Thankful Thursday ~ September 15, 2022

Surprise, it’s me…and yes, I realize it’s Thursday and not my usual Wednesday post but the world seemed to conspire against me yesterday while I was trying to install a new computer and it ended up taking 7 hours getting it remotely configured. By the time I managed to smooth out the numerous wrinkles migrating the old data onto the new hardware, it seemed silly to post anything late in the afternoon…so voilà…it magically transformed into a Thankful Thursday post instead of a “Wordless Wednesday, ” i.e. “Wish I Were There”  post. But trust me, I’m ever so grateful I didn’t fling the doggone thing out the window before figuring out how to get anything posted again. And I’m exceedingly grateful no people or pets were harmed in the agonizing process and I still have a head full of hair (thought there was a short period of time where I thought I might need to wear a wig for a while). At any rate, here’s hoping you enjoy no matter what day it is.

High Tide, Venice

Live, love, bark!  🐾

53 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday ~ September 15, 2022

  1. OM Monika no wonder you were not around!
    I dread the day I have to buy a new laptop & do all that change over…..that time is coming sooner than I want!!!
    So let’s just go sit by the water & have a coffee or tea & relax with Sweet Norman & Elsa & BellaDharma!
    {{{hugs}}} BellaSita Mum & ***purrss*** BellaDharma

  2. Yes, we are vacationing by the ocean in AL and all the houses are up on stilts! Glad you got that computer configured, and am so thankful I’m married to a man who does IT for a living!

    1. How wonderful for you…both for vacationing near the ocean as well as being married to someone from the Help Desk. 😍

  3. Lulu: “Getting a new computer is always an adventure! Our Dada says he is waiting for a new ‘Mini’ before he upgrades his computer. I’m not sure what that means since I thought a Mini was a car, but whatever …”

    1. Adventure is a nice way of saying, ‘hold on to your hat, you’re going for a wild ride.’ We hope your Dada gets his Mini soon and has better luck than our Mum had.
      Your pals,
      Norman & Elsa 🐾

  4. I can’t even imagine setting up a new computer. I’ve always had someone else to do it for me. So glad you’re up and running. Your picture brought back fond memories spent in Venice with you. One wild ride!

  5. Oh, I feel you. Being at the mercy of our technological doohickies is a frustrating thing indeed. But you sure shared a beauty! Glad all is working now and you don’t have to wear a wig!

    1. It’ll be an ongoing thing I suspect while I get used to the new hardware. There are still lots of HBO words, but hopefully I can either get used to it quickly, or demonstrate some moderation in my language. Then again, I probably see a liquor store run in the near future! Hahaha.

    1. Your grandmother was one smart cookie. I wish I knew how to not let machines that don’t function like they’re supposed to not bug the ever-lovin’ outa me. 😇

  6. I did this same thing earlier this year. It’s a time consuming project and I was thankful when I got mine done too.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday, my friend. Scritches to the pups, a smooch to Norman and a big hug to you. ♥

    1. You too, Sandee. It’s so time consuming and very frustration, especially when you have to enter passwords repeatedly. I finally had to change passwords which has its own complications. I dunno, maybe I’m just stupid-certainly dim when it comes to technology.

  7. Happy to see you and Thankful Thursday works just fine! Glad you got things worked out and Oooh yes I wish I was in Venice. 😊
    My husband had a frustrating morning at work because the higher ups decided to make a change to the computer system which screwed everything up. He wanted to throw his computer out the window as well or take a hammer to it! Though management might have frowned on that. LOL!

    1. I can’t begin to fathom the numbers of computer changes made that result in a lot of dastardly deeds being carried out in peoples brains. Hope he’s able to them them resolved without too much brain damage. 😊

  8. When my work computer died while working from home and I required a new one, the new one took for-ever to set-up. Of course, my company was still going to want the old one back, but it was all I could do to not pick it up and toss it out the window. I had enough sense not to toss the new one…then it never would have gotten set-up lol. I did manage to keep my hair as well, and am thankful for that.💻

    1. The adjustment period will likely be long and tortuous. The ironic thing is it’s the same computer, just a later model. 🤯

    1. Oh no, not hide tide in the house?? So sorry. Yup, the Weims know things I can only hope to understand.

    1. With all the added layers of security that we’ve had to employ, it’s a wonder it isn’t harder. Even with perfect vision, typing on a tiny screen it nightmarish.

      I will confess to self medicating with some wine later in the day to get over the trauma. 😇

  9. congrats! LOVE the new header! I’m doing a 5 day workshop on organization and today they are talking about paper storage! Thought of you and your cards

    1. What fun! I should take a workshop like that. I’m up to my eyeballs in paper!! And not especially in a good way as my paper crafts have dramatically changed over the years. Have fun!

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