Nature Friday ~ November 29, 2019

We hope you didn’t eat yourself into oblivion yesterday and your celebration was civil, tasty and shared with friends and family. Because of the snow storm that dumped a foot of snow on the Ranch, ours was a quiet one, even if chilly. As we always do, we’re joining our furiends, Rosy and her brothers from LLB in our Backyard for this episode of the Nature Friday blog hop.

When there’s a foot of snow on the ground, traveling around to enjoy Mother Nature isn’t always easy yet the Knuckleheads still demand outside time no matter what the weather is like. Pity the fool who thinks they can assuage cabin-fevered poodles into not being complete jerks. It’s during those times when the clock seems to stand still in a poodle’s mind which can lead to episodes of mirthful mischief…and even active indoor playtime just won’t cut it. We. must. go. out. Mom. NOW! Enter technology so the huMom can safely take your Highnesses out for short walks to satiate any bored poodle minds.

Early on accumulation in the latest storm

Warm boots, Sasquatch thick gloves, down coat, wool socks with multiple layers for warmth are a mom’s weaponry in managing the elements. And coincidently, for the most part, many of those same items work to keep tender poodle toes and noses safe and warm. Not that they appreciate it mind you, they will take every opportunity to make preparations for an outing as challenging as possible. The newest weapon in taking on Mother Nature are SnowTrax™ and they proved quite suitable for staying upright on our outings. They are much better than the YakTrax™ previously used. I especially liked the Velcro straps that keep them tethered to the shoe. Nothing worse than realizing you’ve ‘lost’ one, especially when it’s way behind you, and all you want is to hurry and home to warm up.

Check out those Tungsten carbide spikes.

The first outside moments mimic some Maypole mayhem. One strike against thick gloves is you can’t easily juggle multiple leashes from behind you or poodles’ desire to not be easily corralled.

Which way, mom?

Once ‘we’ figured out that everyone had to go in one unified direction, we were off on the neighborhood Iditarod trail…otherwise known as the Tundra of unshoveled walks.

Millennials shovel your walks for crying out loud!

Packed down icy and/or deep snow can be a challenge to staying upright. The SnowTrak™ really made a difference though it may take a while to get used to how they feel (think walking barefoot on bumpy, round stones). Compared to the alternative, they beat slipping and/or falling.

I had to really try to keep the Knuckleheads from turning me into a human kite. Elsa LOVES the snow and dashes like a jack rabbit whenever she can through the deeper parts. Let’s just say she isn’t as thrilled with the way her boots worked or the dead weight on the end of her leash.

Snow boots

I can’t be sure all the dressing/undressing is worth the trouble for a quick stroll around the block when we’re used to a walking a couple of miles per outing but then it beats constant barking, extreme nose nudging and other annoying peskiness. Another storm is expected to arrive later today so we’ll try to get in some more outdoor time before it hits. Tired poodles are much nicer to be around. I’m hoping the multiple in-out preparations might burn some of the calories ingested during yesterday’s feed bag session Thanksgiving meal. I’m still full but those freshly baked cinnamon rolls sure seem to be calling my name.

Cinnamon rolls

In Elsa’s case, she prefers going au naturel in the snow even just for potty breaks. Licking off those ice balls takes time…time that she’s not pestering me to take her out again, so score one for me in the battle of wits. I’ll take a win over the Ninja any way I can.


We hope you are able to enjoy some form of nature this weekend. Hunting for for Black Friday bargains isn’t quite the same as hunting for beauty Mother Nature displays. Have a safe and happy weekend!


Live, love, bark! 🐾

Nature Friday

73 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ November 29, 2019

  1. We just moved to the country which is new for me. I was telling hubby we might need something on our shoes to avoid wiping out! Great pics of the dogs!! 🐾🐾🐾

    1. Thanks! I envy your country lifestyle. The city is losing its allure; it has become too hectic, with way too much traffic and noise.

        1. You’re so lucky. Ten minutes wouldn’t get me through the nearest traffic signal most days. Ha!

  2. Not sure where you are because it’s my first time reading your blog. I’m in Michigan and have 2 Standard Poodles and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I walk them 3 -5 miles per day rain, shine or snow. Thank you for the alternative to YakTrax. I have always used YakTrax until last year when I purchased two different pairs and neither would stay on for an entire walk. Going to give these a try.

    Boots do not work with my crew. I use Musher’s Secret. It prevent ice balls from forming and protects against salt.

    1. I’m in Denver and we walk between 2 & 5 miles every day as well so getting around on snow packed sidewalks is important. The SnowTrax are light years better that the YakTraks so I’ll be using them again. Thank you for swinging by our Ranch, we 💖 visitors especially those with Spoos!

      1. I’ll be writing more about my Spoos in the future. My blog was focused on writing, but I’m expanding that. I’m working on a post about how my one Spoo is a bully and it really makes other dog owners mad.

        1. I will definitely check it out! I’ve owned 6 Spoos since the mid 70’s and love the breed. Also went through a 13 year period of apparently needing to be herded around by a couple of comedic Old English Sheepdogs (I like non-shedding dogs). 🐶 My Elsa (often referred to as the Ninja) is our household bully-probably because she’s a puppy mill survivor who was basically feral when I adopted her. Living in a cage for probably 4 years will do that to you. Add her being a female and Boom! Sam (the hospital visiting therapy dog) has basically taught her how to be a dog and mostly a sweet one (thought she still bullies at times).

  3. Luckily Luke has been on his best behavior considering he’d been stuck inside a lot, and the humans were off with family and friends. Maybe it’s the Santa Claus coming thing? 🙂

    1. I should remind the Knuckleheads to behave since Santa Paws has a short memory. 😂

  4. I’m late to the party because… well, I work the parties.;-)

    I love me some snow. I prefer when it makes its appearance in December and not November but it still brightens up the joint.. November being the drab and dreary we have here. And snow over rain in the winter is my choice.

    Those cinnamon buns look to die for. Now I’ve a hankering and none to be found… sigh… better for my butt anyway,

    1. Oh yes, snow over rain and dreary any day. Funny how just when you have a major jonesing for some tasty treat, it’s not doable. Have fun and make loads of dough on the party circuit. 😃

      1. Ha ha ha… aren’t you a comedienne… The party circuit takes the wind out of my sails for a few days. Plus, I’ve never made them and probably should NOT learn how…
        I didn’t have a jonesing until I saw your picture!!

  5. It makes us shiver with all that snow. It’s cold here now too, but no snow…yet…Those boots are made for walking, huh…they look pawsome…and that cake looks delicious😺 Warm Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday to you all🐾😽💞

    1. Cinnamon rolls are always a remedy to cold snow storms in my book! Stay warm, Binky.

  6. I think I would have preferred snow Friday night. As it was, we had 40 degree steady rain… and I got picked to work the outside trailers to restock the Christmas decor. The perfect weather to get sick in…

  7. So glad I moved to relatively snowless Chattanooga from tons of snow western PA. Glad you found shoe additives to keep you from slipping. Your story about getting dressed and dressing the dogs for an outing reminds me of the movie Christmas Story. Hope you enjoyed those cinnamon rolls…they look yummy!

    1. They were especially tasty and the perfect breakfast for a cold snowy morning. The snow’s not so bad but the wind has been brutal today. Brrr 🥶

  8. The rolls look very tasty and I think that might just become my favourite photograph of the Ninja… I thought there were “rules”about shoveling the sidewalks..

    1. There are rules concerning shoveling. Too bad far too many ignore them and worse, the city doesn’t enforce them. 😬

  9. Haven’t seen snow for real since I left Scotland. It’s been raining here, and a bit on the “cold” side. Probably not cold for you but here it is I miss the snow. Selective nostalgia is a wonderful thing!!

    1. I have no problem with technology helping out and keeping me from looking ridiculous (since I’m not even close to graceful)!

  10. The snow is gorgeous! It is cold… and slippery. I’m so glad that you found a better solution for your foot traction. You especially need it on the roads there – they are worse than up in the mountains. I was in Denver yesterday, and it was shocking to see totally unplowed side streets.

    Have a great weekend!

    1. It’s a constant concern of mine. That and the unshoveled walks. Dangerous and disgraceful.

  11. That’s a lot of snow already! Hope you don’t get too much added tonight. Glad you found something that will help you stay upright and safe while out with your pups. Love the picture of the snow on the pine tree.

    1. Quiet holidays are the best. And when someone else does the cooking…paradise! 🍗

    1. Be careful for what you wish…you just might get it! Happy weekend. Hope Walter is recovering well.

    1. Especially when all that pre-walk dressing turns otherwise graceful, athletic dogs into stiff, clumsy fools. I find I laugh a lot once we finally get on the road.

  12. Your outdoor attire looks very warm, ready for whatever Nature dishes out. Glad to know of an alternative to Yaktrax, which do have an annoying way of getting lost unnoticed, requiring a ‘double’ walk. Now I want cinnamon rolls!

    1. ‘Double’ walks on cold days cheese me off, bigtime! Luckily cinnamon rolls are the perfect comfort food.

    1. I don’t even mind that much snow. Once in a while. But this early doesn’t bode well for winter weather. Cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate however are good any. ole. time. Here’s to a swell weekend!

  13. You two do such fun things. I love those booties and I ate one of those cinnamon rolls.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. My best to your peeps. ♥

    1. They love those outings and it tests them physically and mentally-always a good thing with big doggos inside a small house. Happy weekend!

  14. I miss walks as much as the poodles!!! It’s too slippery and then there is the slight melting in gutters with ice over them just waiting to go over boots. finding a place to go is hard for Milo too. He has those red boots and hates to wear them. I fear it’s going to be this way for weeks here… no sun or high temps to help, no plowing to help, few people shovel as they are required too.

    1. I made a trek over to the library to return a book just for that same reason. I’m able to withstand the cold better than the Knuckleheads but they still demand multiple leg-stretching excursions. The things we do for our dogs!

    1. Merchants have had offers for the past 6 weeks so it makes no sense going out in bad weather. Especially when there’s a willing Internet just waiting to ship me more things I don’t need. LOL

  15. Mee-yow wow Miss Monika so much snow!!! Happy Turkey an Snow Day fore sure. LadyMew said shee used to go thru this with ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha Henry who wuud drive her crazy while she tried to get all ‘booted an suited’ to go out for a 4 minute walk…mew mew mew..
    You DO look warm tho’ Miss Monika!
    An Sam an Elsa you gotta bee calm an bee kidn to yore Meowmy. Shee iss doin her best. Thing iss Mothur Nature iss not goin along with yore Meowy!!
    Maybee you need a sled an Husky to take THE Knuckleheadsss out fore you! Mew mew mew….
    **purrsss** BellaDharma

    1. Booted and suited-I LOVE that expression. It so describes the 20+ minutes it takes for each outing.

  16. 🐬It is a mistake to regard age as a downhill grade toward dissolution. The reverse is true. As one grows older, one climbs with surprising strides. 🐬
    George Sand (1804 – 1876)🐬🐬

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