Monday Musings ~ February 10, 2020

Clearly Mother Nature isn’t the only thing that’s been a little crazy lately. After having enjoyed mid 80ºF temp’s for the past 11 days on vacation, seeing images from home while away after the rodent’s so-called spring prediction has been…ahem…interesting to say the least. According to one news story,  it was warmer  this past week in Antarctica than it was in New Mexico.

Ground Hog

From Groundhog Day this sunset from the neighborhood. Lovely, right?


To earlier from last week.


The mobile forecast on Sunday continued the cycle and it’s supposed to snow again beginning later this afternoon. The forecast is short and not so sweet, snow, snow, with more snow.


As you may recall, I’ve been vacationing with my mom, sisters and nieces in the Caribbean, there was little to next to no WiFi that allowed staying connected much, but tried to visit everyone as much as the Internet gods would permit. Rest assured, a lack of comment did not mean I didn’t swing by to read your posts. Hope all has been well in your ‘backyard.’

Elsa seems to understand the whole Groundhog Day thing. As in…never, ever trust a rodent. Happy Monday.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

51 thoughts on “Monday Musings ~ February 10, 2020

  1. OMD, did you guys see who won Westminster??? ELSA!!!! CONGRATS GURL!!!! Huh? what’s that?? It wasn’t??? oh. Ma just told me that that WASN’T you. Wells, you could have fooled me! Then again, I have never seen you with your curls all fluffed out…so that should have been a clue! BOL!! Siba’s got nothin’ on you though….you are much cuter…and have a cuter furcut!
    Anyhu, it was FABulous to see ~ and the OES got second in the group (though, Ma thinks it was robbed….), and of course the Airedale didn’t even place. sigh. I swear, Westminster has some kind of bias against us! just sayin’…..
    Oh, and, YES, the weather is super duper wacky this year! it has been in the 70’s for almost a week! Not that I’m complaining, cause it just so happens that with my surgicals, it made it super easy to keep me dry! ☺
    Ruby ♥

    1. We didn’t get to see the show since mom was traveling home but she saw the article Tuesday. Siba was quite the fancy boy. I would NEVER allow mom to groom me like that, heck I barely let her trim me up in a service cut. I’m a full blown TomBoy and nobody is going to girly me up! When mom owned an Airedale mix, she noticed there was a lot of bias. Westminster usually favors small terriers, not us full sized pups. They don’t know what they’re missing, do they?

      Hope you’re recovering nicely, Ruby. Your neighborhood has got to be missing your pee-mail postings. Hugs and tail wags.
      Your fur-iend,
      Elsa 🐾

  2. Welcome Back!! I bet the pups missed you!

    The temps here have also been up and down like a yo-yo! But we’ve had a rainy and/or cloudy week here so far with morning temps around 60F and afternoons around 75F. UGH! I want winter back! I want a little bit of snow to make the ground and trees pretty, for a few hours at least! Oh well.

    1. I’d be happy to send some extra snow your way. Another storm is forecast to arrive later this afternoon.

  3. Welcome back!! Hope you had a wonderful time! I totally agree about the bipolar weather. This has been a strange winter. Barely any snow have we seen!

    1. Thanks Binky. Coming home to the cold has been quite the adjustment. Mother Nature sure is weird sometimes.

  4. Hi Monika,
    Great to catch up with you again. A holiday in the Bahamas sounds wonderful and I wouldn’t expect you to be doing too much blog surfing when you have such natural beauty to enjoy. That said, it was lovely to see your like on my coffee share post because I’ve been so caught up in my research and writing of the WWI stories, that my blogging has dropped back a lot. Things also seem to be crazy busy here and fighting with the elements. After the roof leaking the other night, I’ve appreciated the space in the back room and am trying not to put everything back.
    I’ve been meaning to ask you how Sam is and about you finishing up with the hospice visits. That was awhile back but it seems I missed a post somewhere a long the way (or maybe quite a few).
    Best wishes,

    1. As always, thanks for swinging by our (now) 3-ring circus. Adding Norman to the fold has been great-he’s a real sweetie.

      I had planned on staying semi in touch whilst in the Caribbean but the ship’s wifi didn’t cooperate. Between the blog inbox and my personal inbox when I was finally able to get online, there was just shy of 1000 emails. AWK! I’m still digging out now that I arrived home yesterday afternoon but hope to be at least able to read every one’s posts even if I can comment. Stay well and keep smiling!

      1. Norman? Now, I know I’ve been away from your blog for too long. I’m popping over right away to catch up. It sounds like you’ve been lucky with your cruise. The news here is full of stories of people being quarantined due to the Carona virus. I know I probably should be worried about it given my lung condition but I’m currently in denial. We lie out of Sydney and feel a bit immune. However, my husband is on the train to Sydney every day and works at Macquarie Uni which has a strong Asian student population. Speaking of that, they are losing millions of dollars due to the virus.

        1. You’re gonna love Norman (who arrived 3 weeks ago). He’s definitely a great addition. It’s winter here and respiratory ailments are common, especially on a cruise. It’s sad there is so much angst and heartache about this epidemic. I feel sad for the city that’s totally locked down. I cannot imagine not being allowed to leave my house.

          1. The Corona virus is certainly causing a panic, which could turn out to be a well-thought out response if it’s really nasty. I was reminded of the post-war flu pandemic the other day with my WWI research. That was sobering and justifies a cautious approach. I, too, would hate to be copping up for so long.

    1. Whenever there are 80ºF+ days in February with that beautiful Caribbean blue ocean, it’s a great day in my books!

    1. Will post some photos soon no doubt. Just arrived in Denver and it’s quite chilly here.

  5. A groundhog telling the weather and just like the weatherman he’s wrong! We haven’t and won’t see any sign of spring for some time. With cold temperatures the snow is bound to stay.


    1. We should all be so lucky to have the kind of a job where you can be wrong most of the time. 😊

  6. LOVE your watercolour!

    Glad you got a chance to get away from the heaps of snow!

    We are, ourselves under a few feet thanks to Friday’s dumping that has started up again last night and keeps on falling today…

    1. Just got off the airplane in Denver and it’s pretty chilly. I’m not used to 30 degrees!

        1. The Caribbean in February…doesn’t get much better than that. Course going home to snow…now that’s gonna be a whole ‘nudder ball game. LOL

  7. We have had a total of just a little less than 2″ of snow for this entire winter so far. Very unusual for us but there is still time for us to get socked in. Ten day forecast isn’t showing it though. The snow picture is beautiful but on the whole, I’d prefer to be in the Caribbean at a tiki bar with a margarita (and sunshine).

    1. Thanks. I was lucky to go on a cruise with my mom, sisters and two nieces. It was a great family vacay without the Chevy Chase antics! 🤣

  8. Mee-yow yore inn
    THE Carribee-an Miss Monika??? Furry ‘kewl’…well you know what mee meenss!! “YAH MUN!!”
    Wee too have lotss of snow here an it iss chilley…hope THE Knuckleheadss are keepin warm!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

    1. They are enjoying the snow. Me, not so much (just got back to 20’s and more snow-yikes).

    2. It was quite lovely in the Caribbean. Gotta love those 80+ F days, especially in February. It was 12 this morning. 🥶

  9. It must have been tough to leave that Caribbean weather and come back to all that white stuff! Winter has returned here in New England as well, we were stuck inside for several days due to frigid temps (we finally got out for a walk this morning). Oh, and everything is totally white again here too!

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