Travelogue – Day 1

IMG_2469Although we started later than we had wanted, we arrived in the lovely ‘burg’ of Rawlins, Wyoming by dark. Rawlins is the center of sheep and cattle country in Wyoming as well as being noted for “Rawlins Red,”  a red pigment containing hematite, an oxide of iron mined nearby that is purported to prevent rust and said to have been used in the paint on the Brooklyn Bridge. Rawlins is also the location for the Wyoming State Prison. Getting to Rawlins on I-80 was quite the adventure-winds gusting 35+ mph and we saw drifts of snow easily over 6 ft. tall off the highway. The vistas were wide and impressive. Understandably, there are loads of wind farms.



Sam approved of our room at the Fairmont Inn. He gave it a 4-paw rating and couldn’t contain his tail-wagging glee (note blurred tail) although us uprights have counted at least 7 coal trains chugging by since we arrived in the early evening. Keep your fingers crossed that we make better time tomorrow since we have about 800 miles to go before reaching our destination in California.

Live, love, bark! <3

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  1. Monika, I’m reading your posts in reverse so I’ve read about Sam being an anxious traveler on your most recent post and then read about snow drifts on the road in this post. Being Australian and living nowhere near snow even in Winter, I have never experienced a snow drift but by the sound of it Sam is understandibly concerned and I don’t blame him for thinking the humans should be off the road and in the house…him too!
    Lady, is now scratching my foot. Hurry up! Instead of the kid’s catch cry of “Are we here yet?”, I think the dogs are hassling me with a “Move it! Move it Move it!
    By the way, while my daughter was at school yesterday, I printed off something like 600 photos so I have sorting those out to look forward to today. That said, I could easily have a nap and defer the beach. Two early mornings in a row is a rude shock for a night owl. A night owl, mind you, who is about to change her feathers!
    xx Rowena

      1. That really does sound scary. I don’t even like the sound of the wind whirling around when we’ve had storms, let alone being out there in it. Could Sam use kitty litter? xx Ro

  2. I’ve heard it never rains in Southern California and that being so – no snow!! Glad you approved of the hotel Sam. Don’t know what the uprights would do without you.

    Only eight hundred miles more to go
    Only eight hundred miles more to go
    And if we just get lucky
    We will end up in Kentucky
    Only eight hundred miles more to go
    Oops: sorry wrong direction – just as well they have you there Sam.

  3. And the adventure begins. I’m loving this my pal. It’s going to be great and you look so marvelous stretched out on your bed 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

      1. Snorts! I can so imagine that my friend. Bless your hearts! You should take a picture of that train – you know as documentation of your first night – 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

        1. I’m trying to forget that infernal racket! We’re in Nevada tonight and there’s no train tracks close by so hope we’ll be good. We all need a good night’s rest after being blown from one end of Wyoming to the other! ღ

            1. Oh Bacon, Nevada isn’t all that exciting if you don’t gamble. It’s brown, brown, brown and then there are gobs of lights everywhere (yet Wi-fi was seriously lacking-we were without coverage for far longer than I’d prefer!). The whole gambling thing was never my cup of tea. 🙁

              1. Oh I agree. Mom/dad are so not gamblers either. The only reason they would visit the gambling areas would be for the AYCE buffets – says a lot about my humans huh? Snorts with piggy laughter. XOXO – Bacon

  4. What a racy shot! Sam, this is such a poodley adventure. Are you old enough for wine tastings? Hope to see you next to a redwood! Surfing!

  5. How great that you loved your howltel Sam… I always wonder why all beds in howltels are white…. Good luck tomorrow with the 800 miles… I hope you will need not 3 months like the guys in that ole movie… and they had only to go for 700 miles, but hey… they went westwards too :o)

  6. You look super-comfy, S. I’m glad the trip is going well so far. Sometimes the journey is its own destination. Have fun.

    Love and licks,

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