Working Wednesday

While the rest of the world is publishing cute memes today for Wordless Wednesday, my delinquents gang decided to call an editors’ meeting. As writers we all have to deal with editors and while this day wasn’t totally convenient time wise, I agreed to it. Lately, Elsa seems more interested in the editing process {otherwise known as interrupting me with barks, lots of nose nudges under the arm and pestering in general till she gets the attention she wants}. Since I can always use some inspiration from the muses, I thought, what the heck. Sam frequently comes by when I’m on the laptop and will ‘request’ an editor’s meeeting. So I decided to bribe them with snacks just I used to back when I was in working in the law firm. Nothing seems to inspire people or pets quite like a plate of goodies, so when I put a plate out, they practically dashed to the ‘conference’ room. Here’s a transcript of our meeting.

Elsa: Oooh, hiya, mom. Is that plate of goodies for our editors’ meeting?

Mom: Hi sweetie. Yup, thought we could all use a snack while we’re working. Kind of helps the creative process or so I’m told. It always worked well in the law office when…

Sam: [Interrupting as he barges into the conference room] Yo dudes…what be shaking?

Elsa: Dudes? What. are. you. yapping. about? It’s my first editors’ meeting. Isn’t that cool, I’m so excited, let’s get started on the agenda. I think the first item on the agenda are those treats!

Sam: Wait what…now she’s barging in on my editor’s meetings, the ones where I crawl across your lap, rest my head on the laptop, receive extra attention and ear scratches so you can’t get any work done?

Elsa: You mean you get extra attention at these meetings? Woof! Sign. me. up!

Mom: Um, we seem to be starting off topic already. We’re supposed to be figuring out ways for you guys to inspire me on future posts.

Sam: Inspire?! You mean I have to work here and there won’t be any attention or extra ear scratches just for showing up? What kind of chicanery is that? Um, could someone please pass a treat?

Mom: Sam, you know the rules, there is no such thing as a free lunch treat. You have to earn them.

Sam: [Looking mortified at the thought of having to actually earn a treat.]

Elsa: I have some questions and was told you know the answer to everything so I’m hoping you can explain a few things to me.

Mom: Well, I’ll certainly try my best. Go for it.

Elsa: Ooh, ooh, mom, mom, MOOOOOMMMM!!!!!

Mom: Whaaaaat Elsa? You’re standing right here next to me! You don’t need to bark shout.

Elsa: Well…First I was wondering how come when we’re walking along and I spy a squirrel 87 feet ahead of us and we’re sneaking up on it nicely and I’ve got the pawfect plan ready to snag it with my jaws of steel when suddenly, ‘someone’ slams on the brakes and we lurch to a complete stop…totally messing up my pawsome timing and allowing said squirrel in my sights to scamper away?

Mom: Funny you should mention that. There are many days when I feel like I’m in the Middle Ages with you two trying to draw and quarter me. Your tearing my shoulder out of its socket as you race toward unsuspecting critters and mom’s in one direction and on the other side, Sam ripping my shoulder out from slamming on the breaks so he can take a pee break in the opposite direction.

Elsa: Yeah, what’s up with that anyway? He does that every 10 feet.

Sam: Hey, I’m just catching up on the local gossip around the ‘hood, reading and writing pee mails.

Elsa: Pfft…writing…ha! More like texting like a little girl.

Sam: Hey, I’ll have you know I’m leaving impawtant messages for the brahs in the neighborhood. Maybe I’m also being chivalrous telling the male dawgs to stay away from my sister. Did you ever think about that?

Elsa: Wow, you can say all that in 5 drops?! Mom, how does that work?

Mom: Well Elsa, it’s just something boy dogs do, they mark territory.

Elsa: Wow, who’d have thought you could put all that info in a teeny text pee?

Sam: Those are NOT texts!! I’ll have you know, I’m the master of brevity.

Elsa: Haha. Whatever gets you through the night. I’ve read those texts…they all read like gibberish. They don’t even make any grammatical sense. I mean, puleez. Who you trying to kid with that hooey?

Sam: Wait, you’re reading my pee mails? What kind of sorcery is this, Ninja?

Mom: Um, can we get back to the agenda by the whole “attempt to inspire me?” You know, something clever for our readers?

Elsa: But mom, I need to know, how come he does that? And while you’re answering questions, why is the sky blue? And when are we going on a hike to see the leaves change colors in the high country? And…and…and…

Mom: Ugh. Meeting adjourned. I need to get some real work done.

Sam [walking out of the room with Elsa]:  See, I told you she doesn’t know everything.

Elsa: She knows a whole lot more than you do, doofus.

Are your editor meetings as ‘productive?’

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

52 thoughts on “Working Wednesday

  1. It sounds like your editor meetings are actually productive. Mine are just Piper slipping her head onto the laptop or Chase the cat walking across the keyboard and dragging her tail across my face.

  2. Now my crew is demanding a meeting (treats included of course), and I have a feeling it won’t be any more productive than yours. There seems to be a bit of a power struggle over who gets to sit closest to me while I’m working on my computer and eating at the same time. 🙂

  3. Wonderful rescue stories! Our Editor’s meeting are usually about my dogs complaining about not getting enough belly rubs when I’m on the computer, LOL! Adorable photos!
    Love & biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  4. You had me at “editor’s meeting” and again at “plate of goodies.” Yep, I’m grabbing my crew and heading over there for future editorial conferences! PS – just adored this post!

  5. Snorts and rolls with piggy laughter. Sounds very similar to our editor’s meetings here at the Hotel Thompson. This past weekend was a huge one when mom/dad finally decided to come back home from Australia. Good workers are hard to find here. HAHA XOXO – Bacon

      1. This is true. We did put down our paws and hooves at them for leaving for so long without taking us with them. Not that we didn’t have a great time at our designated places but they weren’t there with us, right? And mom/dad still owe me a party for my birthday for not being here when it happened. I’m just sayin’ I want a BIG cake to make up for that. XOXO – Bacon

  6. What a productive meeting! Just look at all of the post inspiration your staff provided you with…

    – Should treats have to be earned, or just given?

    – Why it is beneficial for squirrels to be left unstalked

    – Does anyone go to meetings for anything other than the free food?

    Good work everyone!

  7. Ha ha!!!!! I can imagine an editors’ meeting around here. Lots of yelling, barking, and Shyla trying to get everyone to play with her!

  8. Hehehe. That IS a lot to say in only 5 drops, but it’s good to be the master of brevity. As for being drawn and quartered – yep, been there when we dog sit. Rita wants to forge ahead on our walks and my sister’s dog is insane and hates walks so he wants to turn around and head home! There’s me in the middle with my arms getting longer! Oh well I need the stretch from all the time hunched over the computer! 🙂

  9. Hahahaha! This sounds about how my meetings go. All the boys want to talk about is squirrels and peeing. Oh and the treats!

  10. That is the cutest photo of you with the scroundels! It’s nearly 5 in my world and my scoundrels are protesting, demanding food. In a second, Portia will be jumping on my lap….better go.

    1. Once the nose nudging starts under the arm, there is no escaping. Give your pups an ear/belly scratch from me. Whichever is most appropriate for you’re being away from them. (Full disclosure, I ‘shopped Elsa in from a garden pic this summer but so wish I had one where they are both displaying their mutual scoundrel skills). 😁

  11. Me: Hey Benji I’ve just been reading about Editor Meetings – what do you think??
    Benji: Yup, fantastic idea. Wake me up when it’s over – and don’t forget the treats…….
    Me: Oh well….

  12. When my “editor meetings” are held outdoors I have to throw the ball for Kloe once per seemingly every key stroke. Kali, sleeps through the meetings which is nice but hardly an inspiration for a post! My armchair editor in chief (Holly) just loves to point out typos. She’ll be somewhere reading and I hear from the other room, “you spelled [whatever word it was] incorrectly”, or “you should really have me proof read these posts before you publish them”. So all in all I guess Kali is my favorite “editor”.

  13. No editor’s meetings here (and from what I am reading, not gonna be any, either). The Lucemeister just tries to type with her chin when I have the laptop on my lap.

  14. Love this! Have the same problem, just the feline version. Paws on keyboards, tails in the way of the screen, meows, gymnastics from the back of the chair to my shoulders… Just like at The New Yorker, I’m sure!

  15. Mew mew mew Elsa an sam yur bloggie post was just what wee needed to make us smile again (after Phoebe’ss leevin Monday.) Yur both purrty caw-medic an it was nice to mew mew mew a bit again!!
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  16. Well, sounds like that didn’t go as planned. 😉 Hope Sam and Elsa got to eat the treats though. After all, that is the most impawtent part of the meeting.

      1. What would we be with our four-legged companions?! Cats are, naturally, different from dogs, but our five p/furry friends make our life better, too.
        Best, and please give Elsa and Sam a few nice scratches behind their ears,

  17. our editor meetings are more like gladiator fights … I have to hold the laptop with one hand while I sort 4 wild strugglings paws with the other hand …. and no worries sam&elsa, my mom also doesn’t know efurrything… think her membership in the smart virgo club is on pending hehehe

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