Nature Friday ~ May 13, 2022

Ranch HandsHappy Friday! Norman and Elsa here to help Mum out by sharing some nature from around the ‘Hood. Friday is generally the day most of us look forward to as it’s usually the gateway to a relaxing weekend spent with our families, many of whom work weekdays. Today would be the same, unless of course you happen to have friggatriskaidekaphobia-that irrational fear of Friday the 13th. The good news is today is the only Friday the 13th in 2022 and since it is a Friday afterall, it’s better than any Monday whatever, right? Did you know that Friday the 13th occurs whenever a month begins on a Sunday? All well and good but today is also Nature Friday around Blogville so we’re here to share the beauty of nature, and we’re not going to worry about crossing paths of black cats, walking under ladders or broken mirrors. Elsa: “Cats…where?!” Norman: “Nevermind the cats, Ninja”…let’s just join our pals, Rosy, Sunny and Jakey from LLB in Our Backyard to see what’s happened lately naturewise in the Mile High City.

It was another windy week but that reality won’t stop us from sharing unusual gardenscapes this week from around our ‘Hood.

Gardens in the metro area are as diverse and fascinating as the people who tend them. Elsa: You mean weird, don’t you? Norman: “Well that’s somewhat rude to say. I like to think of them more as creative souls, expressing themselves. They can range from meticulously maintained flower beds at the Denver Botanical Gardens to pint sized plots on teeny lots with monstrous mansions on them and everything in between. Let’s take a closer look, shall we? Here’s an example of a perfectly tended bed from DBG. Notice the symmetry and formality?”

Tulip bed near the front entrance to the Denver Botanical Gardens

Elsa: “Yeah, yeah, but where’s the flower bed with bunnies?” Norman: “Oh, for heaven’s sake.”

One of the things we keep our eyes peeled for when we’re out wandering about are unusual plants and whimsical garden decor. Elsa: “Not me, I’m looking for bunnies and squirrels you big oaf.” Norman: “Ugh…focus, please!” We came across a small group of trees that just blew mum away with its ‘camouflage’ bark. American Sycamores are stately trees with unusual looking bark. Norman: “They smell nice.” Elsa: Everything has a nice smell to it where you’re concerned. Sometimes I think you’re a Bloodhound, not an Old English Sheepdog.”

American Sycamore Tree

Mum always manages to find unusual sights on our walks. She likes to check out those gardeners who are clever and original. For some reason, she’s begun to notice of a lot of gardeners decorating their trees like this neighbor who lives around the corner from the Ranch. Norman: “Hey, if it’s a canine bulletin board, count me in.” Elsa: “Look at that weirdo face. I think a cat must have been here earlier this week.” Norman: {eye roll}.

Ponderosa Pine with Face

Some gardeners think whimsy should be part of their design. Norman: I thought I should investigate what this dog was sniffing until Mum said it wasn’t a real dog.” Elsa: “Yeah, there wasn’t even a treat in that hole or flowers in the pots. What kind of scam is that?”

Garden Decor
Hey, where’s the bunny?

Some ‘gardeners’ have more success with paint brushes than with trowels. A nearby neighbor paints ‘house tattoos.’ She guarantees her creations require no water and will always bloom.

House tattoo by a neighborhood artist

Fairy houses are popping up everywhere, probably a sign of the housing crunch that’s rampant everywhere. The square footage may be minimal, but the cuteness factor runs large.

A newly constructed Fairy house

A neighbor who’s new to the block has a toddler and as they tell it, they’re often too busy trying to keep up with the little tyke, so they installed a small potted garden for flowers on their corner lot that is otherwise turf. Norman: I keep waiting to introduce myself to the dog named ‘Cat’ but haven’t seen him or her yet. Elsa: Cat??? Where? Why are you torturing me by bringing up mythical cats again?”

‘Cat,’ the nice dog’s potted garden

Norman: It’s clear, Elsa sees gardens differently than me or mum. But we still hope you enjoyed some of the more whimsical gardens around our neighborhood. Elsa: “Yeah if anyone knows where I can actually find a cat or a bunny, please let me know. That stupid oaf of a brother can’t seem to dish on their whereabouts.”

Mum: Ok, you two, that’s enough. We hope you enjoyed our little tour with some of the different gardens around and liked the tour the Ranch Hands conducted. Just like gardeners here, their ideas are as different as night and day. Hopefully you will be able to spend some time outside this weekend looking for beauty from around your own neighborhood. Have a ‘pawsome’ weekend!

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

42 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ May 13, 2022

  1. Lulu: “Wow, what a variety of gardens and decorations! We’re most fascinated by that twisted shrub thing in the first picture, though.”
    Charlee: “Yeah, are wondering if it’s going to look around at some point and say, ‘I am Groot.'”

  2. What a delightful walk, Norman, Elsa & Monika. The sights were enchanting. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Many thanks, Miss Dale. Glad you enjoyed the tour showcasing the weird, er I mean the unique from around the ‘Hood. Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. What a wonderful tour of your neighbourhood gardens. Whimsical for sure. Gail loves the American sycamore bark. Our sycamore bark here in the UK is not nearly so striking. Although I would point out it is of course just as good for sniffing out the local peemail…

    1. Sycamores are such gorgeous trees and that bark…stunning. But you’re quite right, the peemail bulletin board is the same wherever it pops up.

  4. That was a great tour, starting with gorgeous and abundant tulips and ending with a fake dog butt up in the air, oh wait, there was more! Pretty painted flowers on houses. I fear if I left Xena to her own devices, she would look like the fake dog! Also love the fairy houses on the trees. Have a great weekend, Monika.

    1. Thank you, hope your weekend is as fun and diverse as our tour. I can’t help but wonder if more neighborhoods around aren’t just like ours. 😉

  5. Well walking around your ‘hood certainly gives you a lot of entertaining sites to see! Love all the whimsical touches people add to their yards AND houses. Our neighborhood is boring in that way – not sure why but nobody really does a lot to decorate outside other than maybe with landscaping. I suppose that’s decorating but no fairy gardens or eyeballs on trees. Darn!

    Hugs, Teddy and Mom Pam

    1. The wide variety of landscape decor makes for a certain richness in the urban garden and suspect it’s probably not quite the same in a suburban neighborhood which is rather sad. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. We have tree decor like that around here, too…and one of our neighbors has painted his outbuilding…wit daisies on two sides, and a heron in a pond at the back. I have not been brave enough top trespass to see what might be on the side I can’t see, LOL!

    My sister as a brass pup sticking is schnooter in the ground like yours…only hers is a cairn replica. She put a bright red ladybug on his derriere to liven ‘him’ up!

    Thanks for all the great pics! Woofs to Elsa and Norman.

    1. One neighbor has a tree face and even went to so far as to ‘clothe’ the tree in various outfits. It made me laugh out loud seeing an outdated wispy chiffon prom formal fluttering in the breeze. 🤣

      Ooh, ooh, would love to see that cairn poochie with a ladybug on its backend. That’s hilarious.

      Have a ‘pawsome’ weekend and don’t work too hard.

    1. Nothing better than finding a bunny on our walk. Nothing! Have a fun weekend.

    1. We’re nothing if not all about fun. Have a great weekend, Cupcake!

  7. The gardens in your Hood are interesting. Many of the gardens around here are ” Coloured Pebble Stpone gardens – mine included.. This is mainly because the trees around here are eucalyptus trees which drop leaves, branches and bark and not much can grow around them, This is the litter that fuels bushfires. Water is expensive and rain is infrequent. That being so, you can tell mom that I always enjoy your stroll around the hood and its gardens and – of course – your insightful comments.

    1. Many thanks, John. We love it when you come on walkabout with us. You’re so right- the gardens around here are quite interesting. 😉

  8. Cats: Elsa: Come visit me. I have five cats— well actually I don’t, my neighbour has five cats ( 2 cats 3 kittens) that are currently using my back yard as their playground. And to add insult to injury – as they say – my pride and joy – my Benji – has made friends with them. I desperately feel the need to visit Charlie Brown to find out if the Doctor is In.

    1. Thanks, Marc. Walkabouts on windy days are so much more tolerable when you find sights like that which make you go…huh…and then smile. Have a great weekend!

  9. Cuteness all over the place on your nature walk. Thanks for taking me along. Some great ideas here too.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend, you two. Scritches to you both, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to mom. ♥

    1. Thanks, Sandee. Some fun stuff to encounter while on our walks. It breaks up the monotony some days. 😉 Have a ‘wagnificent’ weekend.

    1. It amuses us all. Urban millennials have some ‘interesting’ ideas about just about everything. 😉

  10. I have to say I love the digging dog! I try to be all designer but I see a cheesy decoration and I get happy! I have a gazing ball, a tuxedo cat riding a bicycle, a frog riding a tricycle, and etched rocks. Plus a kittie memory thing, golf balls that the squirrels relocate from the frog’s basket, and I used to have a cement raven before it fell over and broke. These pics made me smile! Happy weekend!

    1. Glad the Ranch hands provided you with a smile. I always look closely at things like that little dog halfway buried. It made me chuckle out loud.

    2. Glad the Ranch hands provided you with a smile. I always look closely at statutes-some are so adorably cute.

  11. I love the fairy house, so adorable. A local garden center has teeny tiny accessories for fairy gardens that just slay me with cuteness every time I see them!

    1. It almost made me squeal when I spotted it. Especially loved the front door lamp. Have a great weekend.

    1. Elsa has a high prey drive and running cats always pushes her buttons. I’m not sure what she’d do if she encountered one up close. Sadly, none of them wait around long enough for introductions.

      1. It’s the running that starts the prey drive even with cats. They will glare at each other and nothing happens. If one starts to run, the other is after it.

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