Holiday card list-please repost

No comments required, we’re just passing the ‘deets’ along. We sent ours off to blogvillecards. Will you send in yours? 😍

It’s that time of year and the Blogville Holiday list is going live! To get yourself on the list  (and receive the entire list by email) please use the following template:

Blog name-

Blog url-

Email address-

Snail mail address-

Anipals (name, type)

For example:

Blog name-Kyla ScottBlog url-kylascott.comEmail address-kyle.a.scott@gmail.comSnail mail address-
Kyla Scott

44121 N 16th Street

New River, AZ 85087-0971


Anipals (name, type)
Kaci (dog)
Kali (dog)
Kismet (parrot)
Please have these in by November 17
Send them in an email to
The subject is important
If you don’t specify, your email will get lost. For example, I only want email cards because I don’t want a cluttered mail box and also realize that the expense (especially for international) is considerable and I can save a few trees and I don’t want to lose places to perch. Also it would help if you repost this so the word gets out.
Love, Kismet (your air mail specialist)

2 thoughts on “Holiday card list-please repost

  1. We are joining in the fun this year. We weren’t sure about our house selling last year so I didn’t join and it was soooo depressing! Our house really is for sale now but if we move, the post office can forward the cards.

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