In Purrsuit of Flavours ~ March 2021

NormanWelcome to the March edition of “In Purrsuit of Flavours” hosted by our ‘fur-bulous’ chefs and hosts, the Weim boys over at Easy Rider and kitties from Canadian Cats in sharing a recipe made in a single pot. Make sure you click on their links to see other recipes being shared. Chef Norman is ready to go!

While I’ve posted this lasagne recipe before, it’s still a good one since everything gets put together in a pot single baking dish. You couldn’t ask for a dish that’s easier or quicker to throw together and perfect for cold winter meals. It’s easy to make whether for 2 or 10 people.

Purrsuit of Flavors

What I love most about this dish is the opportunity to use whatever is on hand. The basic ingredients are ravioli, pasta sauce and shredded cheese. This time I had a couple of different jars of pasta sauce that needed to be used up and was a bit shy of shredded mozzarella cheese so used Parmesan in the layers. First world problems, right? Parm makes everything taste better so I wasn’t particularly heartbroken. I did add some Burrata for the top (like a cherry on top). What is Burrata you ask? It’s an Italian cow milk cheese made from mozzarella and cream. The outer casing is solid cheese, and the inside contains stracciatella and cream, giving it an unusually, soft texture. It’s delicious and every so creamy.


Because I’m basically lazy when it comes to cooking, I cut corners wherever possible. I NEVER precook ravioli when preparing this dish.


Begin by pouring a layer of your sauce on the bottom and lay the ravioli on top of that first layer. Top with more sauce and sprinkle with your grated cheese on top.


Continue layering until you either run out of space in your dish or ravioli. I used a different kind of ravioli this time, triangular shaped filled with spinach and mozzarella. Bake at 400ºF for about 45 minutes. While dinner baked, it allowed me time to make dinner for the Chef and his food critic sister. A quick tossed salad (which I forgot to photograph-my bad), a slice of toasted bread spritzed with a little olive oil to sop up that tasty sauce and voila! a tasty dinner is ready to enjoy.


The best part of this meal was the addition of ooey gooey Burrata on top but this is the first time I’ve used that ‘secret ingredient’ and I’m so glad I did. Sorry for the melted mess. I cut it before it had cooled down for the cheese to form up but let me just say it tasted great.

On a cold night, this meal can really hit the spot with plenty leftover for future meals (yay, no additional cooking-just heat and serve).

Hope you don’t mind the repeat of this recipe, but like I said, it’s quick, easy and can be made as different as your onhand ingredients. Norman says “Bone Appetit!”

Live, love, bark! 🐾

70 thoughts on “In Purrsuit of Flavours ~ March 2021

    1. It’s so tasty and easy. I’ll never make lasagna the ‘old’ way again. 😀

    1. It’s easy to put together and simply delicious. Plus the leftovers taste great later in the week. 😊

  1. Hi Monica,
    How are you? I hope you’re all going well there. I’ve been a bit absent lately chasing my tail and trying to get things sorted out at home. I’ve found myself getting very stressed and decided to chill out for the day and then the school rang. Our daughter had had an allergic reaction to MSG at school. It wasn’yt bad but the school didn’t know about it as it’s fairly recent. So, that was the end of that. We did make it does to Sydney Harbour after a medical appointment yesterday and it was just beautiful.
    We’re all good here. I’m getting impatient about getting the vaccine. I want that reassurance. I know it’s still not perfect, but its the best chance we’ve got of getting back to “normal”. Have you had it yet? I have friends with my auto-immune disease in the States and a few of them have had their second shot and are being monitored.
    Best wishes,

    1. Ha…the health department is a bit uncomfortable with Norman as the sous chef, despite the fact he a darn good cook (for the most part).

    1. Only one fish to clean up…after it’s all gone. Almost as good as a house cleaner. 😉

  2. Not only do I not mind that you have done a repeat, I’m grateful! I had forgotten this wonderful idea… gonna be doing this very soon.

    1. Unless you can get someone else to throw it together, no…it doesn’t get any easier.

  3. OK….I see the marinara sauce….got it. Now what is the other sauce? I was thinking mushroom and you have the French spelling there. Then I remembered you’re American and don’t have French written all over your goods along with English. So what is it?


    1. It was a specialty sauce I had on hand that needed to be used up. You can go with just marinara sauce.

    1. You can put anything you want in this recipe. That’s what makes it so good.

    1. Luckily this can be made with meat pasts sauce and/or with meat filled ravioli. It’s adaptable for “flesh eaters.” 😊

  4. Oh my stars!! This is a MUST TRY recipe. Burrata I’d never heard of and will pick up at the grocery store if they have it. I will write out this recipe. I can see me making this. It sounds easy and tasty.


    1. It really is easy and definitely quite tasty. I live fixing this during winter.

    1. And to think it can be remade into lasagna seems too good to be true. Enjoy!

    1. Super easy peasy. It’s the only way to go when it comes to cooking in my mind.

    1. Well you realize the ravioli has spinach in it, right? Plus one of the pasta sauces had roasted veggies. Quite tasty too. I’m sure pancetta or Italian sausage could be added for the meat lover. ☺️

          1. Nope. The AJF’s annual exam (which she passed with flying colors, yay) was February 25th. That marked the end of my self-inflicted Prohibition Days. I didn’t go hog wild but I did have a small Amaretto after dinner and since then have cracked a bottle of red with a recent spaghetti dinner.

            1. Whew, I was worried you’d completely given up. Why is it spouses feel compelled to punish everyone in the house when they go on a diet? 😇

              1. The AJF considers physicals as a competitive event. Has to beat last year’s records: lower weight, better blood chemistries, lower BP etc. So she preps for a couple months with extra exercise and diet control. She never suggests that I do anything but I use her prep time for my keto diets. It’s all good.

    1. Oh my gosh, it’s so good. I hope the store I normally shop continues to keep it on hand. But even without it, this recipe is very tasty and so easy to make.

    1. While I love good food, I’m all about no-fuss. This one covers both easily.

  5. oooh oooh oooh I love lasgana…more than Garfield… that is a super recipe!!! I never tried burrata but this looks so gut I have to look for it and I will make this fab soulfood!!!

    1. I hadn’t ever had Burrata before my son turned me on to it and now I’m trying to incorporate it into as many dishes as I can. It’s so yummy and really added a nice ‘cherry on top’ to this lasagna.

  6. This is my kind of dish. I love cheesy and gooey. Yummy. It looks great and I know it tasted great.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups and a smooth to Norman. ♥

    1. It was most tasty (and will be again tonight!). The dogs wanted a sampling but there’s a no table food rule at the Ranch. 🐶

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