Nature Friday ~ August 21, 2020

Welcome to Friday where we join our friends, Rosy, sister Sunny as well as her brothers from LLB in our Backyard to take a gander from around Blogville to see what Mother Nature served up this week. We’re still in the grips of the Dog Days of summer yet and continue to look forward to autumn’s arrival in 31 days.

The garden is looking more than a bit parched, supplemental watering hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference with the crunch, crunch look of dry straw and not much is actually blooming right now beyond the Plumbago. The sunflowers are the only plants that seem to be thriving in the dry heat though a quick walk around early this morning showed some of their leaves are showing signs of heat stress. Hearty Plumbago  (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) is my all time favorite ground cover, and is now sporting its signature blue flowers and its leaves will soon begin to morph into a lovely shade of mahogany red. This plant naturalizes well, is deer resistant, and will survive well with minimal supplemental watering, and is one of the most versatile groundcovers for cold climates growing in both sun or shade and most soil types, making it a perfect perennial to add to any garden.


With the heat and lack of rain, it’s been more important than ever to keep the fountain filled for the occasional thirsty visitor. For every wasp that takes a drink, one invariably will fall in.Wasp

As I watched this bee for several moments, it seemed as if he was using his front legs to beckon the solar fountain to provide a bit of a shower. I can’t help but wonder how he manages to hang on without falling off the side of the fountain. One fell in recently but I managed to fish him out; he flew off to dry out and then continued with his pollinating work in the garden.Bees

While I’d even be willing to put out a water bowl for guys like this, I think the Ranch hands would scare it away whenever it was seen. I came across him on a walk about the neighborhood a couple of days ago before the heat kicked in. He looks like he’s holding up okay and is probably finding water that has pooled on sidewalks or gutters.


The fires here in Colorado and throughout the West continue to burn with little abatement. I read yesterday that California received nearly 11,000 lightning strikes in a 72 hour period this week and no doubt, more fires will result from that kind of meteorological activity. We hope everyone who is affected by them remains safe and especially pray for the safety of firefighters who are working hard in brutally challenging conditions. Stay safe, sane and keep smiling.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

69 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ August 21, 2020

  1. The plumbago is beautiful, and I love the little bunny too! We sure hope those fires get under control soon, and you get some cooler weather – and rain!! – as well! ♥

  2. Taking note of that ground cover for when I get myself started 😉
    Love the bee rescue and the fact you left the wasp to drown (I’d do the same)
    Man… your temps, the fires… nuts, I tell you.

    1. Thanks. It really is nuts weather wise. And yeah, not a fan of wasps! Don’t work too hard this weekend.

      1. Can’t say I blame you. They are nasty critters. What good do they do?
        So far, so good. I’m actually able to write a post… Not that I enjoy writing on my phone but hey… I set it up at home and just have to fill in the blanks!

                    1. And not a moment too soon in my books. I’m so over this whole summer thing. And you gotta figure it’s really over in my mind if I’m willing to look forward to snow since rain is apparently extinct here.

                    2. I was laughing because someone put up the meme that sorta went like this (coz can I find it? No: ya’ll fall bitches relax about your cooler weather coz us summer bitches are enjoying the last of the hot days”

  3. Hey, Monika,
    I’m sure Rosie just deposited that chewed up rubber remnant on tennis ball on my keyboard for you to throw. Zac and Rosie are quick to deposit stuff to throw for guests as they realized they have much untapped potential and aren’t fed up…yet. There’s that novelty factor.
    Sorry to hear about the fires and the smoke over there. I just wish all other troubles would go on hold until the covid vaccine gets sorted. We have enough to think about.
    Thank you for sharing those beautiful photos and reminders of the beauty in our natural world. Our neighbour has a beautiful port wine magnolia which is just starting to flower and the fact that I have to steal a look through a tree to see it and that it’s not ours, makes it all the more enjoyable.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks, Row…don’t you just love how they try to capture your attention?

      Yes, it’s as if the COVID thing isn’t bad enough, but let’s add a jillion fires and turn the temperatures up to broil. Enjoy that blooming magnolia-they are such a beautiful flowering tree.

      1. I know exactly what you mean, although we did it in reverse here with fires first followed by covid. I sure hope the fires are much, much better this coming Summer. Our koalas really got hit hard along with other wildlife and they need to recover.
        I’ll try to get a photo of that tree and post it. It won’t be the best photo I’ve ever taken, but it’s often those peeking stolen views where you’re peering at a stolen view which are most exciting.

        1. The whole world is on fire and yet politicians can’t seem to make the changes necessary to get it under control. Wildlife really takes it on the chin for our bad acts.

          1. Most definitely. I was pleased to see that lock down was helping the environment recover. It was so encouraging to see dolphins back in Venice and I hope we can maintain some of these breakthroughs.
            Meanwhile, I’ve seen people crowding Italy’s beaches. How can people have such short memories? Or, do they think Covid goes weak at the knees in the heat? That said, I’m not entirely thrilled at the thought of spending another year at home and just in the local area. That said, we’re very well located to survive being confined to a small geographical range.

            1. The level of stupidity during this panDAMNic is staggering. It’s a wonder we walk upright since our brains certainly haven’t seemed to evolve much.

  4. This time of year is the hardest for flowers. All you can do until fall planting is water and weed. I wish you good luck, and maybe some rain, which always helps the flowers.

    1. You’re right, it’s pretty no-man’s land flower wise til the mums start blooming. Have a great weekend!

    1. Welcome back. Hope your time away was good. That wasp was the most interesting thing that’s happened around here. Everything is just hot, hot, hot.

      1. It was interesting, I’ll say that.

        Wasps do tend to keep things interesting. I’m not crazy about their version of interesting, not at all, LOL.

        1. ‘Interesting’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind when I think of wasps, that’s for sure. Those bad boys don’t die after they’ve stung the dickens out of you. 😳

          1. If I would have come across this wasp in real time, my first word would have been run. It would’ve been my second word too. And third word. And really . . all of em.

            Umm, is a blowtorch too drastic a measure when it comes to dealing with them?

                    1. I’m lucky in that case, because nope, smoky air would relegate me to an indoor track. And all the indoor tracks are currently closed.

    1. Having had a few as pets, we would have done the same. And probably screamed like a girl afterward. Good on him!

  5. The little purple flowers are so pretty. You got some great shots of the bees. Mom would be afraid of getting stung:)

    We hope the fires can be controlled – so sad to hear of the deaths and destruction.

    Woos – Lightning, Misty, and Timber

    1. I was more worried about the wasp than the bee. Wasps are just nasty enough to sting but I’d have held his head under water if he had! 😊

  6. The heat has been terrible here, too, and I’m thankful for no wildfires near us this year. Even in 90+ degrees, my big girl loves to lay out in the sun.

  7. Wonderful summer heat nature today, it really has been a tough wildfire season…and it’s just beginning. 2020 is going to be one of those years no one will ever forget…

    1. With no help from Alexa who continues to ignore me. “Alexa, fast forward to 2021.”

  8. Putty Perrywinkell Plumbago!! Wee love this flower so much…
    An you are so kind to THE Beess. Umm…. are those Beess or Waspy Hornet buggiess??? LadyMew iss scared of THE dudess inn yore fotoss! Butt not THE Bunny…hope hee has a safe place to bee dudin this time.
    Wee are purrayin THE Firess do not come close to any of youss’ or yore nayburrss!!
    **purrss** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

    1. Everyone is welcome. Well except for the wasps. They’re on their own and definitely not my favorite visitors!

  9. Things are parched here, too, unfortunately. When I walk across our “lawn”, there’s now a constant crunching sound under my feet. 🙁
    Have agreat wekend,

    1. This year’s fire season has been a real bear. Over 100,000 acres have burned in Colorado alone and California and Arizona have even more fires than the 15 that are contributing to the horrid local air quality. Bees yes, wasps, hell no!

  10. You are so kind hearted to care for the wasp! <3
    Love the bunny!
    Praying for safety from the fires and Wow! 11,000 lightning strikes!! I have a blogger friend in California and the temps there have been awful!

    1. Not kind hearted to wasps at all, I won’t rescue them from the water and often try to shoo them away from the fountain. Bees on the other hand, I will absolutely provide a lifeline. Yes, I am ashamed for whinging on about the plus 90ºF temps here when compared to the plus 100ºF temps in California and Arizona.

      1. Yes, bees are so important! I am allergic to wasps so I steer clear of them!
        Plus 90 degree temps is HOT but I know what you mean about feeling guilty with whining. Been there!

    1. Well, I don’t rescue them when they fall in. Those nasty buggers rose to the top of the ‘short list’ ages ago. 😈

  11. we send all our hope to the firefirghters and their helper … that they can rescue as much as possible… hugs to you all… we noticed that we are nearly in fall and we hope for rain what will help to conquer da fire..

    1. Rain would be ever so welcome but none is forecast for the foreseeable future. Dry thunderstorms continue to make a bad drought even worse. *sigh

  12. like Tom said once, good thing there’s no global warming or it would be worse!
    my eyes are bloodshot from the smoke, I’m coughing a lot. No amount of water will keep my tomato plants from withering either. One state recorded 130 F…. when will people wake up to the damage we’re inflicting on the earth? excusing it away. I read one group has renamed it something like “greening” so they don’t have to admit its climate change as a result of human action… oy vey…

    1. Did you see this morning’s red orb rising in the east? It just stopped me dead in my tracks. The smoke is horrible and I’ve been closing up the house to keep it out. Even the dogs aren’t keen on going out and while still too hot for them, I can’t even begin to comprehend the temps in California and Arizona lately.

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