Whoopee Wednesday!

Hello there mates, Norman here sharing the final total figure raised as a postscript to yesterday’s post recapping the OES Picnic and Fundraiser. We in fact raised…ahem…drumroll please…$1,812 which will help provide resources for Old English Sheepdogs who come through our rescue. It was a well organized event for which I offer my deepest gratitude to all who helped, donated and attended this event.

Congratulations with loads of butt wiggles to all who work tirelessly all year long to benefit these remarkable pets who, through no fault of their own, come through the rescue. To everyone who has a special love for this wonderful breed and to all the vendors, supporters and attendees who have contributed to the cause, thank you from the bottom of my OES 💙.

OES Picnic
Photo courtesy of Colorado OES Rescue

Live, love, bark! 🐾

62 thoughts on “Whoopee Wednesday!

  1. I was looking at the photograph for you and Norman – then I thought it’s probably a Babylon 5 thing – ” We are all Kosh” only in this case ” We are all Norman!!” :o) A great result for your efforts. Congratulations. I may have said all this on another computer already…

    1. We’re there, trust me. Slightly obscured, just to the left behind the sheepdog in the front row who’s wearing the green tie 😉 I’m wearing a blue ball cap, Norman is laying next to me.

    1. Many thanks! We’re pretty thrilled with the results and everyone had a ‘pawsome time!’

  2. Truth to tell I didn’t think there were that many OES’s in your neck of the woods. What a great collection of pups and a worthy organization. Congrats on the fund raising. I’ll be on the lookout for Norman’s GoFundMe page regarding the relocation of his ninja sister. Oh wait, I wasn’t supposed to say that out loud…

    1. LOL. I won’t say a word to her. Who knows what she’d do if she found out.

      It is surprising that there are so many OES’s here. Course now hipsters have created sheepadoodles which are quite popular in the ‘Hood.

        1. Yup! They get the best traits from both breeds but I’m not a fan of this hybrid (nor of the Bernadoodles that are also showing up with regular frequency). Take two high energy/athletic breeds…and well you can probably guess the result. And camouflage it with the ‘hypo-allergenic’ moniker in the case of Sheepadoodles. 😬

  3. OMD!!!! Ma almost fell outta her puter chair squeeeeeeeein’ at all those OES’s!!!!! SOOOOOOOO adorables!!!!! I try and give her the wiggle butts, but she says it’s not the same. whatevs.
    CONGRATS! on the fundraisin’!!!! WooooHooooo!!!
    Angel Panda gives you a high paw!
    Ruby ♥

    1. Thanks sweet Ruby. I was thinking of your mum when we got there.
      P. S. Happy Barkday, my friend.
      Your butt wiggling friend,
      Norman 🐾

    1. It’s quite the accomplishment for the organizers. As you know, all shelters and rescues operate on a shoestring and really survive only through the dedication and hard work of its volunteers. 🥰

    1. Butt wiggles are nearly always a given with Old English Sheepdogs (well except for those whose tails haven’t been docked). (( ))

    1. Similar and yet each one is an original. Some are big, some are small, some are dark grey like Norman and others are pale grey. The ones with blue eyes are always striking and yet soft warm brown eyes touch a lovely chord too. OES are a lot like people.

        1. Me too! The magnitude of the group is somewhat lost in that image. With past picnics, there were multiple images across the width of the group to showcase all the different details.

    1. Many thanks, John. A lot of people contributed to the success of the event-they definitely deserve the kudos.

    1. Thanks, Lulu. It surpassed our last picnic so we’re pleased. And luckily there are no dogs in rescue now so we can take a bit of a well needed break.

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