Wish You Were There Wednesday

Since winter seems to have returned for a fair number of peeps across the US and cooler temps are forecast for us at the Ranch over the next few days, how about a nice sunny location to warm the heart if not the bones?

Here’s a view from the beach in Mazatlán (near the Gold Coast area) that might fill that bill. I don’t know about you, but I felt better and warmer just recalling that sunny day where the people were smiling, the beer was tasty and the food was delicious after an afternoon of snorkeling.

From the patio of Pablo's, Mazatlán

From the patio of Pablo’s, Mazatlán

Where would you like to be today to warm up? Happy Hump Day!

Live, love, bark! ❤

56 thoughts on “Wish You Were There Wednesday

  1. alexalily

    seeing crocus flowers in our garden along side daffodils getting ready to bloom and with the warm temps. i find myself sometimes forgetting its February.
    mother nature going thru menopause….love that comment!
    guess that would explain the swings in temp.
    I’m enjoying the warm days but miss having a winter this year.
    had to take Lily to the vets yesterday. been having problems with fleas already. the vet said she has seen alot of dogs/cats already just this month alone with fleas. feeling sad for our fur family members. too soon to be having to deal with fleas.

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    1. Tails Around the Ranch Post author

      Mother Nature seems to need hormonal replacement therapy these days. As for fleas now…yeah…that’s just too soon! Hope Lily gets some relief. We use essential oils to avoid chemicals but then fleas aren’t a huge problem here.


  2. lapaylor

    I miss seasonal weather… I know I might be the only one. I like winter to act like winter til it’s Spring time. I grew up in FL with no real seasons, hot most all the time. As to tropics however… I remember a very nice day spent in Laguna Beach, by the water, soft breeze, blue skies. So nice… so clean…

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    1. Tails Around the Ranch Post author

      Four seasons are exactly why I live in Colorado. I may grouse about shoveling walks but truth be told I don’t mind snow storms (only mind bloody bitter cold and wind). This rollercoaster of 70’s in February with an occasional day of ‘regular’ temps makes for a lifetime of semi-reasonable stasis and upsets my internal apple cart.


      1. lapaylor

        I know it’s the up and down, the back and forth and that seems to bring strong winds. I try to walk every day, and the wind has been so strong here I fear branches coming down on my head! I know just what you’re saying Monika!

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  3. evilsquirrel13

    My experience is similar to the last commenter’s. 60’s and 70’s almost every day for the past two weeks, with a brief, very brief return of winter this weekend, then back to very early Spring. My daffodils and tulips are already starting to sprout, and they usually don’t come out until mid-late March!

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