Rain, rain, go away…

come again another day. NEVER thought I’d be singing that playground rhyme around here. Most of the time I’d be thrilled for the moisture. Denver is located at the western edge of the great plains at the base of the Rocky Mountains, we are semi arid and currently at 60% of normal precipitation for this time of year. Trust me, come August when it’s day after day of 90-100 degrees, and humidity in the 8-15% range, I’ll be hoping whining for this rain.

Rain, rain...go away, come again another day!
Rain, rain…go away, come again another day!

But lately we seem to be in some sort of unusual holding pattern in the Mile High and despite the Chamber of Commerce mantra of 300 days of sunshine a year, the weather has been uncharacteristically grey and wet for several days in a row. You can imagine how ecstatic everyone was when the sun came out for about 30 minutes late yesterday afternoon. Some people at my office took off work early to run home and mow their hay fields lawns before they turned into jungles which was promptly followed by clouds and an extended shower later on in the evening. So imagine how  the conversation went this morning.

Before I recount this morning’s conversation, let me set the stage here. First, it’s pee-o’clock (otherwise know at 5:00 am), the sun isn’t quite up yet and it’s raining fairly hard. Here’s how it went down.

Me: “Ok, ok, I’m getting my shoes on, just hang on to your whiskers!”

Sam: “Oh yay, oh yay, I love this time of day!!” [bounce, bounce, bounce]

Me [opening door and Sam bursting out like he’d been shot out of canon]. Sam slamming on his brakes and skidding to the end of the covered patio. Screeeeeeech!!

Sam: “Wait, what…it’s raining. Uh, yeah…I think I’ll just stand under the eve of the house and watch.”

Me: “Come on, let’s go pee!” [spoken in an encouraging voice]

Sam: “But um…it’s wet out there. You can’t possible expect me to go stand out there and pee in the rain? Nope, not doing it. I’m going back into the house” [whereby he runs along the house under the eves so as to not get wet until he hits the covered patio and makes a mad dash to the back door.

Me:  “Oh, for heaven’s sake, you aren’t going to melt you dimwitted fur ball!” [waking back to the back door and being greeted by a tail-wagging doofus with the “Hey, I’m sure I can hold it” look on his face]. I swear, this dog has the drama down pat like a character from a Mozart opera.

I had to laugh out loud at the whole scene and we go in. I figure I’ll make some coffee to warm up and start to get ready and then we’ll go on our walk once the rain has subsided. Five minutes in and he’s bouncing up and down like a pogo stick, “Oh my god, I have to pee, I.have.to.go.pee!”

Me: “Oh, all right!” So I head toward the back door and he continues to bounce up and down like he’s about to explode. I grab his snow coat because it’s fairly waterproof. He’s wagging his whole back-end and I can’t get the buckles connected so he doesn’t pee on them and he keeps licking my face as I’m bending over trying to get him to stand still for a couple of seconds so I can hitch him all up. No sooner than I get everything all connected, he goes bouncing outside and screeches to a halt again as soon as he sees the rain which by now has diminished to a steady sprinkle now.

Sam: “Um, you know it’s still raining…you expect me to go out in that?”

Me: “GO PEE!!!”

Sam: “Well, when you put it like that, I suppose I could. I’ll check out along the fence line and then just wander down the alley a couple of houses because I don’t like the fence line spot. There’s no pee-mail to read so I can’t possible pee there.” He starts sniffing and circling, then more sniffing and circling.

And then quick like a bunny, he dashes down the alley, near a neighbor’s car and proceeds to relieve himself on a tire. Oh Gawd, I’m horrified and quickly look around to make sure no one sees him.  I catch up with him just about the time he’s finished but not before I see that contented look of relief on his face. Soon as he sees me, he breaks for the back door again. Dashing back I go to the door, let him in and he has this smug satisfied look on his face. Ha, ha, ha. Brat! 🙂

Sam: “Aren’t I a good boy?!” Tail wag.

Where did I go wrong? So…again I say, rain, rain, go away, come again another day but preferably after 6:30 in the morning so I don’t have to stand in the rain to make sure that knot-head doesn’t run after some early morning critter or stand around getting drenched in tee-shirt and PJ bottoms freezing my tukhus off and soaking my sueded slippers while I shiver in the rain waiting for him to stop being such a sissy boy.

So guess what the forecast is for this weekend? Get this…according to the National Weather Service, ‘heavy thunderstorms passing through metro area – Severe storms today, snow on Sunday.  Saturday will be an encore performance of wet and cool weather in Denver with highs staying in the mid-50s. To the west, expect snow to fall in the northern and central mountains — perhaps a foot or two.  A WINTER STORM WATCH is in effect for the Northern and Central Mountains above 9,000 feet for Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning.’

Yup, you read that right, snow on Mother’s Day! Looks like I’d better drag out the snow shovel.

Live, love, bark! <3

26 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away…

  1. Oh lord, it’s like I’ve lived this. You had me giggling in sympathy here.

    Many times when it is raining I need to remind my dogs that they are labs. And I have held an umbrella over them or found a sheltered spot they could do their business in. Of course, if we go for a walk, well then they don’t mind at all, but just try and get them outside in the rain to pee.

    What is it about that?

  2. Had a big chuckle at your post, Monika. Bilbo, who refuses to put a paw in the water at the beach, stands out in the rain like he’s wrapped up in some kind of waterproof coating and then gets all upset when he’s escorted to the laundry.
    Must be hard with e bad weather when things are supposed to be looking up and you’re thinking Spring and Summer is just around the corner. We’ve had about a week of beautiful weather here where aside from being a little chilly, there’s been beautiful sunshine and deep blue skies like on my Opera House post. Took the dogs for a run along the beach today and met up with some dog walkers I haven’t seen since I broke my foot. It was like a movie cast down there what with Sam the OES dog and Lassie Collie. They glamorous long-haired breeds do look a bit out of place at the beach.
    It turns out that since the Sydney storms, we’ve gained a rocky outcrop down there. That much sand was washed away.
    Anyway, take care and good luck with getting some sun soon!
    xx Rowena

    1. An OES, eh? Used to have 2 of those fur balls before Sam. I can’t even begin to imagine keeping them clean if they’re beach dogs! Weather is looking up, more seasonal now. This is rather normal spring weather in Colorado-wait 10 minutes and it’ll be different. 🙂

      1. Our weather is very changeable at the moment. Was sunny this morning but raining tonight. Can’t be too disappointed. It is almost Winter after all!!

  3. Funny story because it’s so true. Dog owners find nothing unusual about standing in the rain and entreating another species to please, please, pretty please urinate for Mommy. It really proves who is the boss.

  4. This made my day! I often have these same kinds of convos with Eugene and Lily Belle. I need to add some strike outs in my blog. 🙂 love love love!

      1. It was a painful chore to begin with but now he associates the leggings with going for a walk and patiently lets me put them on him. Moreover, on days when I have no choice but to thoroughly wash his paws I can walk him into the shower next to my laundry room and though he has a pout on his poodle face he will step straight into the shower stall without prompting (but with dour resignation to be sure) .

  5. I think Sam is very smart, I don’t want to be out in the rain either! At our house the battle is to keep them in out of the rain and save my floors. What can I expect having TWO Chessies. Them “Oh yay, Oh yay, it’s raining!! We have to go out and stomp in the puddles!” Me “No you don’t.” Them ” We have to Pee!” Me ” You just did 5 minutes ago.” Them “Pleazzzeee, it’s water, it’s our favorite!!”

    1. Ha, ha. Love your conversation! Stay dry and safe up your way. Yeah, I’ve given up on keeping the floors clean. Give Rudder and Axel a butt & ear scratch from me. Happy Dog Mom’s Day. <3

  6. Hahaha! Oh I know that story well x3 🙂 Abbe is the only one who doesn’t think she is dying when it is raining. Who would have thought that 88lbs of Lab would melt in the rain? Not me! Happy Dog Mom Day to you!!!!!
    Marty’s Mom

  7. Yes you are a super good boy Sam! That’s very brave to pee in the rain, that’s definitely too much wet stuff, right? I agree with you, I always wait under our big tree till someone comes with an umbrella to bring me back to my crib :o) I hope the snow will not mess up this sunday…. it was there such a long time, now the meadows should be occupied by flowers and grass :o)

  8. Hahahah we have the same here….the brakes get slammed on and that is it..no budging…all the coaxing..i end up standing in the rain while the pair of them saunter back inside..maybe i should pee outside 🙂 i mena they swim in the dam..in the reservoir..go figure :)stay warm sweets loves Bev xx

  9. Oh no – didn’t it snow like mad on Mother’s Day last year too? Crazy Colorado weather! Stay warm and dry as best you can and Happy Doggie Mom’s Day 🙂

    1. Yup about 4″ May 5 last year. Crazy Spring weather! They brought out snow plows in the Springs because of the deep hail on Thursday. So wild! Happy Dog Mom’s Day to you. 🐾

  10. Laughed so….much after reading this. Lovely conversation at 6 a.m……So well written, as usual, I could picture every moment! Happy Mother’s Day to you

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