Over the River and Through the Woods…

to Grandmother’s house we go…🎶
I needed to see,
if Grandma can play…
with my ow-wn no-ose 🎶

IMG_1400Sam here…mom and dad took me down to Grandma’s house (also known as bunny nirvana) a couple of days ago to see how well my Grandma was doing since being released from home hospice care this week. Boy, am I impressed…she’s doing remarkably well! She still gets tired easily, but her color is back and her voice is strong. We are all super thrilled and continue to count our lucky stars at her progress. Way to go Grandma, I <3 you!!

My mom thought she’d be a real prankster clever and confuse me on our morning walk in bunny heaven. She decided to run before I got a chance to take that opportunity. I was too busy sniffing out all the bunny hideouts at Grandma’s house. Boy, there must be a jillion of them running around out there because I couldn’t decided which scent track to take so I kept going back and forth between several of them. All of a sudden, mom started to jog up the hill. Wait…what are you doing, mom?! I’m the one who’s supposed to do all the running and loping, not you!! She took off dragging me behind her up the hill and I (a) either couldn’t get over being flabbergasted that she was running or (b) could never could catch up with her (boy, those bunnies better watch out, if mom starts chasing them, they’d be in big trouble). She said it felt good in the crisp morning air and was even surprised at how far she managed to go before gasping for her life slowing down. As a practice session with interval training, she was happy…once she caught her breathe when she came back into the house. Time will tell if she keeps it up. I’m guessing I’ll be better at it then she will. BOL

So what are you doing for the weekend? Any fun plans or just staying warm? Here’s hoping you have a pawsome one, whatever you do! 🐾

Live, Love, Bark! <3

42 thoughts on “Over the River and Through the Woods…

  1. Your mom looks fantastic! So happy she’s doing so well now!!

    As for running? The closest I get to it is chasing Ducky while she runs around the yard with her Kong Bounzer in her mouth. And I should point out that my running would barely qualify as jogging! I bet Ducky and Shadow would “lose it” if they ever saw a bunny in the yard! They have to settle for the “tree rats”.

    1. Running/jogging are both the same exercise in agony in my books. I have never seen a runner/jogger smiling while doing it. I rest my case for thinking it’s torture. At least with interval training, the spurts are shorter and doable. I’m sure Ducky would completely jones on trying to catch those prairie rabbits-wily little things that they are…fast as all get out and have the ability to turn on a dime! 😉

  2. Today is Sunday here already and it is early am – 6am to be exact. We have already been out for our morning walk – notice walk – and covered about three kilometers. This afternoon we will be down at the wetlands and do a further four kilometers. Yesterday we did a fundraiser for the RFDS and then pottered around in the garden ( after the cats had been chased away). So it’s been a good and a productive weekend thus far. Today we have visitors from Adelaide attending church – the Moderator and his wife – and since today is my son’s birthday the family will be over. so all in it should be a good day.

  3. So glad to hear the happy health report. Hospice benefits so many people simply because of their highly specialized care in pain management. So many people experience real healing just from the benefits of being pain free so their bodies can gain strength.

    So what is the thing with bunnies? Can you explain? Because Honey has very little prey drive. She barely looked up with a cheeky rat walked right in front of us. But bunnies? They make her insane.

    If you could share their appeal, I’d be forever thankful.

    1. No clue, but they certainly have captivated Sam’s interest. Guess it’s like squirrels for some dogs, they just drive them nuts. Sam could care less about them but a bunny is just way too interesting not to be completely enthralled. 😉

    2. Thank you! Not sure why bunnies are so fascinating…maybe for the same reason squirrels drive some dogs crazy? Although Sam could care less about squirrels, he’s over the moon with bunny scent trails. ღ

  4. You’re cute and all Sam but Grandma looks amazing! It’s wonderful to see she’s comfy at home and doing so well. Wow, I’m really impressed you & your mama are running – keep it up and it WILL get easier, I promise! 🙂

  5. I would like to go with you to your granny’s house…. we could chase the bunnies together :o) I decided to spend this day under a blanket with my momma who tries to create the biggest cold of slice earth… her sneezing sounds like an angry elephant :o)

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