Primary Tuesday

I votedToday is Primary Tuesday in the US and although Colorado held its caucus earlier, today New York state votes.

Sam here…well your votes have been counted…and it looks like you guys think I’m a gangsta artist! Woof, what’s up with THAT?! Still can’t believe mom posted that photo of me. Doesn’t she realize I’m a certifiable doofus dignified and regal canine? But perhaps it’s a good thing I’m  a good source of amusement for her. She said something about being me being her ‘muse.’ Whatever gets you through the day, right?

Mom said it was hilarious that some of you guys thought I looked like a French artist. Why is it so hard to think of me as an artist, I asked? Most people think I’m a “French Poodle” (my breed is actually from Germany, just like my mom) and with my fluffy tail, I could easily paint amazing canvases with the best of the Dutch masters [background shrieks of laughter]. “Stop it, mom!! I absolutely could paint-it’s called contemporary art. As if she’d know anything about that. Pfft…she hasn’t picked up a brush in oh I’d say..fur-ever.” Parents…can’t live with them, can’t live with them [smirk].

finalAny who…mom and dad took me to see my grand peeps for the weekend. I love being able to check up on see my grandma and snoopervise chores around the house. My Oma needed to water plants and I went on the hunt for sun puddles helped. While she’s still recovering from pneumonia, she is doing much better. We are still blown away at her progress and general wellness given that the doctors didn’t even think she’d survive last October. Color us extremely grateful and thrilled beyond words!! It’s extremely rare that people flunk out of hospice but my grandma did!

While we were visiting the grandparents who live in bunny paradise, the whole state experienced another Snowmaggedon with nearly 4 ft. of snow falling in the mountains and foothills (mom’s daughter used to live in the foothills outside Denver before moving to Oregon and there was over 40″ of the white stuff near their old house–no wonder they moved!). It was mostly rain-mixed-with-snow where my grandma lives and my paws were crossed that her bunnies stayed warm and dry. With that kind of weather, it was difficult for my Sherlock Holmes nose to find their scent trails plus those 40 mph winds really messed up my hairs.

finalWe made the trip home safely despite the wind, snow and stupid drivers and I still HATE riding in the car. I don’t get it…it seems like a good thing to do and I love going with my peeps. I always am so excited about going but as soon as the key is turned I freak out, pant like a lion and shake like a leaf the whole way. Mom fur-got to bring the herbal calming remedy that we used on our trip to California so I made her add it to my travel bag when we got home for our next long trip. I can’t wait….gulp…I think.

So if you live in New York, don’t fur-get to vote today and celebrate…there are only 7 more months till the whole seedy thing is over. Pennsylvania, you’re on deck. Howl!

Live, love, bark! <3

24 thoughts on “Primary Tuesday

  1. I think you looked totally awesome buddy. And this voting thing. WOW – it’s a little crazy isn’t it? I can’t wait for it to be over. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Gah, it’s like the winter that wouldn’t end! We had significant snow just a few weeks ago.

    I hope the voters use their noggins when voting, honestly, it’s not like there are a lot of good choices. 🙁

  3. motion sickness… it’s the price you pay to go with the peeps I guess. snoopervise, lol

  4. I’m so happy that your Oma feels so much better after that pneumonia. It’s great to be the guest in a house, you can be lazy the whole time with getting treats and hugs wherever and whenever you appear in a room :O)

  5. You do look like you’re reconsidering this whole road trip thing in your car, S. I used to be shaky and carsick when Mom first got me, but she played with me in the car a lot without driving, and soon, I stopped being scared. Next time you’ll have your medicine. That will help.

    Love and licks,

    1. Not sure what the problem is. I LOVE sitting in it with mom and am fine so long as the engine isn’t running. God thing I don’t get car sick which is good-that’s very unpleasant on a long distance trip, Cupcake. 😉

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