Pet Therapy Thursday ~ August 29, 2019

Hi there peeps, it’s me, Sam. As you may recall, I went back to work this week but wanted to share a couple of photos from the annual award ceremony. Can I just say it felt great getting back in the saddle. It was a little weird at first and I had to rely on my super powers to remember what I was supposed to do but luckily, it comes pretty naturally for me even if it had been forever since I was last there. Although I had been sick in June and again in July, my hospital friends welcomed me back with open arms and lots of treats.

So let’s check out some photos of my fellow pals from Pet Therapy who were at the awards ceremony. Mom says it’s hard getting us all to stay in line while 87 other moms are trying to take pictures. I have no idea what she’s talking about.

Pet Therapy
Pictured: Back row, Mandy, Charlee, Akira & Logan, Little One, Kai, Dolly. Front row: Yours truly, Bindy, and Axel.

My best friend, Teddy received a special award (he’s retiring from the program). We are sure going miss him. Luckily his mom is friends with my mom so hopefully I’ll still get to hang out with him once in a while.

Teddy, Pet Therapy

With Teddy leaving our program, my newest pal is Axel, the handsome dude next to me. Axel is new to the program but already is making friends all over hospital. He’s a Black-Mouth Cur, a breed with which we weren’t familiar. He was rescued from a shelter in Texas. And everyone loves his mom who is one of the most cheerful people in the program-she always has a big smile on her face. We’re excited to have Axel and his mom join our merry little band.

Axel, Pet Therapy
Pictured: Me, Axel and Dolly

Yesterday was my first day back at West Pines. Mom is working on a special post just for that visit and always tells me “but for the grace of Dog there go I” whenever we leave that place. I’m not sure what she means by that but I’m just glad I was able to visit the medical staff and nurses again with a couple of extra special encounters with patients.

Here’s a close-up of the award I received. Who knew I’d have more than 200 visits? We’ve met so many wonderful people as a member of the pet therapy squad and hope we can continue for future special times being a part of this amazing group.

Pet Therapy

Don’t we have a great looking group? They all enjoy making peeps smile and I hope there are loads of ear rubs and treats in the future for all.

Live, love, bark! ๐Ÿพ

50 thoughts on “Pet Therapy Thursday ~ August 29, 2019

  1. Mee-yow wow you all look so marvy-luss Sam!!! An you are THE hansumest of coarse. Little Bindy iss too cute!! LadyMew said shee cuud eat her upss…mee was like “WHA???” Shee xplaned it iss just afrase an not fur reel!
    An wee wish Teddy a wunderfull ree-tiremint too.
    Lovelee award Sam; you dee-serve it toetallee!
    ***purrsss*** an <3 BellaDharma an {{huggiesss}} LadyMew

    1. We do have a good group and will miss our buddy Teddy. We hope there’s still lots of treats for him.

  2. Congratulations of the Award Sam. That’s quite an achievement. I liked that Bindy next to you. She reminds me a of a WaWa I once knew…

  3. Sam, your award proves you’re the bestest
    Our Angel Lexi had one Just like that, only it was blue and only it was for her being the bestest actress. Her director gave it to her for being his favorite in the play. Maybe you’re the favorite at the hospital! We think you are the best! XOX Lucy and Xena

    1. Thanks, girls. My ‘work’ includes my two favorite things, people and tasty treats.

  4. Oh Sam your award is BEAUTIFUL!! Just beautiful!!! Look at YOU in the front of the photo with your friends! I was sooooooooo happy that TWO of your friends are SHELTIES!!!!!!!! I had to show my husband when I saw them! We always said we should have put Dakota in service dog training years ago because he is so sensitive. Those Shelties are sooooooo cute! Loved seeing you and your friends! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN!! xoxo

    1. Those shelties are quite talented too. They perform loads of tricks and compete in agility trials.

  5. How wonderful that there are awards for you. All of you do such great work that everyone should have many awards. I do love your award, Sam.

    Have a fabulous day and thank you and your mom for volunteering for such a worthy cause. โ™ฅ

    1. Yeah, her mom said thanks to me for keeping the little wanderer from getting away. My mom thought I was being a knuckleheaded oaf but we know better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I can’t imagine how good it feels to be in a room surrounded by all that doggie love. You all, moms and dogs, create a community of care. I like the looks of your new bestie Sam… really handsome pair you two

    1. Axel is a fun-loving and very sweet boy. We look forward to loads of good times with him and his mum.

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