‘Fursday’ smiles

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Two former college roommates were walking their dogs along the street. One of the guys had a German Shepherd and the other one had a Chihuahua. They were catching up after not seeing each other for a while.  The first one said, “Let’s go grab a drink and talk about old times to which the other one responded, “I’d love to man, but we’ve got the dogs with us and no one is going to let us into a bar with the dogs.”

The first guy said, “No problem, I’ve got this covered and he pulls a pair of Ray Bans out of his pocket and says, “Just follow my lead-we’ll look like just a couple blind guys meeting up for a drink” and off he strolls into the corner bar. The bartender sees the German Shepherd and asks him, “How’s it going? What’ll it be?” The guy orders a drink and the bartender brings it.

The younger guy thinks, “This is brilliant,” pulls out his Ray Bans and walks into the bar a few seconds later. He stops, feels around and says, “Bartender, can I get a scotch? The bartender says “You can’t come in here with that dog.” The guys says, Hey, I’m just a blind guy trying to grab a drink, what’s wrong with that?” The bartender says, “You idiot, they don’t have Chihuahuas as seeing eye dogs, now get the heck out of here.” Not to be deterred, the guy responds “Wait, what…they gave me a Chihuahua?! In that case, make it a double!”

Source: cutepuppiesphotos.com
Source: cutepuppiesphotos.com

Oh, to be that quick and clever on my feet! 🙂 Can you believe it’s ‘Fursday’ already and that January is half over? Any ‘doubles’ in store for you during the playoffs this weekend?

Live, love, bark <3

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  1. Lol I kept imagining this playing out in Highland, except the bartender didn’t fall for it so they left the dogs leashed outside while they got trashed. Damn hipsters!

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