Nature Friday ~ October 13, 2023

Tra, la, la, la, la…doh, dum, de, do….Greetings, peeps, Elsa here to share this week’s Hodge-Podge Friday scenes from around the Ranch.

The Mom: Umm, sweetie…it’s “Nature Friday” not Hodge-Podge Friday. Would you like to correct that so we can get started  as we join our pals, Rosy and Sunny from LLB in Our Backyard.

Elsa: Nope, not happening. I’m calling it Hodge-Podge Friday because none of the photos you took have any real theme. I looked up hodge-podge in the online Oxford Dictionary and it specifically defines it as, and I quote, a confused mixture. So nope, it stays Hodge-Podge Friday.

The Mom: Ahem…well ex-cuussse me. Jeez, you’re pretty scrappy today. What’s got your backside all up in arms?

Elsa: Nothing special. My blog, my post. Now can we get on with it? I got things to do.

The Mom: Bwahahaha, what do you have to do today?

Elsa: I’m a dog, there’s always something to do. We are always busy, even if you don’t think so.

Sleeping Elsa

The Mom: I see…so is that what you consider as ‘so busy?’

Elsa: Erm…I’m thinking…this blogging thing is harder than it looks. Now can I get on with it?

The Mom: Fine by me. What ‘cha got?

Elsa: Well I know you went to another Dragon Boat Race last weekend, this one in Broomfield. You must really like those races. Not sure I’m on board with all that water activity but whatever floats your boat. I will give you the fact that it was a pretty autumn day. Are we through the hot temps…finally?

Broomfield park

The Mom: Well you know Colorado. I’m sure there’ll be a day or two in the 80’sºF over the next couple of weeks, but it’s probably safe to say, most likely.

Elsa: You sure know how to slice the hair in half. Is this from all the years you worked in the legal field, quibbling over terms like ‘may’ as opposed to just stating a fact?

The Mom: Ahem…I don’t quibble. But I am just trying to express the possibilities that may or may not happen.

Elsa: See, you did it again!! What the dog, Mom!

The Mom: Oops, I guess I do tend to equivocate sometimes. Sorry.

Elsa: Whatever. Just wanted you to be aware that I’m keenly aware of how you do that. So I noticed one dog at least tried to compete with the boat racers. What was up with that knucklehead?

Dog in Water

The Mom: Whaddu mean? He was just enjoying a simply swim and there weren’t any Canadian geese to race against the boats.

Elsa: Swim and enjoyment are mutually exclusive in my books.

The Mom: {eyes rolling} To each her own, right? Remember we talked about this thing called tolerance, Elsa.

Elsa: Ugh…I just want people to know how dumb it seems for dogs to actually jump in water and swim. You wouldn’t catch me doing that…not for all the bones in Denver.

The Mom: But some dogs DO enjoy it so let them have their fun.

Elsa: Sheesh…so where’s an actual picture of a race? I know this was not nearly as large an event but let me see for myself.

Dragon Boat Race

The Mom: You’re correct, it was a smaller venue but I mean…Dragon Boats! It was fun watching folks compete and it looked like they all had a good time. I especially enjoyed the entertainment from a couple of dance groups from the Asian Pacific community. Such colorful costumes on kids as young as 10 years old dancing for the small crowd.

Elsa: You think it was small because they’ve only been doing it for the past 3 years at that park? Seems a shame considering how many thousands experienced the one at Sloan’s Lake back in July.

The Mom: Could be, but I’m sure more folks will start attending. It wasn’t even close to hot which was a huge plus. The drawback was I couldn’t walk to the venue and it seemed like so far though it was only about 20 miles away. I just rarely drive that far.

Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race

Dragon Boat Race

Elsa: Ooh, I’d love to chase those twirling skirts and I’m sure that littlest girl would love to have me lay my head in her lap. Maybe next time, I’ll go.

The Mom: Umm, hate to break it to you, even though dogs are welcome to the event, they aren’t allowed on stage. So, no…that ain’t gonna happen.

Elsa: {ruckus…rats…%$&#} You just never let me have any fun!

The Mom: I’m sure if you learned to dance, they’d allow you on stage, but I don’t make the rules.

Elsa: I notice our neighbors are getting into the Halloween spirit full bore. I heard you tell the lady you’re making them Instagram stars.



The Mom: {snicker} Well I wouldn’t say Instagram stars but a lot of people sure seem to enjoy my posts and have contacted me to get the address so they can see them in person. The theme this week was ‘camping.’ I had to chuckle, though with the 2 dozen Skellies they must have, it must take an entire weekend to dress and set the props for the scene. It makes me smile whenever I go past that house.

Elsa: I saw that one dog who started barking at the big skellies, growling with raised hackles. What a rube!

The Mom: Now, now, Elsa…Halloween can be scary for some dogs. You used to bark your head off whenever Trick-er-treaters rang our doorbell in costume.

Elsa: Those were serial killers, I was only protecting the Ranch.

The Mom: {eyes rolling} Oh Elsa…you slay me sometimes.

Elsa: Glad I can be of comedic entertainment for you. Just don’t come crying to me when something bad happens. I take my security duties quite seriously. So is there anything else autumnal, this week?

The Mom: Well as a matter of fact, yes. Leaves are s-l-o-w-l-y beginning to change. A few here and there. This one was all aglow when we walked over to the library.

Changing leaves

Elsa: Pretty, yes, but the crunching leaves kind of bother my feet. The jury is still out on this whole autumn thing. But I do appreciate the cooler temps. And what the dog was this guy doing sashaying along the sidewalk this week?

The Mom: I know, right? There were 4 dogs in the nearby vicinity and he just waltzed past us. Blew me away. Usually they dash so fast I can’t get any kind of pic that close.


Elsa: Did you see my jaw drop open? I don’t know what he was thinking walking past us and the other dogs. I’m still flabbergasted.

The Mom: It was one of the more unusual encounters we’ve had. Seeing foxes always makes me smile.

Elsa: Me too. I think I could be a good friend if only they’d let me.

The Mom: Probably not, but it’s a nice thought. Well that’s it for this week. It wasn’t too bad, was it?

Elsa: Hodge-podge, Mom, definitely hodge-podge. So what’s on board for your weekend? Got anything going on? Whatever you do, we hope you get to see some of the pretty things Nature is serving up right now.

Nature Friday

Live, love, bark! 🐾

52 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ October 13, 2023

    1. Thanks, Rosy and Sunny. Us girls gotta stick together when it comes to swimming. Maybe one day we can convince our moms that baths are overrated? 🤞🏼

  1. That Fox iss cute!! Maybee hee thinkss hee iss a Poochie Elsa?
    An THE treess are lookin so purrty there…….
    THE Halloweeny diss-playss are furry ummm, inntriguin an sorta sp00ky! Okay REEL sp00ky!!!
    Hodge-Podge iss a fun term….go fore it Elsa!
    ***nose bopss*** BellaDharma an ***giggellss*** BellaSita Mum
    Pee S: Wee hope you are doin well <3 <3

    1. He was definitely self-assured running between 4 different dogs. The neighborhood isd really getting dressed up for Halloween. There are lots of inflatables as well as tons of skellies.

  2. Those dragon boats are so beautiful. As is the fox! It’s cold and rainy here and our leaves haven’t totally changed either, it’s late. Chester supports Elsa’s choice but disagrees with her about swimming. He jumps right in! He’d like the boats 🚤. Happy weekend!

    1. Thank you! The organizers were able to purchase a couple new dragon boats this year and they are absolutely beautiful and shiny. In some ways, I’m glad Elsa isn’t into water, every lake we’ve visited in the metro area has had some degree of a blue green algae bloom and that’s no bueno for peeps or dogs. Even worse than the smell of a dog in natural pond water. LOL Enjoy the weekend despite the change in weather. We’re just chilly but in the sun, it’s so much nicer than those pizza oven temps of September.

  3. WOWZERS…..what a great post with all kinds of updates! The Dragon Boat races look pretty cool – bet that’s fun to watch…….one thing we do NOT like to see around here are foxes. They run right through our front yard and the only time we are really bothered by them is when Mom, Dad and I are out in the yard ourselves – the foxes will grab a cat in a minute and be off with it which of course we don’t want to happen!! I’m never allowed outside on my own which is good – when the fox notices Mom and Dad there it will run faster and away from us. They are pretty though I have to admit – here most of them are very read and have black tails and legs. Anyway, Fall is falling here too with pretty leaves and cooler temps – woo hoo!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. Thanks, Teddy. You’re so right about the danger with foxes in the ‘Hood. Cats and small dogs are very vulnerable to being snatched by those clever creatures. This seems to have been a banner year for the rabbit population and I’m sure they’ve borne the biggest threat from foxes (next to cars and dogs). With us living just 3 miles from the downtown Denver, it blows our mind they’re even here.

      The Dragon Boat races were fun and a great people watching experience. It was a beautiful day and easier to walk about since it wasn’t as hot as the one near our house a few months ago.

      Enjoy a pawsome autumn weekend. 🍁

    1. Thanks. We’re with you on the Skellies. It’s crazy how many are around the neighborhood, particularly because of the price and then you need a whole storage shed to house them the rest of the year. 😵‍💫

    1. Thank you, John. Home Depot made a killing from our neighborhood alone with all the Skellies we’ve seen. They’re everywhere but the ones we post about have the absolute best scenes. And they change them up every week which makes it loads of fun for those of us who live nearby.

  4. Loved the “Hodge Podge”!
    You do have lots to do and see in your area!
    Our trees are getting prettier by the day, but today is NOT a great day to go out and take pictures…we are soggy…

    Have a nice Friday and a great weekend!

    I just lost a comment I was trying to send on my Chrome Browser…WP kicked me out, Grrr! So I am trying Safari, but then I have to add in all my ‘credentials’. WP is becoming annoying to me…and on Chrome I was logged in, my icon was right there, though WP said it was invalid…what the dog??

    1. So sorry. I have that happen to me with far too much recent regularity. Grrr.

      Yesterday we were a tiny bit soggy but today is bright and sunny even if it’s only in the mid-50’s. At least we didn’t end up with snow 😉 Have a pawtastic weekend.

  5. Oh, you two crack me up! I enjoyed the “hodge podge” of pictures. 🙂 And Elsa, my dogs would agree with you about swimming. LOL! Happy Weekend to you both! “your blog your rules”, so is it “Your house your rules” too? 🙂

    1. Well duh! Of course it’s my house, my rules. 🙄 I would think you humans would understand that.
      Your fur-iend,
      Elsa 🐾

    1. Thanks, Kosmo. It was pretty chilly yesterday but it’s gorgeous (if not crisp) today. At least it’s sunny with bright blue skies. Have a super weekend.

  6. Elsa, you’re a standard poodle, right? And standard poodles are water breeds. So whatsup? XOXOX Chia
    Hey Elsa, I could teach you how to dance so you can go on the stage! XOX Xena

    1. Some of us don’t like water. Sam was even worse than me. I simply see no reason to get wet. I would however be up for some dance lessons.

  7. here’s hoping cool temps are here to stay. Next week 80’s again but then… baking weather again, yea! Good sleeping temps, yea! not broiling on walks in searing sun where it’s 20 deg hotter than air temps, yea!

    1. The only 80ºF on our forecast is Tuesday with crisp temps in the morning. We don’t mind those Indian Summer temps. It’s a good time of year for wallks.

  8. Love the hodge-podge Friday post! We have so many of those skellies on lawns around here, too! And those giant, house-sized ones….eeek! The fox is my favorite on your journey…what a cutie. When I was. younger we rescued a tiny baby fox whose momma had been hit by a car…we doll bottle fed it and it grew into a beautiful red fox who ran around our property and when he heard the dog food bag open, he’d run and scream “Ahhhhh-ahhhh” and run up my side and perch itself on my shoulder waiting for dog food! Love foxes! Thanks for sharing your walk with us!

    1. Thank you Miss Dorothy. We saw the fox again just a little bit ago today on our morning walk! Twice in one week is extraordinary so Mom is soaking it up. She loves them. Wow, your fox story is totally amazing. How cool you were able to rescue that baby.

  9. that dragon race event looked lovely….sorry for the e e cummings writing style…my laptop is packing up….again.
    i have visions of elsa chasing those skirts …though always thought that that was a male activity.

    1. No apologies necessary, Helen. We’ve had those glitches happen to us at times so we send our sympathies. Hopefully it’s just temporary. Elsa chasing twirling skirts isn’t so hard to imagine; she’d likely consider them as pinwheels to chew and chase. 🤣 Have a ‘wagnificent’ weekend.

    1. Doggone right, Lulu. Can’t be a dog without some serious napping! So Java, we saw the same fox again this morning. Woohoo. But this time he DID run but not before Mom caught another quick pic.

  10. We are with you and we enjoy hodge podge sometimes. It reminds our old mom of Modge Podge, whatever that is, we don’t know. The dragon boats are nice and so are the giant Halloween skeletons. Around here we see fox sometimes. They always look so mangy, though. This morning we saw a skeleton pushing a lawnmower. It made us laugh. Happy Friday the 13th!

    1. Hodge-Podge is a fun word-don’t hear it often enough. Course most people aren’t wired like my Mom, so there’s that. The neighborhood has erupted in Skellies everywhere. While we like seeing them, I can’t imagine storing them 11 months out of the year. I think Mom would laugh out loud seeing a Skellie pushing a lawn mower-lucky you guys. It made her giggle just imaging it! We saw the same fox again this morning on our walk. Guess all the bunnies are providing some nice meals. 😊

  11. I, for one, very much enjoyed this hodge-podge of a post, Elsa!
    A friend of mine races dragon boats – I only hear about it after the race is done, though! That tree is so beautiful and I’m jealous of your fox sighting. I saw one only once during a morning run and none since.
    Happy Friday the 13th, and hope your weekend is lovely!

    1. Thanks Miss Dale. Egad, Mom completely forgot it’s a Friday the Thirteenth nor did she mention we’re going to have an eclipse tomorrow. It’s no wonder I had to take the blog over! Have a super weekend.

        1. For our part of North America, we’re should have an 80% obscuration but Mom has sensitive eyes and no eclipse glasses so she’ll have to just see it on the news. Good luck, Mom says you’ll do a good job with pics.

          1. I don’t have glasses either and will not put my eyes at risk. Oooh… but I just checked and they might have them at Walmart… I will be in town at the right time, too!

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