means less for me to bogart so I’m not so happy about that.

Sam: Mom gives you a bowl, so there’s no need to try eating mine too. Remember your girlish figure.

Elsa: You know you could have left me a couple nibbles, but nooooooo. You had to eat EVERYTHING. You never eat everything.

Mom: I think you both enjoyed this deliciousness. So what’s the verdict, kids?

Sam and Elsa (in unison): NomNomNow receives eight paws of approval, mom. And if anyone wants to try it out, click here for a special discount.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

*Full Disclosure
We received no monetary compensation for our review. We did receive a generous supply of NomNomNow to try but our review was not influenced by it.

68 thoughts on “Knuckleheads Do a Review

  1. We also tried NomNomNow and the crew loved it! Sam, you had us going for a minute, saying your Mom was a veterinarian. I took pause for a minute and thought “how did I not know that?”. LOL
    Great review, you two….you’re becoming professionals!!

  2. You did a great review and the meals look very good, knuckleheads. 😎Bear would especially love them. Sammy needs special food for his liver. Do they carry specialty diets?

  3. Hmmmmm…. most of MY favorite things to eat sound an awful lot like the kibble in that side by side comparison. This nutritionist doesn’t know how to win me over….

  4. Great review from both of you. You are making us crave some NomNom too.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  5. That sounds absolutely amazing! We love our fresh food and recommend feeding fresh to all of our dog and cat friends. ♥

  6. Might give it a try. Right now they eat premium food, a mixture of kibble and can and/or what I prepare (cannot get more human grade…). I have been experimenting with some fresh food I buy at WholeFoods sometimes, which I use for a substitue for the can. So one bag is enough for a meal for each dog? Twice a day?

  7. What a super review. Naturally we don’t eat dog food but can appreciate a first class review. Elsa and Sam are excellent sales dogs. I liked that Elsa is an Epi Warrior…I will join her rank as well.

    Jean, Shoko and Tyebe

  8. I make up fresh food every day…but that brand would have been a Godsend when I was spending half the day at the hospital.
    I would come home to reproachful faces indicating that I was so late with their meals that they had been forced…forced, you understand… to eat biscuits while waiting.

      1. Danilo’s old dog has decided to move in with the sheep, so, obviously, he is one more on the feeding list. Ten minutes after normal feeding time and he is up to the kitchen, looking anxious…

  9. Sam an Elsa that NomNom food lookss so good LadyMum started droolin!!! Too funny! mee wood not want to eat icky dry kibbull onlee. MEAT iss what wee carnyvorss want! 😉
    An sum veggiess all so….
    **Hi-5’sss** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  10. Wow, add a little salt or soy sauce and I’d eat that too.

    In truth it looks quite similar to food I used to cook for my dog Shadow when she had cancer. I’d be happy to feed Honey something like that if I had full-time refrigeration.

    1. The science behind the creation of this brand is pretty remarkable. I liked that a nutritionally-centric vet was involved. Because it’s human grade, I think an upright actually could eat this stuff! 😃

  11. If we weren’t eating the raw diet, we would want your food, Sam and Elsa. Except Mom said we still couldn’t have the potatoes and peas – too many carbs. 🙁 Lucy and Xena (I’ll take some anyhow, if you don’t mind! ~Xena)

  12. The new Siskel and Ebert of all things canine? Or better yet Food Network here you come! Thanks for the informative and fun review guys. We too have begun moving asway from a kibble only diet. About 6 months ago we switched the girls to a 50% raw meat diet alternating between beef and Turkey. We switched their dry to a mix of 50% chicken and 50% rice. With the exception of making Kali’s portions too large at first (she put on about 5 lbs. that we are now working on taking off) they have done great and we s is is healthier diet.

      1. Our dog is similar to a cat when it comes to food. She doesn’t eat everything all at once, usually taking an hour or so of frequent nibbles. We add our own homemade meat-vegetable mix to dry kibble. She picks out the best parts first, leaving the boring kibble for last. She has completely ignored more than one canned food brand in the past, so we started making our own. We’re always looking for alternatives to the time consuming homemade food.

        1. NonNom is sooooo convenient. Loved that it was delivered and in convenient individual packages. Slice open and serve. And it’s nutritional great. For Sam to eat every bite in one sitting was quite remarkable. Clearly he likes gourmet food!

  13. Sam and Elsa are expert reviewers, tell you what!
    I was sold on it even before the eight paws grade given out by the knuck . . . I mean the reviewers.

    Well done Sam and Elsa!

  14. Awesome review. I am hoping to start making my own food, as I cannot afford premade fresh dog food, but if I could, I’m sure the quality and convenience of Nomnomnow are unbeatable.

    1. I serve my guys NomNomNow, but before that used Their product is a supplement that you add to recipes formulated by the site with ingredients of your choosing — you select the ingredients, it spits out the quantities to use, both for the ingredients and the supplement. The site is designed to ensure that your preparation is nutritionally balanced for your pup. It is recommended and endorsed by a number of veterinary schools.

          1. Thank you for the kind words! Appreciate it. Elsa loves the Nom Nom (and has been doing well with it) but it’s a bit too rich for Sam’s sensitive tummy. Even with a different formulation.

            1. Oh, that’s too bad that it doesn’t work for Sam. I love the direction the boutique pet food industry is headed. So many more choices. I know there is a company in San Francisco that has a similar product, but they also have formulas for dogs with special conditions. Unfortunately, for the life of me, I cannot remember their name.

  15. oh I hope you will do a review now very often, we loved it!!! and we sadly have to admit that our mom is a veterinarian too… da Phenny knows that it is not worth to beg for her food… ans alos da Nelly knows that now since he got a faked sausage today… it was awful… so we rather stay with your nomnomnow…

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