Nature Friday ~ March 18, 2022

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While the Spring Equinox is scheduled to arrive on Sunday, it continues to tease the Ranch Hands as it takes one step forward and then retreats briefly. Tuesday and Wednesday were warm and inspired me to cleanup various flower beds before another storm was forecast to arrive. While raking up winter debris, I took note of a few unexpected early arrivals.


These hyacinths are beginning to wake up from their winter snooze and should be ready to bloom in a couple of weeks or so now that Mile High sun has nudged them.

Garden poppies are beginning to wipe the sleep from their eyes as they started greening up. Seeing green not related to St. Patrick’s Day was so exciting, I nearly did an Irish jig. The  key word being “nearly.” I don’t think I’ve actually ‘jigged’ for decades but in my mind I was pirouetting with joy as if I were young and limber again. The ground was moist and loamy with that invigorating scent of a world of microorganisms. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly tilled ground: earthy and fragrant, full of life from decayed material.


Raking up leaves accumulated over the winter, I interrupted several bees hoping to nosh peacefully amidst the freshly bloomed baby-blue, grape hyacinths (their purple cousins continue to sleep in for a bit). When these little charmers appear, I know spring is, indeed on its way. These cuties continue to naturalize throughout the garden as I discovered  some in unexpected spots between the flagstones. The spring cleanup will continue for some time to remove marauding plants to better sites.


A lovely day spent getting my hands in the dirt, I waited for the forecasted spring storm to arrive. True to the ‘Springtime in the Rockies’ adage and all which that means to Front Range gardeners, yesterday’s landscape turned into a beautiful sea of heavy, wet spring snow.


I had previously scheduled my tax returns to be prepared yesterday and decided to walk over rather than drive. It was surprisingly as quiet as it was beautiful. I say ‘beautiful’ because like 99% of all spring storms in the Mile High, it will be mostly melted by late today, a nice drink of welcome moisture for the landscape.


As I took in the scene, I couldn’t help but notice some ground cover tumbling over the rock wall surrounding the grounds of the assisted living home across the street from my appointment.


Walking along two of the sides of this oversized city block,  beauty along the fenceline emerged like lace.


The weekend promises more spring-like temperatures which will beckon more garden work but commitments for the ongoing Canine Colorado magazine fundraiser has higher priority, taking me south to the Colorado Springs area to help another supermodel with his day before the camera, after which I’ll continue southbound and drop in to see my dad. As Norman will be heading to hospital on Monday for visits, it will be a busy weekend getting him ready for his shifts following the photoshoot. Just don’t mention the bath/groom to him-wouldn’t want to wreck spring’s arrival on his tender psyche with his aversion to getting wet.

What plans are on your dance card for this weekend when Spring arrives? Whatever you do, we hope you are able to get out there and immerse your soul in Nature’s gifts.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

47 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ March 18, 2022

  1. Our spring bulbs and a few perennials are just starting to pop out of the no longer frozen ground, and the snowdrops are the first ones to put on their little white bells to show off that they too are ready for Spring,.
    Now I need to take those lupine seeds out of their cool place in the freezer and wake them up and scatter them where I want them to grow in a sort of wildlife garden for pollinators. Hope it will work along with the other plants I have. I just need to find some milkweed for the monarchs.

    1. Spring is the hopeful season where faith and optimism are some of a gardener’s two closest ‘companions.’ I anxiously await to hear of your success with the lupine seeds. 💙

  2. Mommy’s been grooming, grooming, grooming and dancing and dealing with lots of squirts from Riley and has made no. time. for. me. She said to be sure you know she’s helping me write this while I lay in her lap in the sun. Don’t know why that’s important. XOX Xena

    1. Good for you sweet little girl. Laps with sunshine and mommies are the best! Oh, and don’t forget to tell your mum not to work so hard.

    1. If they just weren’t printed in Yugoslavia, I might be ok doing it on my own.

  3. Mew mew mew Miss Monika it seemss Collyrado iss allwayss inn ‘tween 2 seesonss! Wee cuud pickture you werkin away inn yore Gargen an then WHAMO! it snowss!!! CATFISH!
    Little bye little BellaSita Mum has cleened front lawn of empty shellss an did our nayburr’ss two.
    Shee putted out Spring stuff an ahstray fore any smoker’ss who happen bye. And shee put last yeer’ss Solar Litess inn garden…not sure if they will werk, butt wee will see! Our patio iss cleen as shee been sweepin daily! An mee iss watchin her like a Hawk!
    Yore ROT IRON fencepost icey foto iss DEEVINE! You are a amazin fotograffur!
    **nose bopss** to Elsa an sweet Norman an `~~head rubss~~ to you from mee, BellaDharma
    (((huggiess))) BellaSita Mum

    1. Spring storms are quite common through April. They blow in, dump a bunch of snow (usually the wet, heavy kind) and melt within a day or so. Thursday’s storm is mostly gone except for northern exposures and the spring bulbs are bursting forth again. Yesterday I saw tulips about 4″ tall. Can’t wait to see them blooming.

  4. You make me excited for Spring! And the snow pics were still pretty. I really liked the fence one. Happy weekend to you!
    No big plans, which is fine.

  5. When green makes the scene and it has blessed little to do with the Holy Day, that is indeed a fine reason to do the jig. G’head girl!

  6. Norman doesn’t like to get wet? I thought dogs love the water! We’re bumping 70 today and the long range forecast is pretty warm. Hoping we’ve had our last snow for the season but you never know.

    1. Oh no, he’s not a fan of wet. At all. But he’s compliant when it comes to getting bathed.

    1. Those early bulbs renew the hopefulness that spring typically offers. Have a great weekend.

  7. It’s spring and then it’s not. Beautiful on both counts.

    Hubby filed our taxes last week. Always a good thing to get done. I agree that walking in the snow is ever so quiet.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. Yes, spring is the fickle season in Colorado. One day sunny and warm, the next snowy and chilly. When you depend on the moisture, it’s all good. Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  8. We’re supposed to have a spell of warmer days, though we’re not completely out of the woods yet with freezing. Our real problem is: it is BONE DRY!

    1. I know how that goes so any spring storms will not be unappreciated here. Here’s hoping your weekend is lovely.

  9. What wonderful signs of spring! We have been experiencing the big melt and I am none the sadder for it.
    And this is true of the spring snows.. .They come and go so quickly (mind you, we still have quite a bit so I wouldn’t mind if we skipped it this year.
    Happy Friday!

  10. So nice to see some signs of Spring. Today is quite a Springy day in our area too with plenty of sun but not that many signs of Spring other than the trees are just beginning to get their buds. Soon we’ll have LEAVES again! YAY! Our lawn looks good after its’ Fall dethatching and reseeding. BRING IT ON…….

    Hugs, Pam

    1. They are the precocious spring bulbs, aren’t they? Have a splendid weekend enjoying nature.

  11. Like you, I dug around in the garden a little before the storm hit, and like you, I saw a honey bee looking for flowers. I always feel a little sorry for these early foragers — they work so hard for so little. But more blossoms are on the way!

  12. it’s great to see the signs of spring… I always loved this purple flowers, we called them pipe cleaner… but this year we have not much of them… happy spring, happy furryday, happy weekend

    1. They are so cheerful looking that you can’t help but be excited about spring’s arrival. Have a great weekend!

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