We humans are a strange lot. We love to celebrate even the smallest events from birthdays to anniversaries annually and indeed, sometimes events even more frequently. It gives our lives texture and activates serotonin centers in the brain when those celebrations and anniversaries memorialize happy times. Today was supposed to be one of those days where I slip head first into mushy celebration of an anniversary of sorts.

Six months ago today a strange, shy little blank slate of a Ninja came into the my life. Elsa, the puppy mill survivor touched a special spot in my heart and I knew I needed to bring her home with me. She held so much promise. Little did I know what that promise would entail.

It would have been two months ago to the day that Elsa suffered her last seizure, even though it a very small one that was stemmed quickly with a healthy dose of Valium. Naturally as soon as I drafted this post, what happened? She has another small seizure over the weekend that I was once again able to stem with the administering of Valium and ice packs. *Heavy sigh*

Still, despite this recent set-back, she continues to bring smiles to my face and tugs at my heartstrings. Here are just a few of the things that make me grateful this little NInja wormed her way on to the Ranch and into my heart on this date 6 months ago.

  • The way your tail is beginning to wag more often which tells me you’re learning to be a happy dog. The fact that you’ll never be able to compete with a certain Knucklehead is of no concern. You are your own adorable pup who is deeply loved for her own individual distinctiveness.
  • I love it when you go out first thing in the morning and bounce like a Springbok antelope in the dog run. Your exuberance makes me giggle like a school girl. And I’m secretly cheering you on when you give the nasty next door Akitas the what-for through the fence. You go girl!

    Springbok imitating Elsa
  • The way you stand perfectly motionless over a toy with front paws spread and then simultaneously pounce and utter the strangest high-pitched yip directly at said toy. I can hear you anywhere in the house and it ALWAYS makes me smile and laugh. I can’t help but wonder what it is you’re saying to that toy.
  • The way you lower your head and creep like a stealthy panther when you spot a squirrel 20 feet ahead of us then rapidly move race toward it like you were fired from a slingshot. Silly girl, you cannot climb the tree after it but you try every. single. time. frequently making me your unwilling kite.
  • And who can forget your organizational skills moving toys and bones from room to room?
  • Your persistent and never subtle nose nudges ‘informing’ me that no, in fact, I am not done petting you.
  • Your snoring that’s guaranteed to wake the dead. You do know you’re not one of the brachycephalic breeds, right?
  • And while I complain I can never see your eyes against your dark fur, you made me realize in this picture when you decided I needed a face wipe against my thigh that you do in fact, have lovely brown eyes without a special app. P.S. Thank you for the dog slobbers and whisker tidbits. I live for those on my pants. Truly. 

And so my dear sweet fur-child, happy 6 months ‘half-iversary.’ The serotonin you provide is alive and well in this upright.

Do you celebrate events as often as possible?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

63 thoughts on “Celebrations

  1. Elsa has obviously brought so much joy to your life. I wish you could have gotten through her anniversary without having to deal with another seizure though. It sounds like you at least have a good plan of action for dealing with them. Happy Belated Anniversary!

  2. Mee-you Lady Monika yur not strange at all!! Oh no yur a sweet an kind an wunderfull Hu’man that tooked Elsa inn an have stuck bye her thru thee good an bad an not grate timess of her illness. You an LadyMum are simmylar an mee ADORESS you both!!
    ~~~head rubsss~~ Siddhartha Henry~~~

      1. It seems that thee blogin people are a speshell group. Youss’ ALL do so much fur all of us 4 leggedss an even more fur us damaged oness; whether it iss fizzical or emoshunal trubbullss wee have.
        An you KNOW, Elsa luvss you fur luvvin her as mee luvss LadyMum fur luvvin mee! <3

  3. Happy 6 month-aversary! Sorry about the seizure, but so glad that you know what to do to keep them from turning into something more serious. Love the video that shows how she lops around. That would make my face, and heart, smile too. Your list of the positives is amazing. Hope things continue to go well and the seizures stop for good.

  4. I could feel myself turning to mush reading those lovely words! Happy 6 month anniversary Elsa. A lot of people, who haven’t even ever met you, love you to bits! Here’s to many a year on the ranch!

  5. I am glad you are so prepared and quick to handle Elsa’s emergencies. We all hope they go away for good, but in the meantime, she is in excellent hands. I’m afraid I am like a guy trying to keep track of a wedding anniversary. I just don’t remember most dates. Oh, Elsa and Lucy would have so much fun springing around the yard together.Someone might call animal control to come catch the springbok herd!

  6. Happy news is welcome news! Kind wishes on your anniversary, Ninja-Pup. No doubt that other resident Spoo has been a true and reliable guide on poodle behavior at the Ranch. Now…
    “nasty next-door Akitas”…hmmm…there’s a story there that curious ears want to hear.

    1. Sam is experiencing a renaissance of sorts with the little sister. He still rolls his eyes are some of her antics but their bond grows with each day. Ah…the Akitas. what can I say? They rush the wood fence, barking and snarling overtime we go outside. Elsa is not the kind of girl to tolerate that rudeness and let’s them know as she bounces past after hearing the leave it command. She moves so seamlessly from “let’s get ready to rumble” to a Gone With the Wind ‘fiddle-dee-dee’ in a heartbeat.

  7. so glad you got a picture of her adorable face. enjoyed reading your list. perhaps when she yips at her toy ( lol )
    she is giving it what for?!
    happy anniversary. you didn’t mention her having a reboot after this last seizure so a happy happy dance for that as well as a very big sigh of relief.

    1. She needs a haircut and a bath so much but I was so pleasantly surprised to be able to see her eyes, I had to use it! The past two seizures did not have the typical reset, probably because I gave her Valium right away. Think her stuck ‘scratched record’ got the bump it needed to move on. 🙂

  8. HaPpY 😊 Half Anniversary Elsa and Momma! We’re so glad you’re blogging and enjoying life with Sam and your Mum. Hope you have many more. You have beautiful eyes. ❤️

  9. you gave me happy memories of Cole… leaping, pouncing on a toy, hunting for critters. He rarely barked but yipped when a squirrel made it up the tree just in front of him. He would also turn and look accusingly at me, like he would have caught it but for the stupid leash and dead weight of me on the other end!

  10. OH! MY! DOG!!! This post just made me realize something: Elsa’s and Ducky’s Gotcha Days are only one day apart! Tomorrow we will have adopted Ducky 4 years and 6 months ago. And they both have black furs (well, mostly black in Ducky’s case). And they have both presented us with challenges. But most important, our little fur-children have given us so much more in return for having given them our love and safe, warm homes in which to spend their lives. Love to your sweet little ninja from my sweet little demonbrat! And from me, too! ❤❤❤❤

    1. Happy 4 1/2 to your precious “demonbrat” (that seems way too harsh). These adopted fur-kids are so special and bring such a light to our hearts and souls! Tons of love to your little Ducky with nose nudges and ear scratches from all of us at the Ranch. Mwah! 💋

      1. It only sounds harsh when said without affection. But sometimes she “earns” it, and even then we can’t help but say “dem❤nbrat”.
        Truth be known, since the surgery a couple of weeks ago, she has been more of a sweet girl than a bratty one. Perhaps the surgery was just what she needed, in more ways than one. 😇🐶

  11. Congrats to all 3 of you! I had to smile at your statement (re bringing her home) “Little did I know what that promise would entail.” It reminded me of a statement often repeated by Carol when talking about Ray. Given that she had 4 dogs in her past, she was not anticipating Ray to be much different but, as she now notes “Ray is nothing like any other dog that I have had!” One just never knows! 🙂

  12. love the “half-iversary!!!” Love the special tribute to one most SPECIAL PUP!!!! YAY ELSA!!!! You are much better than I am, I am lucky to get it together to do birthdays and gotcha days…now I am a horrible pet mama…I don’t do the half stuff!!!

  13. We celebrate birthdays (as close as we can remember them anymore) but other than that we don’t celebrate much with most of our animals. We do note changes in behavior to each other, though.

    However, with Callie, our puppy-mill breeding stock rescue, I celebrate every moment, much like you listed with Elsa.
    The first time she came to me with the look on her face that said, “Mom, I need…..”
    The times she snuggles up with me
    The way she has started to greet my daughter when she comes for her time at our house
    The moments she plays – not often, but on occasion
    Her adorable spring-like run when she is excited to get home
    The smile on her face when we go out for walks (now that she likes them)
    Her desire to learn – whether that is treat based or what, she clearly likes using her mind, but that took a long time to really show itself.
    Her love of visiting new places and meeting new people, especially children

    I could go on as I am sure you could, this is one of the things I love so much about having a rescue, milestones are so tiny and huge all at once.

    1. Aw my gosh…sniffle. What a sweet tribute to your puppy mill girl. You’re absolutely right, the milestones with a rescue are so tiny and yet loom large. Big ear scratches & nose nudges to Callie!

  14. Six whole months – goodness has it been only six months. It seems like you have always been here – part of the family, so to speak. I have loved hearing about your adventures, your antics, and the dog hair on clothes ( I know all about that!!) I have also been sad and concerned when you were ill and I have enjoyed reading your post. I think both you and your mom have been blessed – you in finding such a loving and caring upright ( well, she is a MacDonald, after all), and your mom in having such a delightful Ninja to bring further joy into her life. Six months, Elsa – Happy Half Anniversary.

  15. Crikey …… seems to me you two were made for each other, aye, AND what beautiful brown eyes they are!! Happy six months half-iversary. I think that deserves ice-cream too. Just like on birthdays

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