Wordless Wednesday ~ December 11, 2019


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57 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ December 11, 2019

    1. They have been hit with tons of rain, The Dogge Palace had threatening water for days. Heartbreaking.

  1. Oh man, I was counting on Helen to translate the inscription over the door. All I can puzzle out is it says something about strength conquers death but what the heck is a “fregit?”

    1. It’s quite the stunning place to visit but may I caution you into never saying never, though? I never thought I’d get there but good fortune found me.

    1. St. Mark’s Plaza, Venice. One of the most incredibly places in the city of much beauty.

        1. If you go to no other place on earth, make sure this is that trip. It’s really worth it. There’s magic in the Aegean.

          1. I have little doubt. I’m just beginning to travel the way I want to… even if the last one was in September 2016… I’m hoping to change that!

            1. It’s one of the most magical places I’ve ever been to and was overwhelmed with it. I never expected to fall in love with Venice, thinking it was an overhyped tourist trap. But there is a special magic in all those waterways with the local peeps being warm, generous and quite amazing.

    1. Thanks, it was taken in Saint Mark’s Plaza in Venice. One of my all-time favorite cities to visit.

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