A Pet Therapist’s Creed


Stop and Paws for Nurse Sam

We recently came across this poem and I think it sums up our pet therapy work nicely. What do you think?

Clickity, clickity, clickity, clum…

down the long corridors here I come.

Through the halls and past the rooms,

by the buckets and the brooms.

Sniffing the way for someone in need,

just reach out your hand this I plead.

Then as a dog, I will know it’s okay,

for me to share my love with you today.

I’ll wag my tail and perk my ears,

and you can use my fur to dry your tears.

I’ll lick your face till you smile,

I’ll even sit with you for just a while.

So don’t let your head hang so low,

I pass no judgment, this I know.

I just want to love on you right here and now.

and be the VERY BEST DOG FRIEND I know


By: Nicole M. Carollo

Live, love, bark! โค๏ธŽ

42 thoughts on “A Pet Therapist’s Creed

    1. We really can’t lick (it’s a big no-no actually) so I just sniff around trash cans looking for lunch crumbs. Though that’s not the best thing, a strapping boy like myself needs energy when I visit with patients, right?
      Your fur-iend,

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