Nature Friday ~ October 14, 2022

Ranch HandsWelcome to this week’s edition of Nature Friday hosted by those cute hosts from Adventures of the LLB Gang. When you click on their link you’ll get to see what others around Blogville posted for this blog hop. This week the intrepid Ranch Hands take a look around the ‘Hood at trees in various stages of change in their colors.

Elsa: It’s about time, Mom. I was beginning to think you were putting me on waivers since I haven’t been able to contribute much lately.

Mom: Not at all, sweetie. Things have just been a bit crazy and well…you don’t have thumbs so.

Elsa: Whatever. Seems like a pretty lame-o excuse to me.

Norman: It’s ok, little sister. Look at bright side; we haven’t been vexed by writer’s block.

Elsa: Hmm, well there IS that. But then again, you would find the silver lining to a situation. How is it you always are so doggone cheerful and easy going?

Norman: I’m a proper, well mannered dog who heralds from the British Isles. We’re well known for having a stiff upper lip and all that.

Elsa:  Well all this chit chat isn’t sharing the changing leaves around the neighborhood, so let’s get this party started, shall we?

Norman: Quite, let’s go. First up, we noticed some trees can’t quite decide what color they want to be. Look at this one; it has a rainbow of colors. Yellow, green, burgundy…looks like it has it all. How brilliant is that?


Elsa:  That’s quite the specimen. I tend to lean toward the golden hued trees. Golds are often a trademark of autumn in Colorado trees.


Norman: Those golden trees are quite lovely and look exceptional against a clear blue sky. I know a lot of people are drawn to the reds when it comes to leaf viewing. Whoever said Colorado doesn’t do red, hasn’t looked hard enough.


Elsa: Umm, I think that might have been our, Mom.

Mom: {stuttering defensively} well, that’s NOT exactly what I said about leaves changing colors in autumn.

Elsa: Ha! Gotcha. Hee, hee, I love it when I’m right! Let me show you another specimen just a few steps along into our walk. Ain’t she a beauty?


Norman: I do love to water that tree, I mean, relish its beautiful color. And the shade it provides, it’s been a favorite of mine all summer.

Elsa: Shade…oh brother. You’re not fooling anyone. It is has bark, you love to ‘water’ it. It has nothing to do with beauty.

Norman: {somewhat miffed) I beg your pardon. I’ll have you know I possess a keen sense of aesthetics.

Elsa:  Yeah, right. Whatever it takes to make you feel better about yourself. Do you remember this tree we walked past the other day. I almost needed sunglasses it was so bright!


Norman: That one was pretty amazing. I was taken by this scene of ‘confetti’ we came upon just a few blocks away. Just look at those red leaves on the deep green grass carpet. Guess raking will be in the near future for a bunch of people. I do hope they don’t rake them all away…I do so love sniffing them. There are some very cracking smells in leaves!

Tree leaves

Elsa: I’ll give you that one. It made me want to face roll through those leaves. No trip around our ‘Hood would be complete this time of year without checking out some Halloween scenes. Yesterday Mom spied a very friendly black cat who was also checking out Halloween decor on a lovely afternoon.

Black cat

Norman: She was a real sweetie, wanting Mum to pet her and rub her ears. I was almost a tad jealous but then Mum gave us our own special ear rubs so everything was back to aces in my book.

Elsa: Us two black chicks just enjoying a groovy autumn afternoon. Yeah, talk about heaven. But what about the house that has all those skellies that get moved about in different scenes?

Norman: You’re so right, Ninja. Mum always has to stop and take a photo. And she always laughs. I’m not sure I get the humor of it all, but then again, skellies don’t hold much fascination for me anyway. Unless I can pee on it sniff at the corners or legs, I just don’t get it.

A day at the beach

Elsa: I dunno…this beach scene seems out of place…I mean, there’s no waterfront despite sunning skellies, beach toys, gigantic lifeguard, flamingo and those snorkeling skellies among some piranhas who were out of view. Who thinks up things like this? {Huffs} Humans are just so weird!

Norman: You’ll get no arguments from me on that, little sister. Still, if it amuses Mum, it can’t be all bad, can it?

Elsa: I guess not. So I heard you’re doing a hospital Halloween festival tomorrow. You know dressing up in costumes will be required?

Norman: Quite true. I’m going as your friendly neighborhood fireman centerfold. Mum thought since I help people, it would be the perfect costume for me since I deliver smiles to people, plus I’m a knockout, or so I’m told.

Elsa: {eye rolling} More like it was the only costume large she could find.

Norman: I did try it on and it’s a wee bit small but Mum thought she could make it work so I won’t look too barmy. I’m not all that keen on dressing up but if it means making Mum and others happy, pencil me in.

Elsa: You’re such a brown nose.

Norman:  I’ll have you know my nose is actually black, sister.

Elsa: You. are. an. idiot. So readers…do you have any plans this weekend? We hope to get out and maybe look for more gorgeous trees changing color. Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy some of the amazing scenes in Nature.

Norman: Right-o. Enjoy!

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

68 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ October 14, 2022

  1. Charlee: “What a handsome black kitty! Hello there!”
    Chaplin: “Strange cats. Hmph.”
    Java Bean: “I think those beachgoers have been out in the sun without sunblock for a bit too long …”
    Lulu: “Or maybe not long enough? I mean, they’re very pale.”

    1. You’re right, Lulu, they are a bit pale. Today the scene changed, they left the beach and went to a hockey game. 😉

  2. What beautiful trees, Norman and Elsa. I think without the watering, they wouldn’t be so beautiful now…MOL…Double Pawkisses from us to the both of you and Monika too🐾😽💞

    1. You could be right! We all thank you for the paw-kisses. 😻 Such a nice way to start out our week.

  3. Such beautiful colours. How can peeps not absolutely LOVE autumn? How? I don’t get them, is all I can say.
    And can I also say how jealous I am of you to be able to pass by the Skellie show? That is the coolest thing EVER.

    1. A guaranteed smile every day. I’m with you on autumn being beloved. Don’t understand but I guess that’s what make this world interesting. Happy Sunday. How goes the reno project?

      1. True enough.
        I’m exhausted, Monika. It goes way slower than I had hoped (but then, I was NOT expecting electrical work to happen in the basement. FML

        1. The unexpected always happens. It must be an universal rule when doing reno project. 😕

    1. Greetings, Finland friends! So good to hear from you. The leaves are in various states of color here. My Catalpa tree still thinks it’s summer. LOL I noticed there is a slight smattering of snow on the mountains so I’m sure it will be making its way down to the city at some point soon. Hope you and Kosmo are well and happy. Thanks for stopping by. Halaukset ja hännän heilutukset!

  4. BEAUTIFUL Fall color everywhere out there – we’re a little behind you all as far as color but it seems our weather has made everything on SLOW speed which means it will last longer. That yard art with the skeletons is clever but – well – not really scary although I think if any of those skeletons on blankies stand up, their bathing suits will fall to their ankles – they’re pretty skinny. HAHAHA

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Thanks, Teddy. Some parts of the city look like summer still, other parts, definitely fall. That’s what makes this time of year so lovely, I think. Have a terrific weekend.

  5. LOL! OH their banter cracks me up! Beautiful fall colors, thanks for the tour! And Have a fun time making others smile. Norm will look great in his costume!
    Awww on the black kitty! <3
    Happy Weekend! Enjoy FALL! 🙂

    1. Thanks Carolyn. Their personalities shine through their bickering; luckily they both love autumn leaves. Enjoy your autumn weekend.

    1. Many thanks, Bruce. The weather has been as lovely as the leaves changing colors. Here’s to a sensational weekend in PA.

    1. It’s a wonderful time of year. This kitty was beyond adorable with a lovely personality. I hope I get to see her again soon. 😻

    1. Thank you. Aren’t those skellies a hoot? I smile whenever I was past that house. Autumn is such a stunning time of year. Have a terrific weekend.

  6. I gotta say, the kids really achieve such a great balance when they work together. They should have their own morning show. THAT I would watch!

    1. Oh jeez, that’s a scary thought of the two of them doing a show together anytime! 🤣 Hope you have a terrific weekend!

    1. So glad their back and forth convos provide a measure of happy for you. Sending you all kinds of tender thoughts. Hugs and tail wags.

  7. Terrific tour, Monika. The leaves are gorgeous. Since there are three skellies with suits on I have to ask about the rest. Nothing special this weekend. Need to visit the city wide garage sale for my blog post on Sunday.

    1. Many thanks, John. The skellies are dressed in life jackets and other beachware. It’s such a funny scene, especially given in our mountain desert. There are some (just out of view) dressed with snorkels). This homeowner has a delightful sense of humor.

      As autumn is my favorite season, it’s fun to tour the ‘Hood and take shots of those with beautiful color. Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that garage sale!

  8. Mew mew mew Elsa you sure teeze yore Brothur alot!!!
    Butt wee know it iss meened inn <3 LOVE <3 rite??
    Mee-yow yore nayburrhood iss brill-ee-ant with color this Autumm.
    Ourss two…maybe all THE rain wee gotted?
    THE skellytonss are heelareeus….Skellytonss at THE Beech **shakess head**
    Hu'manss have fancyfull imaginationss don't they?
    **nose bopss** BellaDharma an {{hugss}} BellaSita Mum

    1. Elsa delivers those one-liners to her brother with love, well mostly. 🤣 Sometimes she can be serious and needs to dial it back.

      Those skellies are attracting a lot of attention-people are driving to the neighborhood from all parts of the city to see how they are being posed. On Sundays they usually resemble a football game but with the Broncos being so lousy this year, maybe that’s why he went with the beach-look. 😈Have a super weekend.

  9. Such wonderful colors! We have one tree turning in our backyard, which is exciting since I really haven’t been through a proper fall since I moved out of New Jersey! lol

  10. your area has so many more trees than our part of Colorado. Lovely. And thanks for the Elsa/Norman commentary

    1. Hopefully trees i your newer neighborhood will start maturing and showing off their beautiful colors. Have a lovely weekend.

        1. Looks can be deceiving, especially in February when everyone is tired with shoveling city sidewalks. 😂

            1. It’s not bad, brutal wind on the other hand is and February is just a lousy weather month in general. But I welcome the seasonal changes. Celebrating all 4 seasons is fun-they each offer something wonderful and unique.

    1. Some trees (specifically my Catalpa and a few others around) are still quite emerald green. They probably won’t start changing for a few more weeks, just about the time when I think I can put the rake away and drag out the snow shovel. LOL

        1. That Catalpa and I have a love/hate relationship. Love the shade it provides, hate those gigantic elephant ear sized leaves that aren’t pretty when they drop. They don’t compost very well either and take forever to break down.

            1. I’ve never heard them called that. Plenty of other things but not a tulip tree. 😊

  11. Petcretary LOL’d so much and loudly that we bet you could have heard her in Colorado…all the way from Michigan!

    She was the loudest at those ‘bathing beauties’!

    Your fall scenes are gorgeous, and we too wanted to get friendly with tthe sweet black kitty!

    Our trees are showing off all kinds of splendor as well! This year seems much prettier than last year, I think maybe because we have not had but a couple of light frosts, nothing heavy enough too turn them all brown at once.

    1. So that was that noise, eh? Glad we provided a few chuckles. When it’s busy as all get out like it has been here, a smile is a good thing. Luckily Elsa is first to step up to the plate. 🤣 That kitty was so sweet. A lot of people aren’t fans of black kitties, but we sure are. Have a great weekend. There’s been a very light frost on the rooftops but nothing that’s affected the garden. Yet. 🙄 We’ll likely receive a snow storm around Halloween then more Indian Summer for a few weeks thereafter. We hope.

    1. Thanks Herr Pit. It’s been pretty in town. Now to just find time to go up to the foothills and mountains to see the aspens. 🤞🏼

    1. Thanks, Weims. Norman’s size reminds me of the Suzy Quatro pants problem. He doesn’t mind, but it makes tough to cover him. Maybe I should adopt the Cristo form for covering big spaces. 😉 Have a great weekend.

  12. Lucy: That first tree was celebrating Pride Month!
    Chia: Hey Lucy, that’s what happens when you’re out in the sun too long, BOL!
    Xena: I like the grass with the pretty leaves. Wouldn’t that make a nice backdrop for me to get my picture taken?
    Riley: Nice cat. I like cats. I wonder if he likes big red dogs?

    1. Pride Month…hadn’t thought about that, Lucy. Good one! Xena, those confetti leaves would be a lovely backdrop, but an even better spot to face roll around-it must be good and smelly in addition to being very pretty. Oh Riley, I’m sure you like cats, but do they like you?

  13. Love your conversation. You made me laugh more than once. I will say you’re a wonderful gentleman Norman. You’re not an idiot either.

    Love the black cat and I linked this post to Feline Friday.

    We have a busy weekend. Visiting with my granddaughter and great grands. Then Sunday lunch with my brother and sister in law. Looking forward to a wonderful weekend.

    Love all the fall colors. Beautiful.

    Have a woof woof day and weekend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to mom. ♥

    1. As always, you’re too kind, Sandee. Glad we were able to make you smile. Enjoy the visit with all the grands. It sounds like great fun! Hugs and tail wags from all of us at the Ranch. 💙

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