Creating a New Year

Realizing a detox was probably necessary after my holiday fudge transfusion, I came to the conclusion I should probably detox my addled brain too. Along with my best intentions, I found myself diving down the online rabbit-hole a bit too much. When you finally come to your senses, look around and discover you just lost 3 hours when you only consciously meant to look up X  and wonder why the heck you’re now reading Y which was totally unrelated, you probably need to do a reassessment. Or have an intervention. Has this ever happened to you? What’s that old saying…the road to hell is paved with the best of intentions? Well, I reckon to change that now in 2019.

It seemed clear I needed to spend more time visiting the library than falling down the rabbit-hole, fun as that may be. Enter an old-fashioned concept…reading a book. I have a complicated history with reading. While I do enjoy it, taking 87 years to get my degree years ago (but by golly I did it and graduated Phi Beta Kappa eligible), reading for pleasure was a luxury I didn’t have, nor a habit that was very well-developed. Making ends meet while raising a couple of kids in a new urban location, working full-time and going to school at night, didn’t exactly lend itself to reading for pleasure. There was always too much required reading for classes or kids to parent or grocery shopping or cooking, cleaning…well you get the idea. It’s always easy putting things off, isn’t it?

Several months ago I entered a couple of blog contests and actually won a couple of amazing books related to my passion-pet rescue. One book struck a special chord with me. Mind you, I wasn’t actually the winner, but the author, Diane Rose-Solomon was touched enough by my entry describing Elsa’s rescue story that she generously sent a signed copy of her book nonetheless. A hectic summer turned into a busy fall, and then the winter holidays hit which brings me here. Excuses and apologies.

Although I finished the book back in November while in Mexico, I’m just now writing a long overdue review for which I sincerely apologize to Diane. This book is easy to read, provides loads of tips with resources and the chapters can be easily read in any order. Add to the fact Diane has a rescue named Ninja…well imagine how that touched me.

Organized into five modules, Diane shares personal experience from the heart and provides oodles of resources. You know…real life stuff. Have an issue with a particular aspect of rescuing a dog? You can easily find it covered in one of the modules. While I’ve rescued more than one shelter dog, Elsa’s story was complicated because she spent years in a puppy mill cage. Diane’s book gave me insight I hadn’t encountered with diverse resources that has helped with her socialization. A quick and gentle read, once I earnestly dug into it I was irritated at how easily I let myself get distracted with other things before finishing this pawsome book.

Even if you’re a seasoned dog owner, this book will provide you with expert advice from rescue specialists, veterinarians, dog parents, and pet business owners with links to the most relevant articles from pet professionals, making this book a one-stop shop for dog-related questions, before, during, and after adoption. I can’t urge you enough to have this excellent resource on your own bookshelf. Many, many thanks to Diane for being patient with me. It is most appreciated. And make sure you stop by her website to check out all the great things with which she’s involved. You’ll be glad you did.

Happy reading! I look forward to sharing more reviews of pet related books and articles throughout 2019. Now where did I put that library card?

Live, love, bark! 🐾

47 thoughts on “Creating a New Year

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  2. Oh my gosh, that first paragraph just cracked me up because I do that all the time! I’m just going to look up one little thing, then I’m off on some crazy tangent and so much time has passed!
    The book sounds excellent. I used to be an avid book reader, but once I started blogging that kind of fell away.

    1. It’s hard to maintain a vibrant blog and still have time to read books. I’m convinced since retiring, the universe has conspired to steal several hours away from me. 😊

  3. What a great review. And it’s amazing how many people have promised themselves to read more… Myself included. How i used to read 50+ books a year and in 2018.. I managed a piddly ass 8.

    1. Thanks. It’s easy to get distracted from reading books, there’s always so much to do it seems. And with so much social media…well there’s still the same 24 hours per day. 😊

  4. I used to read all the time but have gotten away from it. I do miss but always feel like I should be doing something else. I should make it a goal to enjoy some good books again

    1. So much stuff out there, sometimes it’s hard to choose. Stay warm this weekend.

  5. Pawsome !
    HuMom loves to read but she needs to be decoupling & make time for it; that’s harder than it sounds but once she in that book the world around her fades😉
    Thanks for this wooftastic book recommendation 🐾
    💜nose nudges 💜

  6. Monika,

    There is something so enriching about going to a library and taking an old fashioned book out! Haven’t done it in years, but it’s just so enjoyable.

    Great review! Can’t wait to read more of ’em.

    1. I swoon over the smell of libraries. There’s something extra special about a book on one’s hands including the smell and the touch. 😊

      1. I used to love going to the library as a kid. And there’s another dynamic to the library thing too. The library is how kids my age used to do their research. There was no Google. We walked to the library and we spent a few hours doing research. So it was social, but face to face social. And then we had to learn the library as well, and how to access the information we needed. When we did research, we really did research!

        1. Ah yes, now those were the days! I saw my first Egyptian mummy at my childhood library. Coolest thing I ever saw.

          1. There are a few local libraries that have adapted to the times and have become a community resource. It’s kind of cool to walk into a library and feel that buzz.

            1. And in my experience, the person behind the desk is super smart and extremely helpful. Even when they wait on an old bat like me. 😆

    1. Indeed Oliver. And thank you for swinging by the Ranch. We ❤️ visitors, especially those of a feline persuasion.

  7. Diane is a very cool lady so I know that her book has got to be good. We used to live with two rescue dogs who sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge shortly after I came here. I miss them, we used to sleep together. Hey, the Dad has yet to give up on the Chocolate, his weakness too. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. And thanks for dropping by. Yes, Diane is a very cool lady who’s helped lots of peeps with their new pets. Your Dad and I could have worse vices, luckily we share a tasty one. 😍

  8. It’s not our brains going down a rabbit hole, it’s that the clocks know when we are browsing on-line and they speed up! Every once in a while I afford myself that luxury and am often amazed at what I learn. Congrats on that great, free book. Sounds like a real help with a puppy mill survivor.

    1. It was a very useful book with Elsa. You may be on to something with clocks speeding up when indulging. 😇And it’s good to reward oneself.

  9. The book sounds great, especially now that I am getting ready to get a new dog. I, on the other hand, am most content when curled up with a book. Extremely wary of book clubs (I never found one I liked and I am loathe to be forced to read someone else’s pick) I decided to join a fairly structured one, led by a professor who chooses the books. I spent the last two weeks with an 800 page tome I was trying to finish by today (I haven’t managed but made a good dent). And I realized that hours can go by reading without me noticing, down the rabbit hole of literature instead of the online one (which has gobbled me up on endless occasions).

    1. Good luck with your 800 pages and special wishes as you begin the process of bringing a new member into the family!

  10. I’ve gained 1.5 pounds this holiday season. Not bad for me. I’ve not had any fudge though. I just avoid candy. Ice cream no, but candy yes.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

    1. Chocolate is my Waterloo. But only the good stuff-no M&M binging for me. I have standards and not just two poodles. LOL

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