Transitions and Treasures

Christmas 2014 is now in the history books but was quite epic for me this year. On the one hand, it is a time of major transition that will take some adjustment. Both my children and their families have moved to distant parts of the country so this was the first time ever there were no kiddos around to enjoy Christmas morning (to be fair, my oldest brother spent Christmas with me and my parents and he’s still acts like a kid sometimes, albeit one who is now retired). Still, the celebration was one that was amazing. Christmas day is my Mom’s birthday and I always try to spend the day with her. This year work gifted us an extra day off (pinch me–that still blows me away) which allowed for a few days to spend out-of-town at Mom and Dad’s. And while it was eerily quiet and definitely NOT the hallmark of past family get togethers (due to sheer numbers, not drama), it was decidedly very different without the kidlets.

Christmas is tailor-made for little kids, their excitement, their energy…it’s the perfect recipe for experiencing the joy and fun of Christmas. Not having any little kids around this year left me completely out of step, off-balance even, though I did enjoy the time spent with my parents and yes, even my adolescent-like brother. We talked, laughed and ate/drank but it was clearly different and weirdly odd from past Christmases when the house is full of noise and activity.

Yet it appears that Santa reads this blog because he sent these two incredible treasures.

Santa to the rescue!

‘Colorado Santa’ gifted me a vintage and exquisite genuine alligator handbag which was from my much beloved grandmother in Germany. This bag is probably over 60 years old and is so beautifully made; it’s almost a work of art and one that I’m almost afraid to use (but definitely WILL!). It will be one amazing accessory for sure but more importantly it will be an absolute treasure in my heart/soul and one that will always make me always smile at its history. It  will (a) remind me of two very special family members and (b) remind me of my German heritage. Every time I’ll look at it, memories full of love and gratitude will be triggered about two very special family members. <3

‘Hawaiian Santa’ (and newly appointed manager of Martin & MacAurthur in Kona 🙂 and who also happened to be the same benefactor of the once beloved Goldpfeil wallet brutally eviscerated by one damn standard poodle who shall remain nameless!) gifted the gorgeous wallet with Koa wood monogram. It is beyond gorgeous and unfortunately the photo does neither piece any justice. If you don’t know about Koa wood, check out M&M’s website ( – their stuff is fabulous and gorgeous.

Both gifts absolutely took my breath away, will be forever adored and will make my heart sing whenever I look at them. Of course I love them–they are both truly exquisite (I mean, what’s not to love–they are both gorgeous), but I’m in love with the heartfelt memories they will generate especially at a time when I was feeling off kilter and out of sync. Should Sam begin to cast even a tiny glance toward either of them, he shall be flogged like the red-headed step child that he is! Seriously though, when not being used, they will both be under lock and key behind closed doors and kept well away from that dimwit!

Oceans of gratitude and love to both ‘Santas.’ I hope they know how much their gifts meant to me and how incredibly grateful I am for their thoughtfulness. You guys are truly the best!

What made your Christmas wonderful? Was it different from past Christmases? <3

7 thoughts on “Transitions and Treasures

  1. Wow, a real alligator bag is a rare possession. Most alligators now a days carry only a small clutch or perhaps a fanny pack which is quite a sight since ‘gators lack fannies.

    I kid, I kid…it looks like Santa did well by you and your holiday story was a good read although we all want to hear more about this so called “adolescent-like brother” – there’s a story there, we can tell.

    (Pssst…Sam….did you see those tasty fashion accessories?)

    1. Awk! Don’t even suggest Sam check out the accessories!!! He gets enough absurd notions as it is. As for the adolescent-like brother, oh my…where to begin? I’d have to start a whole new blog and one that wasn’t G-rated! 🙂 Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

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