Another One Bites the Dust

The 4-pawed demolition squad, otherwise known as the Ninja, has struck again. One of Elsa’s favorite toys that she plays with frequently unceremoniously bit the dust. I thought it only fitting it had the pawfect funeral requiem before it goes to the toy graveyard mending basket.

Hard to believe this innocent looking poodle is so treacherous when it comes to toys. Early on I learned the cute toys with adorable arms, legs and noses that uprights favored were fair game when introduced to this munching machine. I have tried to keep toys without angles, edges or appendages, preferring rounded shapes so as to keep the jaws of death less likely to inflict the special death she foists on them.

Here’s just a tiny sampling of toys that once had ears, fins, and other protruding parts before my ‘Jaws’ eating machine got ahold of them. It always cracks me up how she’ll play nice and then all of a sudden WHAM! Something possesses her mind and she must then eviscerate the ever-loving stuffing out of it.

Sadly many of her stuffies have not been able to be saved, despite valiant attempts by the resident seamstress. Frankly, some were so chewed up, not even the ‘Doctors of TV‘ could put them back together. I think poor ‘Nemo’ here is just about on his last fin. The smiley ball used to have long floppy ears now only sports nubs (I’m surprised she hasn’t eaten the tag). And yet, it makes me happy to see her cart them in her mouth to the back door waiting to go on a walk with a half chewed stuffie in her mouth. Which is why whenever the fabric store has a coupon, I try to find remnants to stock up on for future projects. Looks like I’ll be visiting again soon and trying to whip up something clever that she’ll destuff enjoy even if only for a short time. She seems to enjoy the bone and heart shapes made earlier this year, so maybe Santa will make more of those.

Do you have a Kraken who destroys toys chewer who enjoys the stuffing a little too much?

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

56 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust

    1. Antlers and hooves are big favorites here too but then again often times, so are the stuffies, at least for Elsa. With her sad start in life, I’m pleased she can find joy in these simply acts of destruction and hope with time, there will be less destruction and more playing.

  1. Benji has done this but not with too many. However, even although they are de-stuffed, he still plays with them and we still have them scattered all around the house.

  2. Hehe sounds like our Mr. Alcide, we just got Hayleys birthday toy in the mail today a squeaker toy and Alcide stole it and broke the squeaker within minutes

  3. I feel your pain! Kloe is a prolific destroyer of stuffed toys and rope toys, although the rope takes her a little longer (a few days versus a few minutes). We’ve even tried those toys that are made out of fire hose material. She uses her front teeth on the seems and systematically “un-sews” the toy and ceremoniously removes the stuffing and piles it next to her. With the rope toys – and I’m talking those that are two inches thick – she pulls on the ends and it I’m amazed at how she can untie the knots. And of course throughout the process she stops intermittently to attack her sleeping sister by running into her and smashing the toy in Kali’s face. Sigh…..

  4. Bear’s slowed down quite a bit – but he used to be really hard on his toys. He loves to sink his teeth and claws into things (no red dot for him!) – and I must admit that he’s pretty adorable when teaching his toys a lesson.

  5. Shadow – like her older sister – was always gentle with stuffies, unless she wanted one that Callie had. Now, with the demonbrat who destroys every toy in her path around and Callie in Heaven, the only toys that interest Shadow are the balls she can carry in her mouth. Ducky’s favorite is her Kong Wubba. As tattered as it is, she loves it.

  6. Choppy has destroyed hundreds of toys. I thought it would get better as she got older. I guess it has – usually, the toys last a few weeks before they meet their deaths, when they used to only survive minutes or hours. Still, “dog toys” is an item that has to be in the budget.

    1. Sam isn’t interested much in toys, that’s Elsa’s domain and she makes up for it in spades. Luckily it’s easy to whip something up on the sewing machine to replace casualties when the budget is strained. 😉

  7. Mabel loves to chew on the ears or legs or tails. They usually last a while but once she gets a hole I have to take away – she eats the stuffing and then will puke it up
    Hazel & Mabel

  8. Mee-you Lady Monika mee had a purrfect idea: Sewin all thee reemainin partss together an cree-ate a Frankystine toy fur Elsa deer Ninja doggie! What do you fink???
    *paw patsss* Siddhartha Henry xXx

  9. I used to eat my toys and rip them to shreds when I first came here. Now I play nicely and haven’t ruined one in years. Mom even lets me bring one to the dog park sometimes, so I can run and chase it. Then, just when it smells dirty and gross, she washes it in the washing machine and takes away all the smells I worked so hard instilling.

    Love and licks,

  10. I have cats who like catnip toys. I found the bought ones that look like mice or some other critter get destroyed. There are ears or fake whiskers all over the carpet. Now I buy thin muslin or cut up old tee-shirts and make square packets of catnip. Way cheaper and they seem to take a lot of abuse. I’ll see teeth marks but there are no appendages to tear off. Yet they are still able to hunt them, roll over them and toss them in the air. The good news is that else doesn’t chew shoes.

  11. Riley taught Lucy how to deadie a toy the second week she lived here. I’ve had to pull things like chewed socks out of his butt. I know, gross. Have you ever tried the (expensive) thick nylon stuffed toys I’ve seen online and at the pet store?

  12. Love it! Eugene and Lily Belle only chew off appendages, after that they don’t ruin them. They’ve had one red stuffed ball for years that Lily Belle must have in our bed with us at night. She will often have it on the bed long before she goes to sleep. So sweet, until we all forget then she’s searching through the house or under the bed looking for it. So, then we get down on all fours looking for it…

    well. It’s worth it. ❤️

  13. Jakey is our resident destroyer. He is our lover bug, the quiet one….and the one who will rip a stuffy to shreds in no time flat. 🙂

  14. Chelsea chewed the noses or equivalents off first. Then squeakers. Cole protected his toys, and took care of them like the gentleman he was. Milo goes into some kind of trance while he systematically chews off legs, arms, tails, feet, any standing off bit. Make no mistake, they have been torn apart. Several had a mass funeral this week.
    His reply? Next!

    1. Neither of the OESs chewed up the toys (many which have been passed down to Elsa) so her evisceration is a weird thing for me. But clearly she enjoys them when she pounces and tosses them in the air. She too goes into a trance once the decapitation starts, that’s when I have to intervene so she doesn’t eat the innards. On the plus side for Milo, it’ll be a smaller box to pack, right? 😇

  15. I like your new designed toys, they look a little like mine … we could invite all friends to a wrecked toy eggs-hibition… and for the win we buy new toys… deal?
    btw: the mama laughed as she saw the queen video… she misheard the lyrics and she and her friends sang; another one waits for bus… ;O)))

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