Not Even Close to Wordless Wednesday ~ Long Shadows Edition

Sam, the Dogtor, is making rounds again (today he’s at West Pines) after some incredible visits yesterday with so many nice people. We hope to share a story or two about those visits soon. For today though, we thought we’d share a photo from the recent snowstorm. Hard to believe long, winter shadows arrived shortly after 2:00 PM across the snowscape, topped by a cornflower blue sky. Those gorgeous blue skies brought a smile to my face. Colorado’s weather is nothing, if not changeable. If you don’t like 10 inches of snow, wait a bit and you’ll see something like this. The temps will be warming to 50ºF over the next few days. Ahhh. Not too shabby for being mid-winter.

Long shadows

Have a great Hump Day.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

46 thoughts on “Not Even Close to Wordless Wednesday ~ Long Shadows Edition

    1. I have been blown away by some of those images! If the weather was cold here, I’d be a winter wimp too. 😉

    1. Rain could be beautiful too especially when it’s been so dry. Evergreen trees in the neighborhood sure look better after this latest storm.

  1. Looks very much like here, our warm days are about 14°F. The sunshine makes everything so beautiful, and makes this planet suitatable for living here. It is not difficult to understand why people here worshipped the sun.

    1. A sunny day with blue sky is such a special treat in winter. Here’s to more of both.

  2. My car thermometer bottomed out at -5 driving home from work yesterday morning. And we’ll have 50’s by the weekend. That should feel like summer after this cold shot…

    I see a sign for a roundabout in that photo. Drivers here have enough problems trying to figure out a basic four way stop. Plus, they’d never work here since you can’t blow through a roundabout at 50 mph in a residential area like you can a basic stop sign…

    1. Oh man, you woke up the dragon when you mentioned the ’roundabout’ (which the city calls “a circle” designed to keep the official bikeway safe for 2-wheeled traveling). People here have no idea how to drive through a residential area anyway and this ill-conceived ‘fix’ has just become a cluster. Drivers seem to think it’s either a Grand Prix raceway or rack and pinion test track. It’s supposedly temporary so I’m hopeful it goes away soon. The intersection is too small to accommodate the circle and speeding SUVs. Aren’t you glad you brought it up now? 🥴

    1. With as little as we’ve had for the past couple of years, I haven’t minded this storm. Should be back in the 50’s by tomorrow.

    1. 😊Generally speaking, they wait till the flowers are blooming to leave autographs.

  3. Meow meow Sam an Elsa an Miss Monika yore snow looks so nice an purrty an such a purrty sky…wee are inn a blizzard with windychillss makin it feel like -20 Fairenhite! An tHE windy iss whippin efrurything ’bout. Wee will blog on weekend with mew photoess!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

  4. The sky is never so blue as it is in winter. I think that’s so we can truly appreciate the contrast of the white decorating the trees! Beautiful.

    1. So you’re saying Mother Nature is trying to appease us with a lovely image instead of focusing on the fact that we’re freezing our tails off? 🤣

    1. We’re in the midst of yo-yo weather. Up one day, down the next. Always and adventure!

    1. Thank YOU! When I looked at the photos, I had to double check the metadata, I couldn’t believe the shadows myself.

  5. We had snow last night into this morning, but now the sun is shining and it’s all blue sky. However, they are saying there is more snow coming this evening, with that arctic air front behind it. I can hardly keep up!!
    We hope Sam is having some more nice visits today. ♥

    1. The Polar Vortex going on now is pretty incomprehensible. Hope you’re able to stay toasty and safe.

    1. Hope you are enjoying what sounds like a lovely day temperature wise! It’s 46F here and surprisingly mild for the end of January.

    1. Hopefully soon he can turn things toward Cookie Monster or Big Bird and make people smile.

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