Fab Friday ~ November 10, 2017

Friday has finally arrived and it seems some of us around the Ranch definitely need some R&R. Looks like winter is starting to appear around many areas of the US, thanks to a lovely Arctic cold front being delivered by from our northern Canadian friends. So while relaxing, the curly-haired Ninja stays warm by chasing sun puddles. She looks so innocent when she sleeps, doesn’t she? Are you doing anything exciting?

Chasing sun puddles

Live, love, bark! ❤︎

47 thoughts on “Fab Friday ~ November 10, 2017

  1. Ninja sure does look sweet when she sleeps. My weekend was spent trying to recover from a cold (unsuccessfully). It sure is cold out there!

  2. Mee-you sorry about thee chilley Lady Monika an Sam an Elsa you sweet Ninja gurl. Thee snow iss still here on thee ground an it iss chilley cold out. BBRRRR….
    Mee had a normal Furiday an let LadyMum go to a Art workshop. That was OK till shee saw thee crazyman an nastywoman who have caused her thee trauma. Shee had 3 seizeyss’ last nite an mee was ‘on duty’…*sighsss*
    Shee iss better today fanfullee.
    **nose bunpsss** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  3. The electricity board have been working just outside our gates, so the horde have been busy supervising them…it involves a lot of running up and down and barking so they are now sleeping the sleep of the just – with one eye open for anything falling from the work surface as I bone some lamb.

  4. Our little wild child looks innocent when she’s sleeping too. But, oh, when she’s awake? Watch out world! She’s at daycare today, so hopefully she’ll be a bit calmer when I get her home later!

    1. Indeed it does which for a dog with epilepsy is not a great thing. I have to watch her since her core temps run too high sometimes and can be dangerous. But on crisp days, it feels good. Have a great weekend!

  5. It is our first weekend home in a long while! Unfortunately, this means there are things that need to get done around the house (or outside). With the cold, doing anything outside seems like a bad idea (says someone who walked 2 miles in 10 degree weather this morning).

  6. Whoopsie…was it us that sent you all that cold weather? 😉 Our temps here are starting to warm up but that means more chance of rain! Lots of it! Stay warm friends!

  7. Nothing exciting going on in our neck of the woods unless you think raking leaves rocks! The Poodle would love nothing better than to be out in the yard chasing squirrels but we still don’t have it fenced-in (and may not for some time). Have a fabulous Friday.

  8. It’s off to training class for me on Saturday…and my lazy brothers will probably sleep. Sunday looks rainy here…so more snoozing and football!

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