Monday Musings ~ November 18, 2019

Time to start a new week out with a smile within a tiny bit of a rant because you know me subtle is my middle name. The Knuckleheads and I were recently on a morning walk and came upon a fellow walking his little dog. So far so good. I’m always glad to see people walking their dogs, especially in the morning. As we got closer, I noticed he was looking down at a personal device. We stopped to wait for him to realize he was about to walk into a couple of excited Spoos…but no…he kept looking down at his phone. “Ahem.” I cleared my throat loudly hoping he would rejoin planet earth to alert him of our presence (his dog was weaving back and forth from an expando-leash, a second no-no in my books but that’s another story). By the time he was about 4 feet away, he finally glanced up, gave me the stink eye and an exasperated ‘hrumph.’ Oh Dude, you did not just do that! We each went on our way without incident and as I turned around to throw mental darts at his back, I noticed his head went down again reading his screen. I’m not sure if he was catching up on his social feed or proof reading his notes for a cancer cure but jeez…what the dog?! I may also have prayed for an open manhole.

Finding this meme made me chuckle as I totally see this clown behind the wheel of a vehicle with no turn signals too. Sadly the attention too many of us give those little mini-computers in our pockets is not only rude, it’s unsafe.


However your week goes, and we hope it’s pawsome, just be sure to use your turn signal and make it a safe one. And ditch that expando-leash so your dog doesn’t poop in someone’s flower bed.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

75 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ November 18, 2019

  1. Miss Monika wee not like xtenda-leeshess eether…peepull do NOT have propurr control of their doggiess usin those thingss.
    An wee see peepull walkin into lite poless outside here ’cause they NOT payin iss sorta funny…OKay heelareeus fore us butt not fore them!
    An same when LadyMew iss out with Aunty Sheila or Mary-Ellen an other driverss just ternin an boltin thru litess without usin signalss!!
    Mee so glad mee sitss inn back seet so mee not see much! 😉
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

  2. The unmitigated gall of you and your dogs getting in the way of this man and his outdoor excursion with his phone! When someone of great importance has their head in their phone, the world MUST yield to them. The proper response is to duck out of the way and bow in the presence….

    And then rear back and kick them in the buttocks as soon as they pass….

    1. Bwahaha! I’ll remember it the next time we encounter this neighborhood bozo, er ‘diligent’ dog parent. 🤡

  3. Amen to all you said!! Since we live on a main road, there’s very little to zero pedestrian traffic – and D & R use the back yard – but these idiots with their eyes glued to their phones while they walk get my ire up, too. And using signals while driving? You’d think it was a crime down here, punishable by law.

    1. It’s either a crime or all the automakers stopped including blinkers on all models. *sigh*

  4. I go out at 6am so we very rarely see people, other than people driving either to or from work – and only a few of them. The morning are very quiet and we generally go out in the late evening to try and avoid the flies. I did use the expendables for a little while but ditched them and never looked back.. Besides I am one of the odd people that talk to my dog at times during our walk.

    1. Interacting with you dog means you’re a great ‘pawrent.’ No wonder sweet Benji adores you!

  5. What a jerk these peeps are with their cell phones. Constantly looking at their phones or tapping in them. Something big will happen to smarten them up. I thk the funniest thing I saw regarding cell phones was a homeless man pushing hs shopping buggy full of his wordly possessions reading his cell phone as he walked down the road.

    I loved your meme…mind if I use it?


    1. Feel free to share that meme. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve seen walking into signs in downtown Denver on the public mall. Good grief people, put your phone away when you’re walking around!

  6. Now THIS is just one of MANY, MANY examples of how you are a MUCH nicer person than I am. I would have said something…and I would have been snarky…..oh yes I would have! I cannot stand those “expando” long leashes either…….they are NOT safe and for Dog’s sake……….I wish people would stop staring at their phones! I ONLY take my phone with me when I go out alone (and that is purely for if my car breaks down)……….when I go out with Lenny I leave my phone HOME (except for football games because the tickets are on my phone, another thing I hate, they got rid of paper tickets). I NEVER answer the phone during dinner…….and I am also not very punctual with texts…I reply, but I reply when I am good and ready to reply lol. It’s just crazy how obsessed people are! I give you my props my friend, you wrote a hilarious post AND kept your mouth shut with that jerk!

    1. Oh trust me, there was a whole lotta tongue biting. Frankly I’m afraid to say anything to people, you never know if they’ll pull out a gun and do something stupid just because they haven’t had their morning caffeine. People suck anymore. 😠

  7. Between the leash and the phone, that guy is an accident looking for a place to happen. Hopefully his dog has more sense than he does and keeps them both out of trouble!
    Love that meme too…it’s so sad but true!

    1. Don’t understand those expandable leashes. It’s basically just letting your dog run loose.

        1. Sam got caught up with 3 Scotty’s all on separate expandible leashes and suffered some leash rash around his ankles. Talk about sending me into orbit!! 🚀

  8. I would bet he’s had more than one mishap walking and only paying attention to his phone. What a tool.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. Scritches to the pups. ♥

    1. LOL, it does tend to get people’s dander up. How hard it is to turn your blinker on when making a turn? Especially when you’re waiting to cross and nearly get plowed into? The phone thing…that just puts me in orbit, whether they are walking a dog or not. Grrrrr is right!

  9. We have an intersection where a one-way street runs into a perpendicular one way street. You can’t even go straight because you’d be in the desert with the cactus. You can only turn left. You wouldn’t believe the cars waiting at the light at this intersection with the left blinker going. What else can they do? Yet 10 minutes later they’re probably at another intersection with choices and they don’t use the blinker.

  10. How does this dope prefer his ‘phone to the pleasure of engaging with his dog on the walk….a neighbour here suggests it would be a good idea if ‘phones were made to explode if in continual use for more than ten minutes…even better if they could take the user with them.

    1. Way too many people engage in this kind of ‘walk’. With a stroller or a dog. And then there are the young millennials who take their kid to the park and push them on a swing…all the while checking their phone. Good grief!!

  11. I took a “blog break” this weekend as life went elsewhere. There needs to be a time and place for everything, and nothing more so than online life. If only people understood, it is a part of our lives, not the whole thing.

    1. Good for you taking a break. I just hope you didn’t use the time to watch the Donkeys unravel in Minnesota. There’s 3+ hours I’ll never get back. 🤬

      1. I didn’t watch any tube at all. I caught the scores last night, and so I saw where my Dolphins had their two game winning streak snapped. So much for that Super Bowl run.

        And yeah, what happened to the Broncos yesterday? The Fangio hiring is looking more unfortunate every day.

        1. Bring him on was the dumbest thing they’ve done lately any Elway has done some really stupid things. Sorry about the fish. Maybe they’re trying to position themselves for the number 1 draft pick. The Broncos will give them a run for their money. Can’t play a whole game, but they seem to work overtime positioning themselves for the lottery pick. #bozos

          1. I didn’t get it. At a time when everyone is going offense, they go the way of 1985.

            This isn’t to say they had to hire one of those McVay associates, because I don’t get that fascination either. But the thing is, their defense has even let them down. And it was a slam dunk opinion that Fangio was going to make that group unstoppable.

            As for the Dolphins, I don’t want the number one pick I want them to build depth. I would be plenty fine with them trading down for even more picks than they already have. We need multiple players before we worry about a QB. And oh by the way . . with ANY vision whatsoever, we would have had Kaep on the team last year to see if maybe he could have been the answer for now. But that’s yet another moot point.

            1. Denver can’t draft for beans. Never did (except when John Ralston put together the original Orange Crush defense). This year’s defense is irritatingly pathetic and the offensive line is just that…offensive. That front line can’t protect a flea but are quite able to hold like a ‘muther.’ And Denver’s play selection has never been able to successfully run a screen pass or make any kind of progress on the ole ‘back up the middle’ play.

              The buzz around town was hopeful the Kaep could become a Bronco. Fat chance. While I support Kaep, his weekend stunt may keep him an unrestricted free agent indefinitely. The league apparently is loathe to be cast in a bad light while simultaneously loathing transparency.

              1. I think Elway has used up every bit of his Peyton Manning grace card. Is that sacrilege to say in Denver? Or is it the mindset?

                True. I felt like the last minute relocation gives the league and its owners yet another excuse not to sign him. Stephen Ross didn’t want to offend the old order Cubans in Miami. So he cut off his nose to spite his face when maybe, just maybe, Kaep might have provided and answer at QB. And even if he didn’t it only would have cost them money, and probably with plenty of outs at that. Nope . . it was somehow a better idea to sign Cutler to a ten million retirement gift (for him). This is why owners should have to come before a board every five years or so.

                1. Elway is considered a god in this town and the media have a complete hard-on with anything Broncos related. And yet, there is some grumbling from the lackluster performance two years in a row (probably from the jillions of newcomers to the state who don’t recall the vertical striped sock from the 60’s that thankfully went the way of the dinosaur-talk about gawd awful!).

                  I’d forgotten Cutler went to Miami. Having had his highness for 3 years, my sympathies. He was a self important schmuck. Not that I have any strong feelings, mind you. 🤣

                  1. I can imagine he’s going to have to figure this thing out quickly, or else. Fangio could be a one and done. But wouldn’t that much two coaches now? Or did Joseph get a couple seasons?

                    It didn’t fit on the uniform, or it WOULD have read “Self Important Schmuck”.

                    1. Vance lasted one year and had a better record than Fangio has. It’s completely incomprehensible. I have my fingers crossed they replace him.

                      Yeah I can just see #6 with Self Important Schmuck below it on the jersey.

                    2. I don’t think it matters in this case. The “optics” won’t be friendly to them, but the hell with it. Because Fangio as a coordinator is one thing, but as HC, it’s painfully evident that it isn’t working.

                      He WAS . . IS.

  12. I am beginning to believe that turn signals are an option on some vehicles .. and an option the buyer did not feel was necessary! Very frustrating.

    As for retractable string leashes. there has been an incident where a lady lost a finger due to one. She apparently had the string around a finger when her dog took off after a squirrel. I also understand that there have been many string burns across legs for similar reasons.

    And for inattentive/distracted walkers? I will not comment as it would lower the tone of your Blog!

    1. You may be right, Colin. It seems to be a part of some expensive accessory pack given so few drivers use them.

  13. Talking of turning-lights: There’s the saying that in San Antonio using your turning lights is considered a weakness. 😀

  14. We had a lady in our previous neighborhood who walked her Dog on an extension leash everyday while talking on the phone! For two years we never saw her off the phone. We witnessed the dog stop to Pooh on a lawn while she continued her power walk and talk, dragging the pooping pup behind her completely oblivious to the trail of poops she was leaving in her wake! 🤯

    1. It’s grossly inconsiderate and potentially dangerous for the pet. If you want to hurt yourself, be my guest, but your dog doesn’t deserve to be able to swerve into traffic or race up to another dog who freaks out and reacts accordingly.

  15. if I see people with such s shi*tty leash I change the direction and I’m gone with the wind immediately, this leash is probably a kind of status symbol for youknowwhat…

    1. I’ve known people who allow their dog to run and fully expand the leash and then it snapped and the dog was gone in a flash. Served them right, they had to go chase the running dog for miles.

  16. one of my pet peeves. I hate seeing people on their phones while pushing their kids on swings, or walking into us, or driving. What’s so almighty important? Nothing… it just seems to call them but it’s not more important than interacting with your kids at the park. I’d for once like to see two people approaching each other with their heads down, wouldn’t you like to see that walking accident, and the two expandable leashes would tie them up after.
    I’ve been hurt by expandable leashes, and Milo has gotten clotheslined by them. I steer far away from them… and used to use them!!

    1. Expandable leashes are an equally hot topic for me as well as an overly plugged in society. Sam too was tangled up and received a rash on a couple of legs in an encounter with 3 Scotties, each on a separate expandable leash with a nice but completely clueless owner. The three of them running hither and fro around his legs and me was too way much!

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