Follow-up ‘Furs-day’

A few of you contacted me regarding specific recipes after our earlier post. I consider the use of essential oils to be preventative in nature so here is additional information about options I like and have found to work well.

Essential Oils

Kelly at Primally Inspired shared this YouTube video with an easy to make recipe in the battle of keeping nasty little buggers at bay. Living in a wooded area, it makes sense to conclude her successful use over the past few years as a good barometer for determining effectiveness. The recipe is simply and easy to make with only 3 ingredients (although our preference is to use 100% witch hazel over vodka). Rose Geranium oil is a terrific non-chemical remedy and this concoction can also be sprayed on a bandana worn around the neck. Groovy fashion statement and a safe remedy for our fur-kids…gotta love that combo.

We have used various essential oil recipes for repelling all manner of crawly or flying things. When my daughter used to live outside Denver in the foothills where deer and bears were frequent visitors, this one worked for both Sam and me and is also a swell mosquito repellant.

bug repellent


For those of you more into homeopathic solutions, in addition to Ledum as noted in our earlier post, the use of the homeopathic nosode Psorinum 30c can naturally repel and control ticks and fleas on dogs and cats. It’s totally natural, economical, non-toxic to kids, pets and the environment and can be safely given to dogs or cats. Psorinum is an effective alternative treatment over chemical flea and tick collars for pets with insecticide intolerance, or ineffectiveness since some hardy bugs may become immune to insecticides found in commercial flea and tick collars.

Hope this follow-up provides some additional info for those of you who want to pursue a more natural route. If you have any other specific questions, be sure to email us.

Live, love, bark! <3

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