2021 OES Picnic Recap

It’s unusual for us to post on Tuesday but Norman ‘insisted’ we post a recap about the weekend’s OES Rescue Picnic and Fundraiser so I’ll let him take it from here.

Norman:  Over the weekend, mum and I went to quite the event. We’ve been visiting our sheepie friends, Clifford and his  brother, Sully helping put together a bunch of gift baskets so had no idea what this adventure would be like. I always enjoy seeing Clifford and Sully since they have the BEST toys that I take full advantage of when we visit. Sometimes, mum has to take them away from me. But this event had so much space and so many sniffs to investigate, I could have cared less about toys.

I now think I’m in love. Check out this gorgeous girl! Mum said I’m a bit of a cad since I didn’t get her phone number (or name sadly). I told mum she was in charge of names since she has the thumbs to write those things down but she apologized saying she was too busy checking everyone in and keeping the water bowls filled. It was a gorgeous but warm day and if you know sheepdogs, we like to party and can drink like fish.

Isn’t she gorgeous? Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue

Taking my welcoming duties seriously I posed at the entrance making sure everyone knew where the fun was.


Here’s my pal Yogi who got the award for best dressed sheepdog.

OES Picnic
Well dressed ‘Yogi’ Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue

Once folks came inside the party area, they checked in at the registration table. Notice those ‘welcome bags’ on the right? They each contained an OES fridge magnet, either a photo frame or collapsible dog bowl as well as a donated product from our pals at Licks. Everyone who attended received one.

OES Picnic
Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue

Let’s check out all the amazing gift baskets! There were all sorts of cool things including donated pro-sports tickets and athlete autographs, brewery/spirits tours, bandanas, hand made sweaters, knit hats, dog treats, original artwork, and dog-related items. Bids were made on various baskets raising funds for the rescue with some folks engaged in ‘bidding wars.’

OES Picnic
I want No. 7, no, that one’s mine! Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue

There were loads of sniffs to be had, games of chase, corn hole, golf cart rides around the neighborhood, a kissing booth, a BBQ for peeps with some special sweet treats.

OES Picnic
Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue
OES Picnic
Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue
OES Picnic
Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue
OES Picnic
Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue

My pal Sully knew just what to do.

OES Picnic
Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue

And look at these adorable ‘kids,’ our pals, Anastacia and Dave with Clifford and Sully (along with doggie friend, Gracie, owned by the owner of the home that held the event).

OES Picnic

Lots of peeps got into the spirit at the Kissing Booth, even  mum and I.

OES Picnic
OES Picnic
I give the best kisses.

The baskets were given a good once (or three times) over for all the amazing items that were donated.

OES Picnic

And consultations were held on bidding strategies.

OES Picnic
Did you see Basket No. 12?!

Everyone was well behaved, enjoyed one another’s company and had a great time. We sheepdogs come in all shapes, sizes and shades of grey but we all have one thing in common. We 💙  peeps.

OES Picnic
Yes, I am a lap dog. Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue.

Don’t you wish you could have attended? Join us tomorrow when we’ll report how much was raised to benefit the Colorado Old English Sheepdog Rescue.

Live, love, bark!  🐾

55 thoughts on “2021 OES Picnic Recap

  1. Reminds me of our precious and quirky Rufus. Wonderful to see so many OESDs all together and running around having fun. Hope Norman sorts out his dating issues soon and they run off into the sunset on the Ranch together.

    1. Norman gets along with everyone-it’s such a joy to see him behaving so well around other dogs.

    1. Because the OES is like the comedian of the dog world, these events are always a few hours of joyful smiles.

  2. What a fun lookin picknick you had Norman an Sully…
    An Norman that Poochie girl iss gorgeeuss…….you gotta find out who shee iss! 😉
    Grate fotoss’ of so many Sheepydogss!!
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an <3 BellaSita

    Pee S: Wee sent yore bloggie post to Aunty Mary-Ellen who used to breed an raise Yee Old English Sheepiess an shee said yore furry hansum Norman an yore post brott happy memoress back to her <3

    1. Aww, you’re too sweet to forward us along to your Aunty. Thank you!

      Yes, it was a fun event with loads of special pooches.

  3. That really looks like the BESTEST BEST TIME EVER!!!!!! Love the piles of sheepdogs having fun and all the humans have BIG SMILES – that means the event was a super hit.

    Hugs, Pam (and Teddy too)

  4. I would have been at that kissing booth until I ran out of money. You’re so handsome.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the pups and a smooch to Norman. ♥

    1. It was such a gorgeous day to bring all these gorgeous dogs and their owners together. Great fun!

  5. I do wish I could have attended, Norman! And I don’t even know any English Sheepdogs, besides you! Looks like it was a rounding success!

    1. It truly was a resounding success and I’d have been happy to have escorted you to the Kissing Booth. 😍

  6. What a great group of gorgeous pups! Methinks you should try to get that girl’s address and go pay her a visit. She sure is a cutie with her hair tied up special like that. Did she even notice you, Norman? (How could she not!?)
    Thanks for asking your Mum to share this special day.
    XOX Lucy, Xena and their Mom

    1. Thank you! It was a really nice event, well attended and with a great group of peeps and their pups. Righto-that girl would be worth checking out {wolf whistle}.
      Your friend,
      Stormin’ Norman, the OES🐾

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