Into each life some rain must fall

The title of this post was written by that popular nineteenth century American poet, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his classic poem “The Rainy Day.” It’s meaning is ‘this too we shall survive.’

It was that meaning made me reflect on some uncharacteristic weather that we’ve experienced for the past several days. Lots of grey overcast conditions, nothing like the 300+ days of sunshine those of us who are lucky enough to live in Colorado generally experience. The weather in fact was not only grey and dreary, the humidity was significant enough it left us a rather large present along our typical cityscape ambling yesterday morning. While little mushrooms aren’t uncommon after rainy weather, this one took me by surprise.

‘Shroom anyone?

The little Miss Ninja wasn’t that keen on trying to avoid photo bombing her brother so much either. But her reliable stay…well…let’s just say it ain’t all that reliable and no need to take unnecessary chances, right? It was a feat keeping Sam sitting next to this huge mushroom that sprouted up overnight, keeping Elsa out of the frame and me able to hang on to her with a bag of poop to dispose of, all the while not dropping the phone or dropping the leash. But us moms are jugglers if anything. Over the years, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that large of a mushroom after a day of rain in Denver and had to capture it. I know it looks like a gnarly tree stump but trust me…that was one. mega. fungus!

Cheers for a great Friday and an even better weekend. Yikes, just realized April starts this weekend. Got any April Fool’s Day pranks prepared that you’re willing to share?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

54 thoughts on “Into each life some rain must fall

    1. It was even larger when I went by this evening. If the dogs hadn’t been focused on so many other interesting scents, I might have taken another picture of it. Starting to become a bit scary. 🙂

  1. That is one huge mushroom! I, too, think Sam looks proud – maybe he’s proud that he is doing such a great sit-stay, even if it is by some strange thing. We had some rain a couple of days ago and I had a colony of some mushrooms pop up next to my basement patio. I mowed the lawn today and just went around them because I know they are really yucky when the mower hits them and, just in case, I didn’t want to snort spores either. Didn’t get a picture.

  2. Wow, that is practically a Pacific-Northwest-worthy fungui! (Or fun guy as my hubby, the comedian, always says.)

    Must admit, I’m not really a fan of April Fool’s Day. I’m all for humor, but… I dunno, something about trying to make a fool of the other person that I never liked. So hopefully it will be an uneventful, unprankful day here. 🙂 (I’m actually meeting up with my college roommates for lunch so we’ll see if any of them remember it’s AF Day and try to pull anything!)

  3. I think Sam’s face has the “whatever human. I shall tolerate this” look. Nothing beats juggling leashes and poop. You learn really quick when you have a bag breach…yaaaaaa.

  4. We’re use to such sights here in the Pacific NW, but even still, I love finding an interesting mushroom. They can toxic, so it’s good to just look and keep paws off!

    1. Yes, it’s something a bit unusual here in a high mountain desert. I’m rather terrified of ‘shrooms in general but trust me, no canine lips came remotely close to touching that monster! Sam was pretty nonplussed by it.

  5. Even with all the rain we get here in upstate SC – or back home on Long Island – I don’t think I’ve EVER seen a ‘shroom THAT big in my entire life! Dang!!

    No, no April Fools pranks planned.

  6. Into each life some rain must fall – well, We’ve had a spot of rain here it was called Tropical Cyclone Debbie (Cat 4)- battered the east coast on Tuesday causing major damage and the rain that it brought with it is causing major flooding from Queensland down into New South Wales. Evacuation alerts have gone out to many of the smaller towns in NSW. Teams from South Australia have gone up to Queensland and NSW to assist. – This too we will survive.

  7. One of those freaky nuclear mushrooms grew by my house last spring. Mom took my picture with it. It was scary! Plus Mom wouldn’t let me taste it.

    Love and licks,

  8. That thing is huge! We hope that the weather people are starting their April Fool’s jokes early by telling us we’ll get 5-10 inches of snow ending on April 1st. 🙂

  9. We too have the occasional mini-mushrooms appear after a really soggy period but certainly nothing like that monster! The picture was worth the effort you extended to get it!

  10. Rain, well, I’ll take your word for it since it rained every day but the last of our stay!! lol. But, being a person who believes in REAL facts, I know you’re right. We got sun the last day as we drove back to Denver to the airport, and suddenly I got to see the mountains I’d heard about! Awesome! Wish I’d seen more of them!
    Sam and Elsa are the best, as are their parents who were a joy to meet in person. LeeAnna

  11. We have had some big mushrooms spring up in our yard, but nothing like that one! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  12. Congrats on getting the shot. Are you sure that is a mushroom, not a toadstool? I have never learned the difference, so I never try to eat it if it’s not for sale in the grocery. Everyone’s weather has been wonky this year.

  13. I agree we dog-mom’s are ready for the circus… I had to maneuvre a ciggie, a phone and a hogwild weimaraner… he saw &heard a screaming donkey the first time… ;o)

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