Nature Friday ~ February 17, 2023

Norman & ElsaHello there, sports fans. Elsa and Norman here to share photos for this week’s edition of Nature Friday. Like always, we’re joining those sweet pups from Adventures of the LLB Gang with glimpses of Nature from around our ‘Hood. The question for the week continues to be “where’s the delete Winter” button.

Delete Winter Meme

Norman: I know, you’re all sick of me whinging on about the weather but I can’t help it. I’m a fair weather chap who enjoys moderate (and dry) temps. I can see a lot of you nodding your heads in agreement, don’t deny it.

Elsa: Well brother, you do tend to be a bit of wuss when it comes to weather. I mean, look at the new neighbor a couple of days ago. Mom couldn’t believe her eyes-that morning the temps hovered around zero but at least he was finally shoveling-he’s missed doing that the past few storms. Personally I think he had to be looking for pants before but who knows?


Norman: I. have. no. words. for. people. like. that. Mum said it was pretty and fluffy even if the temps kept us all inside where we were cozy and warm.


Elsa: It was a busy week for you, dude with your various fundraisers and hobnobbing for the rescue. Congrats on raising a boatload of funds at the two Valentine’s Day themed events. While you were out there working hard, I was snoozing in your favorite spot on the sofa. Heh, heh. heh. So…you gonna show some pics from your adventures?

Norman: Well, they aren’t really Nature oriented. Wait, you were on my sofa?? I hope you didn’t ruin my pillows? Good thing they seemed ok when I got back home.

Elsa: Relax dog-breath. Everything was fine; I just enjoyed some nice quiet time where I could drool admire Mom’s cookie making for the fundraising bake sale and play with your the toys without you barking your fathead off at me and I’m proud of what you accomplished. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but those funds will help other fatheads sheepdogs like you. It’s in the dog code book that we rescue dogs gotta stick together, dude.

Kendra Scott event
Kendra Scott Give Back Event

Bake sale cookiesCookie paws

Norman: Well that’s very kind of you, sister, but we probably need to get back on point…as in Nature pics. You know the return of winter has kept Mum more homebound except when she had commitments she needed to keep but she missed her walks but managed to find these shots when she went to have her taxes prepared.


Elsa: Wait…isn’t that the flower shop near our house? Looks like they’ve been thinking Spring like the rest of us.

Norman:  You know when she showed me that window I had to admit, it was really pretty. But then she started grumbling and grabbed the snow shovel so I didn’t see her for a while.

Elsa: Before she shoveled though she took some photos of nearby “Goose Mountain Ski Resort” that was on a former assisted living, senior home. They don’t even have a chair lift and have to waddle walk back up the hill. That’s kind of a gyp especially considering they still have waiting lines.

Winter geese


Winter geese

Norman:  They seemed to enjoy it though I’ll never understand the whole skiing thing that most people in this state relish. Other than being around others, I just don’t see the point. And to think they pay good money to do that! Me, I’m all about going to a Brewpub and waiting for people to come pet me, not to ski down a slope and then go back up to do it all over again.

Elsa: I know, humans…who can figure them out? Then again, I don’t understand the neighborhood critters. I mean, look at this lame-o merry-go-round they created. How dumb is that-I mean, they were apparently walking around in circles for no  reason it seems.


Norman: And no one left any messages for anyone!  And when it comes to uprights, who can comprehend why they do things, let alone what Nature’s kids are thinking. Good thing peeps give us nice ear rubs, make tasty treats and love us. Otherwise we might never have become domesticated.

Elsa: You got that right! People are just weird. Well at least the afternoon turned out to be one of those beautifully bright sunny days our state is known for, even in winter when it’s cold. And look, it began to melt!

Winter icicle

Norman: I for one, am looking forward to more of those sunny days with warm temps to go with my naps. So what’s winter been like in your area? Are there any signs of spring where you’re at? We’re still trying to rejuvenate after a busy week but with warmer temps, hopefully Mum can get out with us and not workout on her elliptical. I like it when you and I can sniff walk with Mum.


Elsa: Oh dude…you’re embarrassing yourself again. Yeah, I think sniffing is best too. So do YOU have any special plans for this weekend? Whatever you do, we hope it’s fun and you can find beautiful signs of Nature to enjoy.

Nature Friday

Norman:  Right-o. Cheerio mates and have a pawsome weekend.

Live, love, bark! 🐾

57 thoughts on “Nature Friday ~ February 17, 2023

    1. The geese here are such freeloaders, they never go south anymore but stay and hang out on all the city park/lake grounds. With the avian flu being so problematic, I don’t take the dogs with me and always clean my shoes if I walk around the park/lake close to my house. But I admit, the goslings sure are cute (unlike their cranky parents). 😊

    1. It’s been a wild couple of months here. Normally January and February are the driest. As i type this, it’s snowing (again), the wind is blowing and the windchill makes it feel like -2F. Fun times. Not. 🤣

  1. Yes, bring on Spring!
    Great photos! Those poor Spring flowers don’t know what happened. Yes, I agree that neighbor shoveling must have been looking for his pants and gave up!
    Love the pawprint cookies, good job Elsa on supervising your mom while she made them. 🙂
    Goose Mountain seems to be a very appropriate name, love the geese in the snow.
    Thanks again guys for your entertaining nature walk while I keep warm. 🙂
    We are supposed to have a touch of Spring on Thursday, 70 degrees, Woo-Hoo!

        1. Sorry for the typos, I have a Band Aid on my little finger which is causing typos and edits galore. Eeek!

                1. Hope so too; it’s been 2 weeks of trying to get these cuts to heal. Sigh. Doggone low humidity and/or cold temps makes my fingers crack.

  2. Norman, we continue to have a snow-free winter. It hasn’t even been cold aside from Christmas Time. It was 63 and sunny yesterday. The average high around here this time of year is 40. Grass and flowers are trying to grow. It’s crazy. Hope your snow melts and your temperature warms up!

    Elsa: Good job keeping Norman’s favorite spot on the sofa from getting lonely! I do agree with you about people being weird, especially with the chaos I saw while driving around today. Maybe we should all just walk like you and Norman!

    1. We heard the NE is unseasonably warm this year (unlike the mountain west). Our next storm is scheduled to arrive in the wee hours of tomorrow. Sigh

      Walking remains good for the body and the soul. At least that what’s our Mom thinks but then again she’s an upright so take that with a grain of salt. LOL

  3. Lulu: “I would love to get to try my furs out in some snow, but I probably won’t get the chance here in Southern California.”
    Java Bean: “Ayyy, yes, such a shame.” *FLOPS ON SIDE IN THE SUN*
    Lulu: “I am never going to get to exercise my inner Alaskan Malamute or my inner Siberian Husky … *SIGH*”

    1. Thank you. For some reason this winter seems longer, more wintery than most. We’re ready to move on to warmer days although I suspect we’ll be complaining about it being too hot soon. LOL And thanks for swinging by-we 💙 visitors.

    1. It’s seems like it’s been an extra long winter this year. We’re all looking forward to moving along to a season that doesn’t have white as it’s main color. 😉 Hope you guys are staying well. We’ve missed seeing pics of your snow.

  4. We had rain, which turned to sleet, which turned to ice pellets and more freezing rain on top of that with the road temp being 24F, and the wiper blades going, I knew it was bad…today there was thick glaze on everything! Pretty with the little bits of sun that did not do much to warm it up…it got to about 26F, and now its 18F….Brrr…after some nice days in the 40’sF, we are back in winter mode. Phooey!

    Your snow looked pretty…and the blue sky is spectacular!

    1. Norman: The blue sky here is really something to behold.

      Elsa: Winter can be quite the difficult season. Those doggone nice days lull you into thinking it’s all ok and then suddenly…WHAM! it clobbers you with crummy. What the heck is that all about?

  5. Thank you for the snow photos. I miss snow. We just haven’t been getting any in Massachusetts this winter.

    1. You’re most welcome. Happy to share. This kind of snow is unusual in February. It usually comes in March and April.

    1. Tho chilly temps are likely to persist for a few more weeks. Sigh. It’s in the 50’s today, much better than the past several days, thank dog. We hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Norman, I completely understand your need to keep the pillows just so. I’m very much a pillow guy myself. And Elsa, you are so right. People ARE weird.

    Once again, the dynamic duo kicks butt!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    1. Thank you, kind sir. Pillows are an absolute necessity when you’re a fella looking for a spot of comfort. Have a great weekend.

    1. He’s certainly not the brightest bulb in the chandelier (and not just for shoveling in shorts). 😉 We plan to make more of those paw print cookies-they are as cute as they are tasty. 🐾

  7. Reminds me of a song, The weather outside is frightful, but inside, it’s so delightful. So if we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
    Good job, Norman,helping to raise money to help the homeless sheepdogs like you! And those cookies had us baffled as to why the chips looked like they were in exactly the same spot on each one, then we realized they are pawprints! Good job to you, too, Miss Monika (if you made them). And Elsa, we admire your fortitude in the snow! XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley

  8. Well I am now wondering if maybe YOU all got OUR Winter?! We had one sort of snow about 1/4″ which melted in an hour – that’s ALL Winter…..maybe you got our share? If so – thanks!

    Hugs, Teddy

    1. We keep wondering why it seems to be on an endless loop of snow, melt, repeat ourselves. Enjoy those perfect temps while they lasts.

  9. Maybe the man without clothes…uh…half clothes, was thinking he would melt when he put his pants on…MOL…Snow, cookies, flowers, geese and icepicles…what else do we need? Two very smart doggies, what a treat☃😸Double Pawkisses for a Happy Weekend🐾😽💞

    1. Elsa: Well, we ain’t getting any younger. Chop chop, Mother Nature.
      Norman: What she said.
      Happy weekend, Frank.

    1. Thanks. Those peanut butter paws were super tasty or so Mum said they were. Because they had chocolate, she said us pups couldn’t have any. Boo-hiss. Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Too hot or too cold…nope. I’m a middle of the road chap. Hope you have a pawsome weekend, Helen.

  10. You guys tell your Mum that those are some beautiful pics. And those cookies! Whoa.
    We had some fierce wind and warm temps that melted a good foot or so of the snow so, OF COURSE it is snowing now… I’m going to have to bundle up to go out and shovel as it’s about 16℉ (with a windchill of -2) so…
    Happy Friday to you and yours and have a fabulous weekend!

    1. Thanks, Miss Dale. We all feel the same way about the wind-it’s the worst! Mum can deal with the cold but the wind is a hard pass. Sorry to hear you’ll be out shoveling though I know you’ll find something beautiful somewhere in it. Have a good weekend.

      1. Wind is awful. Kept me up the other night! I don’t blame your mum. It makes everything awful. Oh, I found my daily workout is what I found!
        And thank you, I think I will.

    1. Thanks. Mum found those on Pinterest and thought they’d be ‘pawfect’ for a bake sale that benefited the rescue.

  11. pawprint cookies are adorable! I prefer winter here as the summer is TOO hot and nothing cools off the house! Norman you’re a beautiful boy

    1. Thank you. We thought uprights would get a kick out of those paw print cookies. We can do with a new season for a while. Here’s hoping you have a nice weekend.

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